Friday, May 28, 2010

Bling for Miles

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you and the Whiteflash team for your help with Sara’s 2.5 tcw diamond stud earrings.  The earrings are simply amazing. The three prong martini settings are exactly what I wanted and she is just thrilled. The A Cut Above diamonds sparkle from a mile away and she cant go anywhere without getting compliments.

I cant believe its been over 3 years since I bought my Saras engagement ring from you. The whole ring buying experience was so difficult and frustrating for me before I found you and Whiteflash via  I recall going to so many "high end' stores and not finding settings that i liked or stones of the quality and size that I wanted on hand. They made what should have be a straightforward process difficult and painful. You on the otherhand made it so easy and the deep selection of only top quality diamonds Whiteflash offered made me realize quickly that I wanted to go with you for that important purchase.

When the time came to get Sara the diamond studs I knew you were just a call away and yet again you did not disappoint.  You and Whiteflash have become my one stop shop for everything diamond related and i would not have it any other way.

Thanks again for everything.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 Prong = Full Circle

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


The 3 Prong Martini Diamond Earrings are great! Sorry I did not circle back earlier. They are fantastic and she was really thrilled. The setting is amazing and Whiteflash A Cut Above® Diamonds sparkle from a mile away.

Thanks yet again for all your help. You have really made purchasing something that should be stressful into something that is really easy and comfortable.




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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whiteflash and Recycled Tyke Mother's Day Jewelry Giveaway Winner Announced! celebrated the launch of Recycled Tyke and Mother’s Day 2010 by giving away $300 in jewelry to one lucky winner! has an amazing selection of some of the most beautiful and affordable jewelry on the market. In fact, each of the images above shows a Whiteflash piece that costs $300 or less! Our lucky giveaway winner will choose from classic diamond studs, beautiful pearl and diamond earrings, one of several beautiful diamond pendants, or put the $300 gift card towards a bigger indulgence, like an anniversary ring or an armful of stylish diamond bangles. Russel our winner decided to get his wife a pair of White Gold Scattered Diamond Hoops with his prize and here is what he had to say….

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you once again for the Scattered Diamond Hoop Earrings you provided for the Mother's Day giveaway. My wife looks wonderful in them, and has spent the last few days showing them off. They are beautiful and obviously very well made. She is now studying the catalog you sent intently. I think she's picking out her Christmas gift now.
Again our thanks-- you made our month.

Russell and Donna



Congratulations Russell and Donna on your amazing new pair of diamond hoops! 

About Us:
Whiteflash is the first company in the U.S. to specialize in the coveted Hearts & Arrows diamond and bring the sheer beauty of “super ideal cut” to the Internet. Debi Wexler, a computer entrepreneur founded Whiteflash in 2000 bringing an expansive selection of loose diamonds to the Internet, including an exclusive brand of Hearts & Arrows. Whiteflash A Cut Above® is unmatched in its brilliance, fire and sparkle and remains the only Hearts & Arrows diamond sold online with advertised standards and a “true patterning” guarantee. In addition, Whiteflash offers original 11 years of hands on experience and technical resources handcrafting  platinum and gold settings, diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, custom designed engagement rings and diamond jewelry.

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A Cut Above Diamond Sandwich!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

Here's a picture you might enjoy seeing. A certain beautiful ring gets to be the meat in an Eightstar sandwich. The other 2 won't be worn that way since they're intended to be reset, but I couldn't resist the picture. 

My diamond ring looks soooooo nice, I love it. The jeweler trimmed back the overhang nicely and the stone is so awesome. I know I could have gone a lot lower in color and it looked just as good, but what can I say? I wanted a D and I could.....

 Thank you!


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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Cut Above Diamond Love


Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


My diamond ring is total perfection, and I could NOT be more thrilled with it! I have received about a million compliments, from friends and strangers alike, and I can not stop staring at my left hand! The Whiteflash A Cut Above Diamonds® are spectacular and so incredibly sparkly, and the setting is just amazing. Every part of the re-design came together to make this perfect setting, and I so thank all of you and WF for sticking with me and re-making this ring. I love love love it, and have been telling everybody about Whiteflash!



