Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Groom's Duties: Buying The Rings

Wedding planning requires the bride’s attention for most of the decisions, but one important part of the ceremony is mainly for the groom to plan. It is his responsibility to buy the engagement and wedding rings.

Often the engagement ring will be something he decides on by himself, making it a surprise when he proposes. Then he joins with the bride-to-be to decide on the wedding rings. Selecting the rings is a major decision; the groom should keep in mind that a small object like a ring can carry huge significance cost (monetarily and emotionally). He will do well to determine his preferences and desires about what kind of ring to offer his fiancée, and then listen and watch closely to take in her feelings and thoughts so that the choice fits her tastes and preferences, too.

This ring is the symbol of a couple’s love, and will remain a reminder of it all the years down the road, so it deserves a lot of thought. If she feels that family is the most important thing in her life, then the best ring might be one that comes from a grandmother. If she values delicacy and femininity, she will most appreciate a smaller diamond; if she likes bold statements, a larger diamond will suit her.

Craftsmanship and intricate detail appeal to some brides and a sleek, modern design to others. If she is not a bargain shopper, she will feel better about a smaller ring bought from a high-class jeweler than a big ring from a discount dealer. So many details, aren’t there?

Make sure and do your homework! Finding an educated ring expert who can work with a couple can increase the pleasure of their shopping trip. Consider getting a guide book or searching online forums before you shop and brush up on your Diamond Education. The more you know about the four C’s, the grading scale and certification process, the better equipped you will be to get the best bling for your buck!

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