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Short but Sweet...WF Customers Know the Best When They See It!


Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


The diamond ring is absolutely gorgeous. I took to appraise for insurance purposes to a jewelry shop and it outshined every stone in the store. I love it!!

Thank you,

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Milus Merea TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton Joaillerie Watch For Ladies


The Milus TriRetrograde watch and movement is really the novelty that put the watch maker back on the map a few years ago. Their latest creation using the unique triple retrograde seconds counters is this lady's Merea TriRetrograpde Seconds Skeleton Joaillerie timepiece. This watch does not frame the TriRetrograde complication as much as past Milus watches have, though the fun-to-watch novelty that counts each minute in three retrograde counters of 20 seconds each is still there. The dial is partially skeletonized with decorated rose gold bridges and perlage polished steel below. The case in rose gold makes interesting use of diamond and ruby jewel decoration that has the look of the dial extend on to the bezel. Inside the watch is the automatic movement unique to Milus, and attached to the timepiece is a red stingray leather strap. I do enjoy the "barbell" style lugs. Definitely a standout watch that is hard to miss. Not for everyone's tastes but enough people will be smitten.

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Great Graduation Gifts at, a leading online retailer of designer jewelry, offers a range of jewelry styles for every taste and budget this graduation gift-giving season. Gold or platinum, with precious or semi-precious stones, a gift from Whiteflash’s selection of uniquely designed fine jewelry makes a memorable keepsake for years to come. The value of precious metals makes jewelry a desirable gift as well as a sound investment.

The graduation ceremony symbolizes a rewarding personal and professional achievement that results from hard work and dedication. Such a special occasion merits a celebratory gift that is both beautiful to wear and something that the recipient will cherish. Gift givers can count on us to deliver the high quality and service of a fine jeweler, with convenience and competitive pricing available only online. Adorn that special graduate with a beautiful diamond pendant or coronate her with diamond studs.

Whiteflash specializes in all types of jewelry — whatever the style, we have it all. From traditional diamond jewelry to trendy fashion jewelry, Whiteflash carries only the best selection of women’s jewelry and men’s jewelry, at the most competitive prices.

The finest collection of jewelry available to the public is also backed by Whiteflash’s incomparable experience rooted in the fine jewelry industry. As a customer-focused company, we strives to bring the highest quality products directly to consumers to ensure their satisfaction is exceeded.


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The History of Engagement Rings


The engagement ring that symbolizes the eternal love of two people who have pledged to join together in marriage actually dates back to the 15th century.

One of the first recorded accounts of an engagement ring was in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring. Maximilian wed Mary within 24 hours, thus beginning a tradition that has spanned centuries.

Although diamonds were reserved for royalty and the wealthy for the next 400 years, it wasn't until 1870, with the discovery of the diamond mines in South Africa, that these gems became more accessible and affordable to the public.

Since that first engagement, the betrothal ring has a rich history of change.

- The tradition of placing both the engagement ring and wedding band on the fourth finger of the left hand stems from a Greek belief that a certain vein in that finger, the vena amoris, runs directly to the heart.

- Posy rings, which were inscribed with love poems and messages, were popular betrothal rings from the Middle Ages until Victorian times.

- The smallest engagement ring on record was given to two-year-old Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII, on the event of her betrothal to the infant Dauphin of France, son of King Francis I, in 1518. Mary's tiny gold ring was set with a diamond.

- Hearts were favorite motifs for engagement and wedding rings during the 17th and 18th centuries. These rings often used rubies (signifying love) and diamonds (signifying eternity).

- Colored stones were the gem of choice for engagement rings in the 18th and 19th centuries.

- The Tiffany, or solitaire, setting was introduced in the late 19th century.

- The "princess ring," sporting three to five large diamonds in a row across the top, was fashionable in the United States in the early 20th century. The three-stone style is extremely popular today.

- In the early part of the 20th century, platinum was the metal of choice for engagement rings because of its strength and durability in holding a diamond. However, platinum was declared a strategic metal during World War II, and its usage was restricted to military purposes. This led to the rise of both yellow and white gold in bridal jewelry. During the past 10 years, platinum has made a dramatic comeback.

Got an interesting anecdote to add to this story? Leave a comment and share your story with other jewelry lovers just like you.


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Rappers fake their 'bling' as recession hits spending power

Rappers who drape themselves in gold and diamond 'bling' have been forced to buy imitation jewelry as the recession hits their spending power.



Hip-hop artists have even started to taunt each other over the trend, as they increasingly turn to cheaper metals or fake reproductions, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Jason Arasheben, a leading jeweler in Beverly Hills, told the US newspaper: "A lot of these rappers simply don't have the money for real stuff anymore.

"It's to the point where they are wearing imitation jewelry, and that's ridiculous."

After years of starring in rap-music lyrics and videos, "bling" is losing its ring.

The recession is cramping the style of hip-hop artists and wannabes -- many of whom are finding it difficult to afford the diamond-encrusted pendants and heavy gold chains they have long used to project an aura of outsized wealth.

In an attempt to keep up appearances, celebrity jewelers say rappers are asking them to make medallions with less-precious stones and metals. Some even whisper that the artists have begun requesting cubic zirconia, the synthetic diamond stand-in and QVC staple.