Thank you so much for helping me through this entire process, your optimism and good cheer have been a big part of why I am so happy that I went with Whiteflash. And thank you for checking in, I hope all is well with you! I am definitely going to continue to tell everyone I know about WF and how happy I am that I chose you to make my ring.




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Devine delicacy

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I cannot thank everyone enough for their help on making my spessatite diamond custom setting. The setting is every bit as elegant, delicate and fluid as I’d originally envisioned, not to mention, the usual impeccable workmanship and super sparkly Whiteflash A Cut Above Diamonds®. I love this ring as much as the Mahenge setting you did for me earlier. Thank you again to the WF team!, Thanks for an incredible Diamond Ring!!!

In the beginning, I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing a diamond ring over the internet. I had shopped in several of the local premier jewelry stores in my city, and found one thing in common: Overpriced diamonds with a direct, out-right refusal to "compete with the internet distributors like Blue Nile", etc, and a warning that its always worth the extra price to be able to shop and view the diamond in person.

I didn't buy it. I had looked at a 1ct hearts on fire solitaire that was priced at $13,000. And it was I or J in color, and SI1 or SI2 in clarity. Are you kidding me?  "Well, there is no other diamond that disperses as much light and carries as much fire as the HOF diamond, mainly because it is cut under 10X magnification". Oh horse****! That is the lamest specification I have ever heard in my life. Its subjective, not a measurement verification. Who cares if its cut under 10X magnification...I'm more concerned about the actual grading quantification of the cut. An ideal cut is great, but we all know that the "super-ideals" exist. Its like the best marketing strategy I've ever seen, aside from these stupid "silly bands" the kids are trading this month. Take a diamond graded low in color and clarity, then put a super-ideal cut on it, make it disperse more light with brilliance, and mark it up to diamonds that have better color and clarity. What a concept!!!

The jeweler in my local shop told me, "Any ideal cut diamond is a great diamond. Like a mercedes. But who wants to drive a mercedes when you can drive a bentley. Thats what the HOF diamond is like...the bentley".

"Come on dude. Look at me. Do you think I care about mercedes or bentleys or anything of that nature? I'm here to get the best diamond I can afford with the money I have for my lady, and I will consider all options, both here local in the jewelry stores or the internet" I've never been someone to pay for a name. Sure, women buy all the prada shoes and stuff but men, especially men like me, keep it simple. Functionality first. Again, I want the best stone for my money, I don't care what name is attached to it.

"Well, be careful then. We cannot compete with the internet prices but be forewarned you don't always get what you think you're getting".

So right off the bat I knew he was pulling the sales fear tactic, because the main internet sites I had been to at that point (Blue Nile, Novoris, etc) inscribed the serial numbers and grading report numbers on the stone girdle, and both sites provided 1) the grading report and 2) extra analysis to allow the consumer to study the reports and buy in confidence. Immediately I lost interest in that point forward in the local stores.

So I searched months high and low on the online sites, still before I became aware of Whiteflash. The thing that bothered me, although BN and the other sites included brilliance metering photographs and all other sorts of nifty ways to assess light dispersion, cut and symmetry, it just seemed to be categorized what you get in stock and pay no attention to actually specifying specific cut and symmetry requirements. Nothing on the internet website was compelling enough for me to know what I'm buying in confidence. I spent about 6-8 months taking notes, listing diamonds off websites, comparing them, etc. Just was never really "WOWED" by any distributor yet.

At that point, I decided to look a little more into hearts and arrows (or whatever the legally correct nomenclature is that doesn't violate trademark laws of the "bentley of diamonds"). I found some site that went into great detail the history of the super ideal cut "hearts and arrows" and eventually it led to Whiteflash A Cut Above being a very competitive supplier of a hearts and arrows super-ideal cut who also invoked their own specifications and requirements for cut and symmetry, even to the level of acceptable shape of "hearts". Immediately I began reviewing their website, and I couldn't believe how complete their diamond grading/analysis was for each diamond in their inventory. Their 40X magified photo, the IDEAL SCOPE and ASET photos were very convincing in the quality of the clarity and cut, but even more interesting to me at that point is the HEARTS photo, since they were the only online source I had seen to provide all of these types of online documentation. I cannot stress how invaluable this information was for allowing me to downselect to the right diamond. It was all I needed to know for certain what kind of diamond I was purchasing. Immediately I threw away months of work of notes and personal ratings of diamonds on the other sites, and within a couple of days I found three Whiteflash ACA diamonds that were so incredible I was having difficulty in deciding which to pick.

