Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Rave Reviews from's Diamond and Custom Jewelry Creations!


I love working with Whiteflash. I have a received not only exceptional jewelry but also exceptional service. I shopped at Tiffany’s for my engagement ring at first and I can tell you that Whiteflash exceeds them far in both quality and customer service. I recently got married and turned 35, hence so many good stuff for me :))”


The diamond pendant was truly beautiful. She was absolutely speechless when she saw it, and even a couple of days later she still seems overwhelmed. She has an H VS1 diamond from Tiffany, but the Whiteflash “A Cut Above” diamond in her pendant definitely "outperforms" it. Thank you very much for the lovely gem. She couldn't have had a more perfect birthday gift.”


Words cannot express how I feel about Whiteflash! You guys provided amazing service and worked within the nearly impossible timeline that I gave you. The diamond is beautiful, really beautiful. It sparkles so much that I almost hit 2 cars driving today because I was looking at it! These ACA diamonds should come with a disclaimer. A friend of mine asked if it was a Tiffany's engagement ring. I proudly told her that it was from Whiteflash. I have been wanting to get my diamond from Whiteflash ever since I read about you on Pricescope and am so happy that I did...I plan to get more items from you guys in the near future and have recommended you to numerous friends.”


I LOVE IT! It's amazingly beautiful, and I feel good knowing that I got a great deal (an equivalent "regular" loose diamond would have cost MUCH more locally, let alone something competitive if not nicer than a Heart on Fire diamond like my Whiteflash ACA). I have to admit we were going to purchase from a different on-line vendor who had lower prices, but your customer service was better so went with WF instead. I have to thank you guys for "rushing" the order for me. We started our order process at about 2:45pm your time on Thursday, and my diamond was shipped that very day. True to your promise, it arrived at my FedEx facility at 10:20am the next morning. I got to look at it all weekend! Thanks so much again. We are definitely going to take advantage of the trade-up policy, and are looking forward to working with WF again.”


I have a theory that every woman should up-grade her diamond regularly. This is important because as the eyesight begins to fail, the diamond should be larger and with more fire so one can appreciate its beauty even without the eyeglasses. I went on such a quest earlier this summer. I had one disappointing experience after another as local retail jewelers erroneously claimed they could deliver quality diamonds in the size I wanted. Much to my horror, the diamonds they were peddling fell short each and every time from the criteria I had strictly set forth. I finally got fed up and challenged a reputable established jeweler to find a least three diamonds which met or exceeded my standards and I would buy one diamond from the internet with the same criteria. I turned to who was extremely professional as well as a delight to work with. Whiteflash listened to what I was looking for and within a few days, I held in my hand what I knew I had been seeking for five months elsewhere. I brought the diamond with me to the local jewelers who were clearly nervous. They knew the diamonds they had brought in were not only a lesser quality but a much larger mark-up in price. The choice was clear. The Whiteflash diamond surpassed any diamond presented to me at the many retail jewelers. Some of the retailer's prices were up to $9000.00 more expensive and the quality was below what I would have considered. Whiteflash professionals set their beautiful diamond into my existing wedding band set. It has been since appraised for higher than I purchased it. The real story is how magnificent my diamond fires and how beautiful the cut, color and clarity all came together to make this gift to myself an extreme joy every time I look at it. I recommend Whiteflash diamonds to anyone who is serious about buying a quality diamond from a reputable dealer


“Thanks a lot for your service and attention to my order and purchase. I have just received my diamond last night via FEDEX delivery. I have to say, I am very satisfied and pleased with the purchase. I would like to extend my thanks to you for assisting in my selection of the "A Cut Above" diamond from Whiteflash and also answering to all my queries and problems that I have in order to fulfill my requirement. Your prompt reply and close follow up has created a "face-to-face" like experience, if not for the time difference between our zones. Also, not forgetting your help when I am encountering problem with my wire transfer. In fact, this is the first time I am buying diamond online and with such a good experience with Whiteflash, I can be sure that this will encourage me to have my future purchase with you. Dealing and corresponding with you did not make me feel that we are actually a few thousand miles apart. The kind of assurance is amazing, it feels as though we are talking face to face in a retail shop. I am glad that I have chosen Whiteflash over the other online vendor and I would like to testified that the recommendation in Pricescope is in fact the truly fantastic recommendations. Thanks again for the high quality and speedy support. Thank you all at Whiteflash. I'll definitely be back for more purchases in future.”

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