Hip-hop luminaries with the cash to keep it real are appalled. Bling aficionados fret that the art of "ice" is being watered down.

Rapper 50 Cent has relished the chance to accuse his musical adversaries of not glittering like gold. During a radio interview, the artist, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, taunted rapper Rick Ross for wearing faux and rented jewelry. "Everything that you see has to absolutely be fake," said Mr. Jackson. Rick Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II, has denied the claims. Mr. Jackson didn't return requests for comment.

"A lot of these rappers simply don't have the money for real stuff anymore," says Jason Arasheben, who crafts custom jewelry for wealthy clientele, including Saudi royals and Hollywood movie stars, at his California boutique called Jason of Beverly Hills. "It's to the point where they are wearing imitation jewelry, and that's ridiculous."

Mr. Arasheben designed the colossus of hip-hop jewels three years ago for rapper Lil Jon: an enormous gold necklace that spells out "CRUNK AIN'T DEAD" with 3,756 round-cut white diamonds (Crunk is a southern rap subgenre that Lil Jon -- real name, Jonathan Mortimer Smith -- has struggled to keep alive). The neck-straining piece, which weighs more than five pounds, was recognized in 2007 by Guinness World Records as the largest diamond pendant on Earth.

'Big, Chintzy Junk'

He also fashioned a pendant in the image of headphones bedecked in black and white diamonds a few years ago for rapper Biz Markie, whose whimsical jewelry hailed from a less self-conscious era in rap. The rapper -- whose real name is Marcel Theo Hall -- says he is saddened to see newer rappers favor big, chintzy junk over smaller jewels that illuminate personality.

"When I was wearing a big rope, it was a symbol that I was one of the elite," says Mr. Hall, whose 1990 hit "Just a Friend" is enjoying a renaissance on iTunes after being featured in a Heineken beer television ad. "These kids think size matters, but they be lyin'. It just makes them look silly."

Both Mr. Smith and Mr. Hall had planned to sell their pieces for charity last fall in an auction titled "Hip Hop's Crown Jewels." But in a sign of bling's fading shine, Phillips de Pury & Co. postponed the auction to March and then canceled it altogether due partly to insufficient interest from buyers.

From the dawn of rap music three decades ago, hip-hop artists have festooned themselves with gaudy ornaments to signify that they have risen above humble origins to become ghetto royalty.

English-American trailblazer Slick Rick sported a diamond-studded eye patch, portraying himself as the "Black Liberace," while the three members of Queens, N.Y.-based Run-D.M.C. rocked gold rope chains that seemed thick enough to hold a real anchor.

To be sure, phony or inferior ice has been around as long as rappers' traditional standard gear of two-turntables-and-a-microphone. But with Internet piracy cutting into musicians' record sales and the recession shrinking attendance for live shows, jewelers say the ersatz stuff has never been more widespread.



"Times are hard, ain't nobody rocking it like that anymore," says rapper and record executive Bryan "Birdman" Williams, who co-founded Cash Money Records in New Orleans in the early 1990s with his brother, Ronald "Slim" Williams. The independent label has sold more than 45 million albums.

The founders of the record label claim that its most famous artist, Lil Wayne, coined the term "bling" during a recording session to give a sound to blinding opulence. The word entered popular usage after the hit "Bling Bling" by then Cash Money artist B.G. and was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2003.

'D-Quality Diamonds'

"People think these big pieces are blindin' but they be like D-quality diamonds, and when you try and sell them you learn they ain't worth a thing," says Slim Williams. "You can't be doing it like we did it no more."

In humid Houston, a Southern rap capital renowned as a mecca of ice, jeweler Johnny Dang says he is adapting to the changing climate by giving customers the less-expensive jewelry they want.

"The look is still big, it is still bling, but people are going with smaller diamonds and lower-karat gold," trading down from 18- and 14-karat alloys to 12k, which is only 50% gold, or less, says Mr. Dang. A Vietnamese immigrant, he started out at flea markets and now has a shop in the tony Galleria mall next to Neiman Marcus.

To survive, Mr. Dang is relying more often on machine-made versions of his jewelry that can cut the cost of a $10,000 handcrafted pendant in half.

Mr. Dang's "grillz" sales also have fallen off 60% in the recession. He and his business partner, the rapper Paul Wall, helped popularize the bejeweled dental retainers earlier this decade, when diamond-laced varieties molded with platinum were selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

Melting Down Grillz

Now the recession has so damped the extravagance that a Web site called is doing brisk business buying grillz for meltdown value. "It's a sign of the times," says Mark Porcello of Porcello Estate Buyers, which runs the site.

Hip-hop artists aren't eager to admit to thrift, and numerous rappers rumored to be trading down declined to talk about the trend.

"You gotta understand, it is every rapper's fear to be exposed as a fraud," said Gregory Lewis of Brooklyn, who posts conversations with artists on the Internet under the alias "Doggie Diamonds, the interview king." "If you admit you wear fake jewelry, it is over for you. It's like bragging you drive a Lamborghini when you really drive a Toyota."




