Friday, February 26, 2010

A Surprising Snowy Proposal with Whiteflash

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,
  I am emailing you as an engaged man. The first special day was on Valentine's day on our trip to the mountains. As Joanie looked out the window that morning she saw the artwork in the snow and when she turned around I was on one knee.  I have attached pictures that say it all, well except that she said yes. The second special day is now set for October 2nd of this year. I just wanted to email you again and let you know how much I appreciate your help and how great the engagement ring turned out. All of the time and effort really pays off when I see the smile on her face. I must say that Whiteflash truly is a cut above.

Thanks again,

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Whiteflash Customers are Really Impressed With Our Quality and Prices!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I want to thank you and the WF team for making me a gorgeous ring. I have to admit I was both apprehensive and excited about the project since it was my first time working on a custom setting with you but I needn't have worried.  I am very pleased with how the ring turned out.  The halo is as I envisioned it, not too flat and a little domed.  The ring has a substantial weight to it which I love as well.

I'm really impressed with the quality of the setting and the very reasonable price WF charges.  Please keep up the good work and I'm sure I'll be back for more projects very soon.


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Whiteflash Customer is Stunned by Our Diamonds!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I just picked up the engagement ring and it looks absolutely stunning!  Can't even tell a hint of color on it!  Now that I have it in hand, I want to make sure it's insured as quickly as possible.  I want to go with Jeweler's Mutual because it has received good reviews on Pricescope. 

Thanks again for your help. 



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Whiteflash Engagement Rings are Stunners!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I just received- the images, and boy oh boy, the upgraded diamond engagement ring is a stunner!!!! Such amazing work as always. I bet she is even more stunning in person. I can not wait until she arrives! Thank you all SO much for your help in this! Please thank Bob and the production team for me as well. Take care!



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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Whiteflash Customer Say Our ACA Diamonds Turn Heads

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I proposed to my girlfriend with the stunning diamond engagement ring that you helped me put together in such a short time.  And she said yes!  She absolutely adores the ring and even described it as the ring of her dreams and the most beautiful ring she's ever laid eyes on.  I have to agree.  It is an absolute stunner and has turned heads.  I have a hard time looking away from it.  The diamond we picked out has so much sparkle and fire and the 'A Cut Above' side stones bring the whole piece to life.  It's truly a work of art!  Thank you so very much for such an enjoyable experience.  I feel that it was worth every penny and more!  I will not hesitate to personally recommend your services to my friends and colleagues.  Thanks again, and all the best in the future.  I do look forward to doing business with you again in the future!  I hope to be a customer for life!

Warmest Regards,

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Want a Blinging Calendar for 2010?

Our friends over at Under Lock and Key and giving away our gorgeous 2010 Whiteflash Calendar!



It might already be March but I'm positive you will find a use for this calender from the generous people at Filled with pictures of droolworthy diamonds and precious stones, this calender is beyooooooootiful and it could be yours!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post before Friday 5th March, 5 pm. A winner will be picked at random and notified. Good luck!



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Whiteflash Customers Wish Us a Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


We received the packaged yesterday and couldn't be happier.  Thank you for constant communication throughout the last few months, it was extremely comforting


The wedding ring looks fantastic and sits next to the engagement ring beautifully. 
The wedding is in under a month so preparation is really ramping up!


To everyone at Whiteflash, Ang and I wish you a Fantastic 10th year anniversary.


Kind Regards,



Posted via email from Whiteflash Diamonds posterous and Stylit.TV Diamond Pendant Giveaway Winner Announced!

But why buy something when you can win it from and Stylit.Tv for free? Well that is what one lucky winner did!

Here is what our Winner has to say!


Dear Whiteflash,


I won the 18K white gold heart necklace in Stylit.TV’s recent gift bag contest.  I love the necklace it is extremely well made and already see it being my go-to everyday necklace.  Visited your website and boy do you have some awesome pieces! 


Thanks for providing the prizes for the contest!!




Say tuned for more giveaways and prizes here on the Whiteflash Blog!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen [DVD + Cufflinks] Twitter Giveaway Winner Announced

We’ve teamed with to launch our first Twitter #followfriday contest which went off without a hitch with some great feedback!

We would love to congratulate our winner @benjli33 for winning the Law Abiding Citizen movie and our Edward Mirell Platinum and Gold Cufflinks. And here is what he had to say after we contacted the Very lucky winner…



“woot! I won! Thanks!” and then I am sure he did a little jig!


Thank you to everyone who entered and stay tuned for our next giveaway coming soon from and!