So I called Whiteflash, and was directed to a bright, energetic sales representative. She was perhaps the best sales representative I've ever dealt with. Ever. Extremely helpful with no pressure at all. Let me clarify something right now: I'm not typically a picky shopper, in fact, I'm usually pretty decisive and efficient. But in this case, I was purchasing a diamond for engagement to the woman I love, and for some reason I must have developed online shopping OCD. I was a lunatic, nit-picking every single thing and asking questions about everything. Seriously, I know I was a major pain in the ***. But she was incredible. You can tell how much she enjoys her job, empathetically helping people find exactly what they want. She followed up with me in a couple of days, and helped me by providing all the necessary information I needed to downselect.

I sent her a list of 5 diamonds, and the 1st and 3rd were two of the ones that she had picked using the criteria I gave her. Actually, my 3rd pick was her 1st, and she explained why she chose that diamond. Sure enough, she was RIGHT. I was getting a much better deal by purchasing the one she recommended. I credit much of my success in finding the right diamond, and ultimately the smoothness in planning the proposal, etc, to  Whiteflash Inc. Great people make a great company, and if their sales team is a reflection of everyone else in the Whiteflash staff, I cannot imagine a better company of people in any industry. Period.

So, to summarize, I could have bought a 1ct J/SI2 HOF diamond solitaire on a platinum band for $12-13k. Or I could have bought a 1ct G/VS2 premium cut Blue nile on their halo platinum model for $8k.

Instead I bought a 1.25ct J/VS1 on Whiteflash's "Amphora" Halo platinum (0.7ct of smaller stones G/VS1) for under $8500, and FELT CONFIDENT about it as soon as I wired the money!!!

Upon receiving the stone, Whiteflash followed up with me and was very interested in my first impression when receiving the ring. All I can say is WOW....and be sure you wear shades when opening it in direct sunlight. I was outside the Fed ex location in Florida when I opened it and nearly burned my retina! Seriously, it was incredible, the cab of my truck looked like someone turned on a disco ball when the stone was in direct sunlight. She absolutely loves the ring, and so does all of her family and friends. Everyone is complimenting how beautiful the ring is.

I have nothing but a 5-star review for Whiteflash Inc., especially considering and the dependable, courteous service I received from Renee. Thank you Whiteflash!


Steve G.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brokeass Bride Giveaway looks like a Million Bucks



You guys are beyond the greatest! I was so excited when I won the Whiteflash and BrokeAssBride contest and didn't know what to expect. Boy was I in for a surprise! The customer service from start to finish was absolutely AMAZING! I felt as if I bought some grand million dollar bangle from you guys from all the kindness and service that I've received.


I was honestly expecting the congratulations email followed by an email on when to expect the delivery. The whole process was so easy on my part because you guys went out of your way to make it so. My Multicolored Shared Prong Diamond  Bangle is more beautiful than I imagined! The craftsmanship and quality... fabulous! Even the glamour shots still didn't do this beauty justice! Thank you so much for making my first experience with Whiteflash so amazing. I'm pretty sure this won't be my first and only piece from you guys... haha. THANK YOU!!!!!!



With Much Love,

Andria C.


Posted via email from wfdiamonds's posterous and Stylit.TV A Cut Above Diamond Pendant Giveaway Winner Announced!

Why buy something when you can win it from and Stylit.Tv for free? Well that is what one lucky winner did! This lucky winner won a $1700 diamond pendant set with a .533 carat Whiteflash A Cut Above® Diamond

Here is what our Winner has to say!



I haven't had a chance to totally absorb it yet, but this morning FedEx delivered the gorgeous diamond pendant I won from your sweepstakes with It's really astonishing how it pulls light towards itself.

The four corners diamond pendant & presentation are outstanding!  It's amazing how utterly brilliant & light-gathering this A Cut Above diamond is- totally lovely. Really unbelievable, how it winks.  

I may have it reset into an engagement ring! Of course, at Whiteflash!  

Thanks again for all your help!  