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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Porsche P'8499 24-carat gold sunglasses will lighten the beach even on rainy days


Those uber-rich folks who love to flash their wealth at the smallest pretext can now stroll out on the beach wearing these gold and platinum sunglasses from Porsche while others go blind looking at these full-on bling pair of shades. The Porsche P’8499 sunglasses are made of gold and platinum – the front of the text and the bar are made of 18-carat gold and 900 Platinum Pt. for optimal protection with 24-carat gold mirrored polycarbonate lenses. The Porsche P’8499 sunglasses are available in the Porsche trademark number of 911 only for a blingy price tag of $6,670. And those who are looking for a similar option for a lower price, can settle for a 18-carat gold “P’8447” from Porsche Design, which adorns a price tag of $2,415.

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A New Kind of Kiss - Jewelry from Hershey's

The classic Hershey's Kiss shape is an icon. It brings to mind visions of simpler times -- uncomplicated chocolate being "kissed" onto the confectioner's paper. With the Hershey's Kiss' close association with Valentine's Day and other love-related occasions, it was only a matter of time until they came out with diamonds.

The new collection by World Trade Jewelers, which celebrates the Hershey's Kiss and is the official Hershey's Kiss jewelry line, is showcasing this week in Las Vegas at JCK, and is available in NYC this summer at Peachtree Jewelers, Golden Nugget Jewelers, AOL/Time Warner Center, and The Plaza Hotel -- priced from $499.00 - $7999.00.

The pieces are simple and lovely -- and a beautiful way to give "chocolate" to someone who's watching their weight. The Hershey's Kiss collection, including the Medium Hershey's Kiss Pendant, 1.66ct, $3,995 (above), will be available nationwide in the fall.

Kisses and diamonds always work well together…I think Hershey hit a home run here!


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$2 Million Monopoly Board Tours Country

Sidney Mobell, a San Francisco-based jewelry designer, makes turns ordinary, everyday items into extraordinary, though often odd, works of art.  In 2003, 19 pieces of Mobell’s work were donated to the Smithsonian for their US National Gem Collection.  Because his work often is often laden with gems, it became the Smithsonian’s Mobell Collection of Jeweled Art.  His work is world-renowned for being both intricate and outrageous, even earning him a place in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for the World’s Most Expensive Monopoly Board.

The famous Monopoly board weighs 32 pounds, includes 60 diamonds, 47 sapphires, and 24 rubies.  Each of the 28 title cards is gold plated, the tokens are 18-karat gold, and 42 diamonds display the numbers on the dice.  It is valued at over $2 million. 

Having begun as a designer of diamond jewelry, his clients included the rich and famous from around the world.  Christina Onassis is a big fan of his work.  Then his inspiration turned elsewhere, beginning with a sardine can.  Using a regular can of sardines as his exemplar, Modell spent a day in his shop, emerging from it with a replica made of 18-karat gold with 55 diamonds around the edge of the lid.  He later said, “My wife thought I was crazy.”

He created mousetraps of solid gold and studded with a wedge of pave-diamond cheese, which earned him a spot on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson.  He designed a diamond-encrusted gold cell phone, an 18-karat gold pacifier with 8 round brilliant diamonds, and, as a gift for his wife’s friend, a gold fishing reel studded with 5.1 carats in diamonds, 237 sapphires, and 253 rubies.  He designed that piece so the gems would cast a kaleidoscope effect as it spins.  He also included with that gift a solid gold fish hook.

Now 19 of his pieces are touring the country, making people look at precious metals and gemstones in a whole new light.  A person can look at a solid gold pacifier and wonder ‘why?’, or wonder if it is worth as much when it is shaped as an ordinary object—as opposed to being a necklace or pair of earrings or ring.  Would anybody actually play on a $2 million Monopoly board?  But these are not the questions Mobell had in mind when he created.  He mostly did it for fun.  That is part of what makes his work genius


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deciding which type of engagement ring to purchase?

New and improved techniques and design detailing are blended to create contemporary engagement rings. They are made using the finest gems and metals and have a modern style and feel. They are the perfect choice for a young bride who is hip and stylish or an older bride who is up on the latest styles. When buying a contemporary engagement ring you will have your choice from a wide array of setting and styles. 
One design classic that is always in fashion is one made using a diamond solitaire. This style which gained notoriety though Tiffany is by far the most popular choice for brides. These rings will have one gem in a prong setting which is beautiful in its simplicity. This classic ring can be made to fit just about any budget depending on the stone and setting that you select. 
While many people will go with regular yellow gold, platinum can give your ring added prestige. The look of platinum and white gold are enhanced when colored gem stones are used. These days more and more women are using colored gem stones for their contemporary engagement ring
Those who need to stay on a strict budget should look at beautiful gem chips set on a white gold band. Another good choice on a budget would be a princess cut crystal. Opals are a good choice for brides with a complex personality. The colors that can be found in various gem stones can reflect the personality of many young brides today. Almost any reputable jeweler will be able to sell you an engagement ring with a contemporary flair which shows off your personal style. 
Pick a jewel who has been recommend to you and has a strong reputation for quality and service. Ask the jeweler to see samples and pictures so you can see the look and style of their work. Ask the jeweler for a written appraisal of the ring you select so it can be properly insured. A great recommendation is they are a great place to buy diamonds!