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Whiteflash Necklace By The Yard Recieves Rave Reviews by Customers

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


The Whiteflash Necklace by the Yard is, indeed, very beautiful, and she loves it. It was a very fine choice, and I am indebted to you and your fellow Whiteflashers once again.


I hope all is well and hope you had a nice holiday.





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Diamond Studs = Very Happy Whiteflash Customer

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

Yes I got the diamond earrings yesterday thanks, they are great very happy with them.  You were a great company to buy from and will recommend you to all my friends.  (I found you through the Pistonheads Forum as they said you were a good place to purchase from)




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Whiteflash Truly Outshines the Competition

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

The proposal went great.  Nikki gets compliments every day on her diamond engagement ring, and it truly “outshines” the competition.  I have to thank you again for your help, and I thank the good lord that we switched stones to the AGS 0.  Now we are planning the wedding and I wished you were a wedding planner too.  Then I would have everything taken care of! So the next step for us is getting the wedding planned, and I am actually excited for the day we can Upgrade to the 2 ct stone.  Well, I have to thank you again, and I will be contacting you for the wedding bands as soon as we get to that step.  Have a great week, and thank you for making me look so smart!!  Who said buying jewelry on the internet was dangerous??



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Whiteflash Diamond Jewelry Exceeds Our Customers Expectations!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

Thank you so much. The wedding bands are beautiful and exceed expectations. Each individual diamond is perfect - I just love both of them! Count me as a very happy customer!



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Whiteflash Diamond Bracelets Have Fire and Sparkle!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I cannot thank you enough for making me a dream diamond bracelet I can enjoy forever. My husband already got the package for me when I got home from work last night. It's evening already  -- All I could see was fire/sparkling diamonds dancing out from my bracelet -- It's amazing, amazing sparkling bracelet.


I am so happy with my choice! I am also very glad I decided on 6ctw instead of 5 ctw. I found 0.15cw melee looks a lot bigger than 0.125cw melee I have, and hehe it also gives a reason to get another bracelet in more delicate form later.


Big thank to Traci for working out a good price for me so that I didn't have to kick myself hard for not getting it years ago. Many thanks to Chris for helping me on questions and putting order for me when Traci was busy.

A great thank to Vera for talking to me when waiting for my bracelet nervously. Last, like to thank Becca for getting me beautiful pictures for my bracelet, so I can share it with my friends.


Here is a wrist shot to share with you -- I took it last night right at kitchen with 1-2 light sources only.



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Last Chance To Win a $1,000 Fantasy Diamond Shopping Spree

Last week, Recycled Bride introduced the amazing $1,000 Fantasy Diamond Shopping Spree giveaway, in which one lucky winner will get a $1,000 gift certificate to spend on whatever their heart desires from’s selection of beautiful, brilliant diamond jewelry. Now here are a few of @RecycledBride’s favorite Whiteflash jewels to brighten your day and inspire you to enter the giveaway today!

The warm tones in these custom-designed pieces are modern and chic. I just love the matte yellow gold of the ring, and the sunny citrine tones in the pendant.

Whiteflash is best known for custom-designing engagement rings. They carry incredibly clear Hearts and Arrows diamonds and have tons of jewelry design and diamond experts on hand to help you create the ring of your dreams.

Anybody up for a belated Valentine’s Day gift? These heart pendants are classic, pretty, and surprisingly affordable at just $295 to $375 in white gold. Platinum will cost just a bit more at $550-$595.

The Amphora diamond engagement ring is one of my faves. It’s a perfect mix of vintage style with modern sensibility. This setting can be used to make a ring with a center stone from one-half carat up to two carats.

The Whiteflash Necklace by the Yard and Earrings by the Yard come in platinum, white, rose and yellow gold. The circular designs are versatile and classic, pairing just as easily with jeans and a blouse as they do with an evening gown. These Whiteflash styles are my pick for “best investment” — sure to stand the test of time and become a family heirloom.

Like what you see? Enter to win your $1,000 Fantasy Whiteflash Shopping Spree today at

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Whiteflash's W-Prong Diamond Studs are Dazzelers!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


Got it!!! Thanks so much to you and your team for organizing this. Everything arrived in good condition and on time. The wooden box is great and the diamond earrings are gorgeous. I will save up and get a biggerpair next time :-)




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A Diamond Stud Suprise with

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

The diamond earrings are stunningly beautiful, as expected!  Thanks again to you and WhiteFlash. I can hardly wait to surprise her with them at the end of the month. 



