Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bobbleheads that look like you

How cute would these custom bobbleheads be on the top of your wedding cake? The people over at HeadBobble can help you get your hands on one. The process seems easy—choose from 11 different couple designs, select the correct hair, eye and skin color then upload photos of yourself so the artists can accurately depict you and your groom in their work. Prices starts at $90 for one bobblehead and $190 for both the bride and groom. Check out their previous work and see all of their designs options at —Cari Wolfert

Bulgari Releases New Ring To Raise Money For Charity

Upscale diamond jeweler Bulgari has designed a new, inexpensive ring to celebrate its 125th anniversary this year. The Rome-based jeweler’s latest piece—a silver ring that costs only $290—will donate $60 for each ring sold to the Save the Children’s “Rewrite the Future” campaign.

This limited-edition piece is engraved with both the name “Bulgari” and the name of the charity, “Save the Children”. This silver ring is an homage to the company’s founder, Sotirio Bulgari, who began as a silversmith. The ring will be available as of February 9th, and will be sold throughout the year. A waiting list has already been started.

In addition to donating a portion of the proceeds from this ring, Bulgari will auction off 23 unique pieces of jewelry and watches this year in its effort to raise 10 million euros (about $13 million) for Save the Children.

How To Buy The Best Wedding Jewelry

Women love to wear jewelry, there are so many metals used to make jewelry, they can use of gold, silver, or platinum, often with precious or semiprecious stones and such organic substances as pearls, coral, and amber. Jewelry evolved from shells, animal teeth, and other objects used as adornment in prehistoric times.

Women are passionate about their jewelry. And we can safely say that the one time in her life when she can truly indulge her passion for it is at her wedding. Though the traditional concept of wedding jewelry has undergone certain changes, yet there is no wedding without any jewelry. The passage of time and changing social and economical status of the Indian woman has had considerable influence on her choice of the same.

The woman’s wedding ring can sometimes have a precious stone. Some men wear two rings, but this is rarer. In many countries, both the man and the woman usually wear engagement rings, most often in the form of matching plain bands of white, yellow, or rose gold. In these countries the man’s engagement ring often also eventually serves as the wedding ring.

We have so many varieties of jewelry in market. You can different styles and different shapes and different metals, you can search online for best wedding jewelry. You can be sure that you will get that special unique design that you always had in your mind. In fact, plenty of brides who eschew jewelry at the office leap at the chance to flaunt it on their wedding day.

Is it the weight of the occasion that prompts these once-reluctant brides to don the formerly unthinkable or just the chance to play dress-up? But whatever your reason for wearing jewelry on your wedding day, it should complement your overall theme, including the level of formality, your gown’s design, and even the color scheme, if your jewelry is hued.

One of the most important things to consider is the relationship between your wedding dress and the jewelry you select. Make sure your jewelry is not overpowering and that the color flows well with the wedding gown. Many of the popular gowns today have low necklines and this design is perfect to showcase stunning necklaces and earrings. Wedding dresses with higher necklines should probably forgo necklaces and concentrate on earrings. You may also want to consider pendants, slim chain bracelets or simple ‘drop’ earrings.

You should also consider jewelry for the bridesmaids to create the perfect day you have waited your whole life for. All this may sound a little expensive but it will be well worth it when you look back on this perfect day in the future.

Jennifer Hudson to possibly wed in California

After Jennifer Hudson’s beautiful rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLIII, the Oscar-award winning singer is reportedly planning her wedding to fiance David Otunga.

It’s not secret Hudson was left devastated since the October 2008 murders of her mother, brother and nephew. Sources close to the star say she’s now ready to accept joy back into her heart by walking down the aisle.

According to the National Enquirer, “It was touch and go with Jennifer in the weeks following the murders. She even said she would never sing again but David was her rock. He encouraged her to take small steps to move on with her life and she has. She is now planning a spring wedding and wants an outdoor ceremony."

The source addes,“Oprah Winfrey offered to host it at one of her properties, either in California or Hawaii. Jennifer is leaning toward a Hawaiian beach wedding because David gave her the engagement ring and proposed on the beach."

"The wonderful news is she’s moving forward with her life. She says she knows her mother would want to have a family of her own and that everything she does, every song she sings, will be a tribute to her mother.”

Jennifer's fiance David Otunga, is best known as 'Punk' from the reality show I Love New York 2. He popped the question with a Neil Lane diamond ring on the singer's 27th birthday.