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New photos for the blinged Fiat 500 Barbie emerge


A few months back, Fiat presented a new 500 model to commemorate the illustrious Barbie doll’s 50th anniversary, and it looked simply gorgeous. Now, we have the detailed shots of the limited edition car, and it looks even more gorgeous than before. The deep lacquer finish makes this car a real eye-catcher. Made in collaboration with Mattel, the Fiat 500 Barbie comes fitted with diamond-encrusted hubcaps, window moldings and antenna. The crystals even outline the doll’s famous silhouette. The seating is done in silver laminated Alcantara fabrics. There’s a light-up vanity mirror. Only five examples have been made and each costs 100,000 Euros. More images after the jump…


See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Swarovski Architectural Lighting Shines


I'm not sure just how long these items have been available but I honestly had no idea Swarovski carried a line of architectural lighting options. Whether you choose a single crystal for a more modern setting or an artsy array of crystals designed to dazzle the eye Swarovski has a variety of choices to suit your home decor. Glam up your home with wall-mounted, recessed ceiling, or hanging luminaires each showcasing a unique design and glittering glow. I wonder how much light the single cut crystal of the 'Octa' and 'Madison' actually gives off -- is it a fancy nightlight or contemporary mood lighting? It looks like a million diamonds sparkling in the light!

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Whiteflash's Guide to Wedding Gifts want you to be ready and properly educated for all situations, especially gifting. Summer wedding season is nigh, so here is our guide to wedding gifts. Here are our answers to all of your etiquette questions -- tips for brides and grooms!

If you miss the wedding, do you still have to send a wedding gift?

If you get an invitation, you have to send a gift. Yes. This means that if you don't know the bride, but she invites you to her shower, you need to send a gift (regardless of whether or not you attend and despite whether or not she knows your name).

Is sending money ever okay? How much?

The unspoken rule for giving cash is to essentially pay for your plates. For example, if you are at a wedding where you believe the reception rings in at $100 per head, and you were allowed to bring a date, you should give $200. That's just a starting point -- many other considerations should be made before you decide on a dollar amount:

·                                 How close are you with the couple?

·                                 Did they give you money at your wedding?

·                                 Did you have to travel for the wedding (and therefore pay for a hotel, a rental car, plane tickets, etc.)?.


Since you often shop for other people, you don't always know the bride and groom. Are there any safe bets for good wedding gifts -- even for people you don't know?

Safe bets for good wedding gifts are often consumable -- something that can be used up and help create a experience for the couple long after the circus has left town. Everyone loves getting nice wine, tickets to a great show, gift certificates for fancy dinners, but if you want to give a tangible present, here are some of my favorite things to give and get:

In addition to those, I love Whiteflash’s selection of Wedding Jewelry Gifts.

What if a gift is particularly generous, and a thank you note doesn't seem like enough?

Just plan to spend some time with the people who gave the gift. After all, they must have liked you enough to get you something wonderful -- invite them over for a home-cooked meal from that platinum crock pot.


When it is okay to get a gift that's not on the registry?

Buying off-registry is totally acceptable if you feel like you know the bride or groom well enough to give them something they will love. Registries were designed to give a newly married couple a little boost -- a starter kit, if you will. While registering for gifts is very exciting (you get to point a gun at stuff!), many trigger-happy couples regret having to keep half of Bloomingdale's in their storage units because their 700 sq ft apartment doesn't have room for soft-boiled egg cups.

What's a good example of an appropriate off-registry gift?

The key to success with a rogue gift (i.e. not on the registry) is having an alternative that you are sure the couple will love. I like to do personalized gift baskets with lots of little things that will make the recipient happy. Ten years ago, before sushi was in corner delis, I sent a friend a home sushi set because she loved sushi -- I wrapped each individual piece as a gift and put them all in a big glass floor vase. She loved being able to open 35 little gifts.


When buying from the registry, what are ways to make the gift seem a little more personal (we often find that personalization is the essence of luxury)? Diamond Studs or Diamond Pendants are always a safe bet.

If you have any further questions, please leave them below!


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10 best faucets flowing out luxury

image001.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" height="357" width="550" />


Combining sophisticated design with high-end technology, the modern kitchen and bathroom faucets are designed especially for the utmost convenience of the users. For the ones who desire to take the lead, these lustrous and feature-packed faucets are surely a great way to begin. We have seen a range of luxury faucets in the past and here we are with the best of them. Hit the jump to see our picks for the top 10 lustrous faucets that scream luxury.


• Oz Diamond Edition Faucet

image002.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" height="400" alt="oz faucet" width="733" />

Architect Nilo Gioacchini’s Oz collection faucet has been tweaked to the max by Master of goldsmith’s art Professor Alberto Cotogno, winner of the International jewel Oscar. The luxurious faucet is completely made in gold and is mounted with 282 natural diamonds for a total carat weight of 10.24.

• Glamour range by Fir Italia

image003.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" border="0" height="366" alt="fir italia faucet classic glamour" width="550" />

These luxurious faucets are made all the more covetable with the use of sparkling Swarovski crystals. The Glamour Classic is rendered in precious metal finishes such as chrome, nickel, silver nickel, bronze, gold, gold glam and antique gold.