Like family, a diamond is forever, and online boutique offers a specialized round brilliant that’s perfect for every day wear. “Hearts & Arrows” diamonds are cut so precisely that facet reflections overlap; creating distinct heart and arrow patterns when seen through a special viewer. Whiteflash’s signature line is “A Cut Above;” an elite brand of conflict-free diamonds that has been called the worlds most visually balanced.

Like what you see? Say tuned for more giveaways and prizes here on the Whiteflash Blog!

About Whiteflash: is the first company in the U.S. to offer an exclusive brand of Hearts & Arrows diamond and bring the sheer beauty of “super ideal cut” to the Internet. Whiteflash A Cut Above® Diamonds are unmatched in their brilliance, fire and sparkle and remains the only Hearts & Arrows diamond sold online with advertised standards and a “true patterning” guarantee. Hailed as “Lord of the Rings On Line” by Kiplinger’s Magazine, Whiteflash also offers original, handcrafted platinum and gold settings, diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, custom designs and specialty jewelry. For more information, log on to or call 877.612.6770.

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Second time still a Charm!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team, 

Got my wedding band today. It is the second time that we have ordered from Whiteflash (I got her engagement ring / A Cut Above diamond from WF). The ring is great and definitely what I was hoping for.




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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Package of perfection

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


Just got the sleek line pave diamond engagement ring, and it's absolutely beautiful, stunning, and incredible!! I love it and I know she will too. The cleaning kit and the whole package...what a beautiful box, very very nice!


Thank you so much!




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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Blingtastic Announcement

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,  

Rachel and I were both really pleased with the repair work.  Her engagement ring looked completely brand new. In fact, she decided not to wear it until our rehearsal dinner so it would look perfect for our wedding.

On a side note - we actually used the images of our wedding bands that you provided as the cover to our Wedding programs.  We got a bunch of complements on how unique that was!

Thank you for everything,



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Super Ideal Diamond= A Thousand I Love You's

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

Malcom proposed on May 2nd at approximately 1:45am!  He had been hiding the legato shared prong engagement ring in the attic while he figured out how to propose.  We had guests over that night who had just left.  We sat down on the couch and he started to tell me how much he was looking forward to our future.  He shared how sentimental and emotional he had been all week.  He then started to tell me why he loved me and then he began to shower me with "I love you" and kisses for no less than 10 minutes.  It was very emotional.  (Note: None of this seemed out of place to me because he is just like that sometimes.  He didn't even know he was about to propose.)  Suddenly, he stopped and said, "you are going to be so mad at me."  He returned with his hand behind his back.  He stood in front of me and opened the box.  He said, "Ray with one thousand "I love you's" will you do me the honor of being my wife?"  Then, he got down on one knee and said, "will you marry me?"  I started crying and nodded yes because I couldn't find my voice.  He patiently waited until I verbally said "yes."  And then we embraced each other. :)  I couldn't sleep all night.  All night, I kept pretending to go to the bathroom to sneak peeks at the engagement ring!

We would like to thank the entire Whiteflash team for a job well done.  Your customer service is "ideal."  We are not easily impressed.  However, we were impressed throughout the entire process.  Everything from visiting the Whiteflash offices, the meeting with Bryan, touring your beautiful facility, meeting the staff, communicating with you...  We could go on and on.  After six months of searching for the perfect ring, it was a huge relief to discover Whiteflash.  None of the other jewelers that we had met with even compared to your customer service, not to mention quality of work and diamonds.  Above all, we felt in our hearts that we could TRUST your company with such an important purchase.  Something we had never felt with any of the other dozen jewelers that we had met.  Discovering Whiteflash was like finding a diamond in the rough!

With one thousand thank yous,
Malcom & Ray

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Patience paid off!!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

Two weeks after the Legato Sleek Line Engagement Ring arrived in the mail I we became engaged. Yes, I had to wait two weeks for a ring that I chose!

But it was worth the wait. The engagement ring is GORGEOUS! It is so much better than I thought it would be! I love the setting, and I've received many compliments on how sparkly the diamond is. Sean and I could not be happier with it.

Many thanks for your help.



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Lobes of sparkle

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I received my Diamond Earring today evening and I LOVE THEM. Thank you for helping me in my selection and making it through. I would definitely refer my friends and love to be a returning customer of Whiteflash.