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Friday, February 19, 2010

Customer Love our Amphora Diamond Ring!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I picked up the Amphora engagement ring today. It looks amazing.  Thank you for all your help and excellent service.



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Law Abiding Citizen [DVD + Cufflinks] #followfriday Giveaway

We’ve teamed with to launch our first Twitter #followfriday contest TODAY!

Here’s how it works: Post a #followfriday tweet anytime today (Friday, February 18th) that includes both @themanregistry AND @WFDiamondDebi.  All entries will be placed in a drawing to take place Monday, February 22nd.

Who’s eligible: Anyone with a Twitter account.

The prizes: One (1) grand prize winner will be drawn at random and will win a DVD copy of Law Abiding Citizen AND a pair of Whiteflash cufflinks that were featured in the film. Twenty (20) additional names will also be randomly drawn and will win a secret “consolation prize.” Hint: diamond lovers will be able to enjoy this consolation prize throughout 2010. Winners will be notified via Twitter on Monday February, 22nd. Please follow either @themanregistry or @wfdiamonddebi so we can notify you via direct message.

Don’t know what #followfriday is: That’s ok, just paste “#followfriday @themanregistry @wfdiamonddebi” in a tweet. Boom. You’re entered.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogger Spotlight: Iva Messy


Recently a great blogger Iva Messy decided to feature our charity line Dreams of Africa on her blog. She has an amazing insight an love for writing an I recommend to go check out her blog for a good read! Here is a recap of what she has to say about our efforts!


"Dreams of Africa was set up by Whiteflash as a way of helping the African victims of 'blood diamonds'. With the introduction of the Awear range of jewelry for kids, young people can show the world that Love and Hope is alive and well. Worn near the heart, the pendant will touch the hearts of all who share our dreams of Africa. Whiteflash commissioned the design of this pendant to give expression to the desire to help heal the broken lives of the victims of blood diamonds. The sparkling conflict-free diamonds symbolize innocence, the sapphires stand for truth. The center stone is mother Africa and the spirals portray awareness as it spreads out to the world we all share."


I try to always be exceptionally contentious of all my purchases. Actively trying to always be part of the change.

The Kimberley Process, is to be greatly applauded as the 'blood diamond' trade has been reduced by 95%, still areas of conflict remain.

We want to applaud Iva for helping raise the issue of conflict free diamonds to the blogosphere! Thank you!

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Exceptional Feedback from Whiteflash's Customers

Whiteflash has many wonderful customers and here is what they had to say…




Thank you so much. The wedding bands are beautiful and exceed expectations. Each individual diamond is perfect - I just love both of them! Count me as a very happy customer!




After what seemed like an eternity, I finally proposed 2 weeks ago.  She absolutely loves the diamond and Leon did a great job of complimenting its beauty.  Here are a few pics!





At the airport heading to Cozumel. Diamond Ring in hand. It's gorgeous. Thanks for everything!  





Thanks for your assistance with the purchase, Traci. The diamond engagement ring finally arrived today, delayed because of a blizzard we had here. It looks beautiful to me!



I am so excited! The diamond is beautiful, everyone is amazed at how much it sparkles!

You will probably be hearing from me when the time comes for the wedding band…I can just picture a bunch of little baby A Cut Above Diamonds! Thanks for your help with the stone!




Phenomenal.  I love the diamond.  Thank you so much. Even the jeweler liked it a lot!  I gave it to him to be set today.  Thanks again




I wanted to let you know about the terrific service that I received from Whiteflash during my diamond buying process.  As Traci can attest, I am a very detailed and discriminating shopper and I expect a great deal from my sales representatives.  While looking for stones, I shopped at many other online merchants as well (Blue Nile, etc.) and I found that Traci was by far the best partner that I had in this sales process among all other shops that I talked to.  Traci was very helpful in providing me with thorough and prompt responses to my questions and she went above and beyond to ensure that I was going to find a beautiful stone that met all of my criteria.

I just proposed to my fiancé last weekend and everyone loves the engagement ring and the stone.  I am very quick to promote my WhiteFlash experience to those who inquire and that is very much a credit to my experience partnering with Traci for this purchase.

Best Regards,




I really love the diamond engagement ring, it is so wonderful that I cannot move my eyes on it. When I put it on, I don't want to take it off anymore. But you know what, my husband and me registered here in US, however, the wedding will be hold in China in this June. In our tradition, I cannot wear the ring before the wedding ceremony. It is really painful to take the ring off. So I  put it in my closet to avoid looking at it. Just waiting the wedding day and put it on. oh, gosh! Thank you for all you did!




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