• Kohler Karbon Articulating Kitchen Faucet

image004.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" border="0" height="400" alt="kohler karbon articulating kitchen faucet" width="550" />

The stainless steel Kohler Karbon Articulating Kitchen faucet utilizes carbon fiber for extra strength and less weight, while staying within the bounds of the design. It also has two spray modes. You can be in complete command with this hands-free faucet, as it won’t be in your way when you don’t need it. With a modern, textured user-friendly surface, this faucet is finished in gleaming polished chrome.

• Swarovski-studded X-Sense faucets

image005.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" border="0" height="320" alt="x sense faucet" width="550" />

The new X-Sense Limited Edition gold faucets from Newform are festooned with embedded Swarovski crystals. The sparkle of the precious stones complements perfectly the gold finish of the taps. The X-Sense Limited Edition faucet is a sensation thing to buy for those who are pretty serious about making an everlasting impression.

• Flexible Faucet from Paini

image006.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" border="0" height="417" alt="paini hybrid" width="733" />

The Hybrid flexible faucet by Paini helps direct the spray where you need it to be. It also even features a LED illuminating dial that changes according to the temperature of the water. It’s red when hot and blue when it’s cold.

• SmartFaucet by iHouse

image007.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" border="0" height="371" alt="ihouse smart faucet" width="550" />

Combining sophisticated design with high-end technology, the SmartFaucet by iHouse brings the utmost convenience. Using a facial screening application, the iHouse Smart Faucet recognizes the user and automatically turns on the water to the preferred temperature and flow. The touchscreen on the top of the faucet can be used to access email, check your calendar, check the outside temperature, among other things.

• Miscea Sensor Activated Faucet

image008.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" border="0" height="498" alt="miscea sensor activated faucet" width="550" />

Miscea’s new generation Sensor Activated Faucet/dispenser gives you not only water but also soap and a choice of disinfectant/lotion without touching the faucet. Designed by Mathis Heller, WeLL Design, the MISCEA is made of stainless steel and its elegant design is accentuated by the interactive user interface. The faucet’s head is made of laser engraved glass with LED lighting so when you point your hand to the control sensors, the indicated section will get activated. The hi-tech faucet even allows for motion controlled adjustment of water temperature.

• X-Touch Mixer Faucet

image009.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" border="0" height="724" alt="x touch mixer faucet" width="733" />

The X-Touch from Newform Italy trades analog knobs or levers for buttons so you can regulate exactly what temperature the water is. It has a digital readout to show you the temperature.

• Zaha Hadid Faucet

image010.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" border="0" height="333" alt="triflowconcepts faucet zaha hadid 3" width="550" />

Inspired by the fluidity of water itself, the Zaha Hadid faucet from Triflow Concepts creates continuous flow from source to drain. This faucet includes both a metallic color and a ceramic core.

• Elettronico electronic faucet from FIMA - Carlo Frattini

image011.jpg@01C9DEAF.90DB6430" border="0" height="388" alt="frattini electronic faucet" width="550" />

Geeks would love to own this one. A touchscreen panel on the Frattini electronic faucet controls the amount of water dispersion, desired temperature and even the flow of other faucets in the house.


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whiteflash's Harts & Arrows Diamonds Wow Customers!


Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,
Wow - I must say... Whiteflash sure packages their stuff well!  I opened the box to find a

smaller box to find a bag to find a Whiteflash box.  Super fast delivery too... unlike my race wheels for the triathlon on Sunday that are now 2 days late.  :-(
The hearts and arrows diamond look good and the cut, fire, brilliance, etc. is just spectacular.  Cut

is absolutely #1 in my book.  Oh... and the H color... I am definitely ok with that. 
I have to be honest with you... I brought it to work with me today to look at under better light than I had at home.  I dropped it on the carpet and it rolled under my desk.  Let's just say I had no trouble finding it.  Even in the dark, under my desk that thing was brilliantly shining away.  Definitely a solid performer and exactly what I was after.


I'll keep you posted.  Thank you so much for the amazing service.  Have a great weekend!



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Adidas Releases "Diamond Superstars"

Now there is an answer to the question: What do you get for the man who has everything?  Diamond-studded sneakers, of course.  Adidas is commemorating its 60th anniversary, known universally as the ‘Diamond Anniversary’, with the release of an exclusive new interpretation of a classic sneaker design.  The company’s most popular shoe, the Superstar, has been given some embellishment in celebration of 60 years in business as one of the most popular sports equipment brands. 

The Diamond Superstar is made with fine leather and is adorned with both real diamonds and Swarovski crystals.  Three brilliant diamonds are set into each of the spaces in between the traditional black Adidas stripes.  That totals six 0.02-carat diamonds per sneaker.  Swarovski crystals give sparkle to the lace tip and lace locks, as well as creating an impressive Adidas logo at the base of each shoe’s tongue.  The sneakers also come with a chain so the owner can wear the logo as a pendant if he so chooses. 