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Oh Baby the Bling!!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


            Sorry...I keep forgetting to email you the low down on how the proposal went.  Sarah was completely surprised and you contacting her help seal that doubt in her mind!  We spent a week in Chicago and I'd carry the Guinevere Engagement Ring with me in my laptop case during the day (was there on work), but at night I'd wrap it up and have it in my pocket.  Yes..that was very nerve wracking!!  The first day there we had all day together and it was burning a hole in my pocket!!  We had walked all around downtown and by the time we made it over to Buckingham Fountain...where I had in mind to do it...Sarah developed a good sized blister on her foot that was bothering her.  Well not wanting to do it while she's in pain I held off for another day.


 The next day we were out around town and the whole day was kind of a one mess after another in a good way, but not the right time to pop the question so I again held off.  Monday night we took a boat ride at night followed by walking along the water front.  Everything felt perfect, so I was already to break out the lead into it when....we looked over and about 100 yards from us was a couple...let's just say hopefully they shopped at WhiteFlash earlier cause when it's baby time they'll want it!  Moving on we got up and walked the other way..which is where we came upon a smell that can only be described as dead fish smell.  It was so bad Sarah began to gag and we ran.  Needless to say perfect moment gone.  We ended up over at McD's late that night where we witnessed an asian lady spill her drink on her child in a stroller and loudly said "Ott Oh!"  (That plays into the story later) 


So by Tuesday night the

engagement ring was seriously burning in my pocket and no matter what tonight was going to be the night!  We went to Navi Peir that afternoon where I was thinking it would now happen, but to keep this long story short I'll just say it didn't happen there.  Lots of wind and people.  She wasn't big on a bunch of people being around, so...  Later that night we made it back to the hotel and all looked lost when I said we should go see Buckingham Fountain since it's suppose to be all lit up at night.  She agreed.  We took a cab over there and thankfully there were not may people around.  As we walked over to sit on a bench I reached in my pocket, unwrapped the ring and put it on my pinky to keep from having to reach in my pocket to get it later, but to also to make sure one way or another it will happen.  We're sitting on the bench and I'm starting to lead into some of the "pre asking" talk....when this asian couple comes up about 80 yards away.  


You see..we have this common thing where we for whatever reason find it interesting to watch other people in a non-stalker kind of way.  This couple was beyond interesting as she would jump in front of the fountain while he would try and take her pic.  Of course this catches Sarah's eye, so now we're distracted by watching them.  She would jump and THEN he'd take the she was walking back to view it.  Each time (happened 7 times!) Sarah would say "Ott Oh!" in a oddly weird sounding asian type voice..which would then make us laugh.  So each time I'd have to kind of restart what I was saying to a degree, but then finally I said something, got down on one knee and asked.  She was completely surprised and her first words were "oh baby!"  Hug hug hug followed by second words "you had Liza lie to me!"  Yup;-)  Hug hug hug...a few minutes later I reminded her she never really said yes or no which of course she said yes!  Hug hug hug...a few minutes later I reminded her that there was this ring that maybe she'd like to try on!  She did, fit perfect and life is awesome! 


So there you have it in a nutshell.  Thank you and the rest at WhiteFlash for helping make this a very memorable experience for us!!


Thank you,

Keith & Sarah  


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Friday, May 14, 2010

Diamond Pendant = The Amazing Race

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team, 

So I got off work a bit late yesterday and took off (hovering around the speed limit) for the FedEx place to try and pickup my custom designed diamond pendant. I had to pick up a buddy en-route, and didn't get there till about 5:15pm. Well, of course, Murphy said that the place would close at 5, right?

So I check the door, turn around and am walking back to my car, when I figure, hey, maybe they open early. I turn to check the hours on the door, and a lady comes around the side of the building..."Can I help you?" I explain the situation, and after the "huh, what?" look of saying I actually had it shipped THERE, not to my house, so I didn't have a door tag, so retrieves the package.

I climb into the car, tear open the first box, and find another box. So I tear open that box, and find a bag. Good grief man! I want to see it already! I open the bag, and rustle through the contents to find what I'm looking for...when I open it, I am stunned. Once again, your team has captured the image in my head and turned it into a multi-generation quality jewelry piece. Thanks so much!!



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