Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whiteflash Engagement Ring Causes Ring Envy

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

First, I just want to say thank you both for making this process so seamless. I know my fiancée was incredibly nervous about choosing a great engagement ring for me, and you helped considerably.

I don’t know where to begin. The engagement ring is stunning. We both had an image in our minds of what the perfect ring would look like, and wow, did Whiteflash ever exceed those expectations. From the moment we saw the wax pictures, I knew that going with Whiteflash was the perfect choice! Thank goodness for Whiteflash!


Ryan is correct – when we ripped into the Fed Ex box in the car, we were both blown away. I think a few “rare” words came out of both of our mouths at that moment! The ring was stunning, the pictures didn’t even come close to the end product.


And then the real test occurred – the first time any of my friends saw it. Let’s just say this: one of my engaged friends wouldn’t take it off of her finger, and this is after she’s already had an upgrade (unofficially, of course). They were all blown away by the quality of the setting, and the way it sparkles like none other. I can say with confidence that some of my friends definitely have “ring envy” already! =) Don’t worry, I will be sure to point them in your direction when the time comes.


So enough rambling already. The ring is gorgeous, I am totally enamored by it. And I can’t wait to start the process for a wedding band too!


Thank you again, for making my engagement ring the most beautiful ring a girl could ever want.



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