Each pair comes in a special padded black box with velvet bags for each shoe, and an Adidas t-shirt encrusted with more than 400 more Swarovski crystals.   These are clearly meant more as a display item for the collector, as opposed to being sports shoes, as they cost just over $700/pair.  The company states that “the shoes inherit Adidas’ long legacy of soulful and stylish designs”.  This is a very upscale version of Adidas’ classic sneaker.


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Tiffany & Co. Creates Collection for Maria Sharapova

World famous diamond jeweler Tiffany & Co. has signed a two-year deal with tennis champ Maria Sharapova, officially accessorizing the 21-year old Russian beauty for the next eight Grand Slam events.  Each pair of diamond earrings that Sharapova wears in a match will go on sale immediately at Tiffany & Co. stores worldwide.  The collection of earrings, Tiffany for Maria Sharapova, will be displayed at each store, with the array growing as the tennis champion reveals a new pair at each match.

These events, including the French Open, the US Open, Wimbledon and the Australian Open, will all feature Sharapova in Tiffany & Co. earrings designed specifically for her.  For the first event—the French Open—she will wear a pair of $1,150 yellow gold earrings by Elsa Peretti , created not only to be beautiful, but also to not add weight. 

Tiffany & Co. has been Sharapova’s unofficial diamond jeweler since 2005, but this is the first official partnership they have signed.  The jeweler has also accessorized the custom-made tennis dress Sharapova will wear at the French Open.  Known as the “Paris Dress” by Nike, it is a 1920’s-inspired design finished with a Tiffany pearl button closure that fastens in the back.  Sharapova also has an agreement with Nike, so the dress is completely designed in collaboration with the tennis star.  It is a Dri-Fit dark obsidian blue dress with white satin ribbons and a double-layered pleated skirt.   Sharapova’s collaborations with Nike have been selling since they first inked their agreement. 

“I am very excited about Tiffany for Maria Sharapova and to partner with my favorite jeweler,” Sharapova stated.  “Elsa Peretti’s earrings feel as beautiful as they look and I am thrilled to wear them at the French Open.”  Sharapova’s popularity will give even more attention to the well-known jeweler, opening up a whole new market in the sports arena.  


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Italian Diamond Jeweller Unveils New "Ginza" Collection

The internationally-renowned fine jewelry house of Luca Carati has created a new collection that pays tribute to the natural beauty of amethyst, onyx, milky quartz, moonstones, and chalcedony by framing them in white, yellow and rose gold settings paved with brilliant diamonds

As the jewelry trends move more and more towards natural beauty—while still maintaining a level of opulence—Luca Carati has created the Ginza Collection, named for the famous Tokyo shopping district known for its luxurious, fashionable boutiques.  The Ginza has always been on the cutting edge of fashion, and naming this collection after it reflects a modern yet classic attitude.

The oval-shaped, polished natural stones look as though they are being delicately embraced in curls of shiny gold.  This is in sharp contrast to the icy, brilliant diamonds that are set into the gold.  With their colorful, warm jewels, the Ginza Collection showcases an Oriental femininity that is reminiscent of the shy behavior of the traditional Asian woman.  At the same time, the bright hues of gold and sparkling diamonds evoke the hidden power of these same women.  Each piece is a contrast of smooth and sharp, calm colors and brilliant diamonds, mimicking the secrets of the women for whom they are designed.

The Ginza Collection features gold chains dangling rose gold pendants set with white and brown diamonds, silvery white gold is put with the deep purple of amethyst, and other incredible mixtures of the calm and the shocking, the natural and the crafted. 

According to Gianluca Buttini, CEO of Luca Carati: “Nature has played muse in Luca Carati’s creative endeavors over the years, offering amazing options of adornment,,,We are positive that Ginza’s Oriental appeal will be much appreciated.”  These beautiful pieces are certain to become popular among the fashion elite.


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Wedding ring rescued from landfill


Call it miracle at the landfill: A woman accidentally throws away her wedding ring and other sentimental jewelry. That's when trash collectors go above and beyond the call of duty finding the rings in a mountain of trash.

"We thought it was hopeless; we really did," said Jean Fernandez.

For many people, it could have been. A few days ago, Jean Fernandez misplaced her wedding band, engagement ring and her grandfathers 100-year-old ring. "My favorite rings that mean the most to me."

It wasn't till the next day, Jean realized she had thrown them in the trash. "So, we said, 'Well, are we going to do anything?' Frank got on the phone," Jean said.

"I called Solid Waste and explained my situation," said her husband, Frank Fernandez. "And they said get down here."

"We stopped doing what we were doing and attended to her," said Solid Waste Authority worker Christopher.

The players in this story: You've got Jean, who lost her rings; her hubby, who called Solid Waste for help; and the heroes, Guillermo and Christopher, who for hours sifted though garbage.

Reporter asked, "Did you think you would find it?"
Guillermo replied, "No."

"When it was dumped put of the truck, it had to be 15/20 feet high and in a huge pile, and it just looked overwhelming."

Frank said, "I was about ready to say goodbye."

But then the miracle! Two hours later, from the garbage, came treasure. "I got chills all over my body. And she started crying, and I patted her on the back, and said, 'You should be laughing,'" said Guillermo.

"Nobody can believe it," Jean said. Now, all she wants to do is say thanks to her heroes. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart; words seem inadequate."

A happy ending for Jean and Frank.

But why did Guillermo and Christopher do it? "My father taught me to do good, and you will be rewarded later," said Guillermo.

Christopher added, "We always try to help out people as much as we can."

The Solid Waste Authority does want us to let you know that finding rings like this is rare. But, if you think you've lost something, they say, time is of the essence. So, call early and they might be able to help you, too.


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10 Myths About Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a big step for many men. However, some of the myths which are out there today about these ring purchases make men tread lightly when purchasing an engagement ring as they are concerned about going about it in the right manner. The following will list the top 10 myths associated with buying a diamond engagement ring and set the record straight for ring shoppers.

You Must Spend 2 Month’s Salary on a Diamond Engagement Ring

This is an often quoted sentiment which is in fact a myth. There is no set rule which states how much you must spend on a diamond engagement ring. Therefore, you can spend more or less than 2 month’s salary depending on what you can afford and what you wish to spend.

All Diamond Rings Are Expensive

Not all diamond rings have to be expensive. There are some very beautiful and modestly priced diamond engagement rings which are sure to dazzle your loved one.

There Is a Right Type of Engagement Ring and a Wrong Type of Engagement Ring

There is no right or wrong type of engagement ring to buy. You should select a diamond ring which will please your future fiancée and meet your budget all at the same time.

There Is Only One Style of Engagement Ring

Engagement rings with diamonds come in a wide array of styles. You can choose from various metals, numbers of diamonds, carat size and various style varieties. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the choices available to those who are shopping for engagement rings.

You Can Only Purchase Diamond Engagement Rings at Jewelry Stores

Diamond engagement rings are available in a wide variety of locations. Not only can you find these precious gems at retail jewelry stores but you can also search antique shops, department stores and many websites which sell diamond rings. One great website to look at

The Bigger the Diamond, The Better the Ring

It is not the size which makes a diamond engagement ring beautiful. There are so many other qualities to consider when selecting an engagement ring such as color, clarity and cut amongst other traits. A smaller diamond engagement ring may in fact be more beautiful than one which has a larger diamond set within it.

The Ring Selection Is Better At High Price Jewelry Stores

 Higher priced jewelry stores such as Tiffany’s may have a wonderful jewelry selection but they may not have the best selection when compared to all the other jewelry stores in the world. High-end jewelry boutiques are famous for their pricey rings and beautiful selection. However, if you are searching for a good selection of reasonably priced rings, you may find exactly what you are looking for at a regular type of jewelry store as opposed to one which is considered a high-end jewelry boutique.

Yellow Gold Rings Are a Thing of the Past

In the past, diamond engagement rings made of yellow gold were extremely popular. Today, other metals have come to the forefront such as platinum and white gold. With that said, yellow gold rings are certainly not out of style. Choose a ring metal which will best suit the tastes of your loved one.

There Should Only Be One Diamond

Also in the past years, rings which featured one larger diamond were the most popular. Today, baguettes are extremely fashionable and what woman doesn’t like extra little diamonds to complement the main attraction of their ring. Therefore, if your loved one would like smaller diamonds, perhaps considering baguettes would be a good choice.

You Need to Know Your Future Fiancée’s Ring Size

Lastly, the myth that you must know your future fiancée’s ring size is often stated. It is helpful if you do have this information handy, but if not your fiancée can always have the ring sized to fit her better once you have given it to her.


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Follow These Steps When Shooping For Engagement Rings


Never make a hurried purchasing of jewelry like engagement rings. Diamonds and settings are the features of the jewelry that demand special attention. The more time you spend the wiser will be the purchasing. After all, the ring is not a usual buy.

How much to spend

Before you set foot in a jewelry shop, your mind must be clear on the amount. A causal amount will lead you to a confused buying. You may end up paying too much. The benefit of having a budget is that it restricts you to a price range.

With a budget, you will clearly tell the jeweler about the price range. You will avoid unnecessary confusion created by highly expensive engagement rings that you will never buy. Or, if you can buy, then you will be shown those ones only.

Spare an amount equivalent to two-three months salary. Most of the rings are priced within these salary amounts. However, consider what you earn to arrive at a more accurate budgeting.

Her lifestyle

It would be better if the bride accompanies you to the shop. She is the judge of the engagement rings and knows her choice more than you. If she can not accompany, than get the hints of her choice by the jewelry she regularly wears.

Make sure that the ring jewelry is up to her life style. For a working woman, the setting of diamond will be more protective. For a relaxed woman, the setting may be more elaborative and different.

Prong, pave, channel, tension, bezel are some of the settings that you can choose. Or, you can go for traditional rings like vintage engagement rings if she likes them.

Diamond quality

While inspecting the pre-set diamond or buying a loose diamond, ensure that it comes with a lab certificate. The lab should be reputed one. Have an extensive discussion with the jeweler over the quality. Make sure that it is not a fake diamond like Cubic Zirconia, if you are not buying it.

Diamond quality is judged on 4 Cs of color, clarity, cut and carat. This does not mean that you buy high quality stone for engagement rings. What it means is that you pay as per the quality. So, ensure that you pay the right price for a yellowish diamond having some invisible flaws in it. Its certificate will clearly mention the quality parameters.

Online searching

In the last, we advise you to prefer online shopping over the physical stores. Online retail jewelers are known for competitive prices due to tough competition. You can buy loose diamonds at lower costs as compared to the physical shops. Compare many jewelry websites for their prices and varieties of rings. A great online retailer is, they have a plethora of diamond information and gorgeous jewelry.

Thus, you should take some necessary steps to ensure that you buy the engagement rings in a better way within your buying capability.

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Toddler flushes mother's rings down toilet

A Boston woman realized her toddler had flushed her wedding and diamond engagement ring down the toilet. Melissa Bromby's 2 year old son Evan walked away from her briefly in their home Tuesday and then she heard a flush. Later, she realized the rings she had left on the sink were gone.

Bromby called a plumber. It took him 3 hours to extract the rings from the pipes. The plumber said one more flush and the rings would have been lost forever. This is why everyone should have Jewelry Insurance!


See the video here:


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Friday, May 22, 2009

How Hearts & Arrows Diamonds are formed

Hearts & Arrows Formation and Grading

In April 2004 presented his grading system for Hearts & Arrows optical symmetry at the First International Diamond Cut Conference in Moscow, Russia. It was hoped that laboratories and peers would unite to maintain higher standards for manufacture of diamond sold as "Hearts & Arrows." Though laboratories do not offer a grade for Hearts & Arrows, Whiteflash does, and safeguards buyers of the Whiteflash ACA brand with a guarantee of optical symmetry meeting the IDCC presentation criteria. - Here is Whiteflash's presentation on the Formation of Hearts and Arrows

How the Hearts are Formed

Below are views of Hearts & Arows being forming during the cutting process as they would be seen through a regular Hearts & Arrows Viewer.  The leftmost photos show the diamond blocked in 8.  The center pair shows the pavilion fully cut, with crown still in 8.  The pair on the right show the fully formed Hearts & Arrows when pavilion and crown have both been finished.

Overlapping Reflections

The graphic below shows, in sequence, how the main pavilion angles reflect to create the heart pattern.  One pavilion facet creates two opposite sides of a heart. Two Pavilion facets create 1 heart and 2 single sides of the next heart and so on until all the hearts are complete.  Understand that these reflections must overlap precisely for 8 hearts to appear.

Outside the Viewer

This picture shows the main pavilion facets outlined and one heart highlighted in red.

The main pavilion facet reflects on the opposite side, and the lower girdle half separates the arrowhead above the heart.

The Role of the Star Facets

Star facets square off the ends of the heart.

1: Without Star facet not in place and

2: With the Star facet in place. Note the squared off heart shape.

The Role of the Upper Girdle Facets

The upper girdle facets complete the patterning around the circumference of the pavilion.

3: Without upper girdle facets and

4: With upper girdle facets in place

True Hearts 

As you can see, it takes a total of 5 different facets working in harmony to create a single Heart with an arrowhead at the tip.

1 Heart = 2 main pavilion facets + 2 lower girdle facets + 1 star facet from the crown

How the Arrows are Formed

In addition to being the foundation of good hearts patterning, the eight main pavilion facets also cause the Arrow effect.  These main pavilion facets are the bottom-most facets on the diamond and draw their light from the highest angles.  They are the engines which drive light return. 

If you have ever wondered what causes these bottom-most facets to appear dark in diamond photos, click here for an article on this phenomenon, known as obstruction.

The shaft of an arrow is formed when one main pavilion facet reflects on the opposite main pavilion facet.  The main crown facet allows a different reflective view of the reflected main pavilion facet, thereby forming the arrowhead.

Part One Summary:  It's All In The Hearts

If the physical symmetry is out in the slightest the optical symmetry will be affected.  In forming the arrows it is easier to camouflage errors since there are fewer facets to align.  But it is impossible to hide any inconsistencies in the heart pattern because so many more facet reflections must overlap precisely to complete each heart shape.  Even the most minor inconsistencies will make the hearts pattern skewed or distorted.  Any lack of optical symmetry will be seen very clearly when viewing the diamond through a Hearts & Arrows Viewer, particularly the pavilion view.  This is why "it's all in the hearts."

Final Word

It takes modern tooling, skill and extra time to produce a diamond with true hearts & arrows. Unfortunately, Whiteflash see many diamonds sold as 'hearts & arrows' which do not hold to the original standards of the Japanese factories where such cuts were first produced. The strategy for acquiring a precise, true pattern must begin with the pavilion patterning. "It's all in the hearts."

Additionally, hearts & arrows diamonds must be cut for maximum performance. Those with crown and pavilion angles close to Tolkowsky's have become known in the trade as 'Superideals.' I strongly feel that any diamond worthy of being called 'Superideal' must have premium light return and light performance as fundamental prerequisites, in addition to true hearts & arrows patterning.

We hope this system is useful to my peers invested in the art of premium diamond cut. We strongly encourage manufacturers and sellers around the world to unite and set higher global standards for diamonds we choose to offer to consumers as 'hearts & arrows' cuts.


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