Monday, August 31, 2009

Three missing Texas boaters found 180 miles from land

Three Texas boaters missing for more than a week were reunited with their families early Sunday after they were found alive, sitting on top of their capsized catamaran 180 miles from land, the Coast Guard said.

Tressel Hawkins, one of three men stranded on a capsized catamaran in the Gulf of Mexico for more than a week, said the boat overturned so quickly they didn't have time to make an emergency call on the radio.

The find comes one day after the Coast Guard ended their search for 28-year-old Curtis Hall of Palacios, 43-year-old Tressel Hawkins of Markham and 30-year-old boat owner James Phillips of Blessing.

Their ordeal began when Watchstanders at Sector Houston-Galveston received a call from the Matagorda Police Department reporting the men overdue from a fishing trip. Coast Guard aircraft, cutter and small boat crews had searched approximately 86,000 square miles, but could not find the boaters. 

Saturday night, a pleasure boat found the men floating out at sea. The three men were reportedly found sitting on top of their capsized 23-foot-Sea Chaser Catamaran.

The boaters were found sitting on top of the capsized 23-foot-Sea Chaser Catamaran owned by James Phillips of Blessing.

Crewmembers from the Affordable Fantasy vessel rescued the missing men.  A small boat crew from Coast Guard Station Port Aransas met the Good Samaritan vessel approximately 50 miles offshore, where the men were transferred on board a Coast Guard 45-foot small boat.  The men were then transported to Station Port Aransas where they were reunited with family.

The men said they survived the ordeal at sea by sharing two gallons of water and peanut butter crackers.  They sheltered themselves from the heat with nearby floating debris.

The rescuers treated the men to a hearty welcome-home meal.  They dined on rib-eye steaks, baked potatoes and salad once they came ashore. These men are truly the diamonds of Texas. Their shining heroism is brilliant and we are grateful they are not safe.

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eBay winner of crypt above Marilyn Monroe admits he can't pay

What a jerk! An eBay bidder from Japan who agreed to pay $4.6 million for the mausoleum crypt above Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe has backed out of the deal.


The Los Angeles Times reported the winning bidder e-mailed seller Elsie Poncher Monday, shortly after receiving an invoice, and called off the sale.

“I am awfully sorry, but I need to cancel this because of the paying problem,” the message said.

The 11 other bidders who offered to pay at least $4.5 million for the tomb at California’s Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park were told they had 24 hours to make an offer, the Times said.

The crypt currently is occupied by Poncher’s husband Richard, who died 23 years ago at 81. He reportedly bought the crypt and one beside it from baseball great Joe DiMaggio, Monroe’s ex-husband, in 1954.

The Times said Elsie Poncher plans to pay off the more than $1 million mortgage on her Beverly Hills home with the money she earns from the eBay sale, then move her husband’s remains to the other crypt, which had been intended for her. She is expected to be cremated after she dies. Who would have ever thought a tomb would cost more than a 7 carat flawless diamond ring?

The bidding for the tomb reportedly started at $500,000 Aug. 14.

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Montana Sapphires To Be Auctioned Off For Special Olympics

Montana's Yugo sapphires are a little known American treasure. The cornflower blue stones are only found in remote portions of Montana and are prized for their deep color. Jewelry pieces made using these stones will be auctioned off to benefit Montana's Special Olympics program in an upcoming event. The pieces include a bolo tie worn by Montana's Governor Brian Schweitzer as well as a variety of sapphire and diamond rings, diamond earrings and diamond pendants. An online auction has already begun and the highest online bid will be the opening bid on items at a live auction as part of the Montana Sports Legends Dinner and Auction on October 3.

The auction item shown above includes a trillion cut Yogo sapphire that is over one carat along with matching earrings featuring sapphires and diamonds set in yellow and white gold. The lot has a total value of $24,000. Online bidding ends September 30.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

A Lovely Wedding with


Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


We just wanted to thank you and everyone at Whiteflash for your role in our big day. The wedding rings are absolutely beautiful. We've attached a couple pictures from the big day.


Kind regards,
Kathleen and Hongkai





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Are You Getting Your Money's Worth When it Comes to Bling?

Engagement Rings at

The term “bling” is everywhere these days, but it’s nothing more than a new way to refer to the sparkle that comes from high-quality, well-cut diamonds. It may seem like an easy task to determine whether a stone has been cut well because it will sparkle, right? Well, yes and no. “Bling” can be manufactured, turning a not-so-great diamond into something designed to fool you into thinking it’s a winner.

When purchasing stones—either loose diamonds or ones already set into mountings—you have to be wary of low-quality stones that retailers are trying to pass off as high-quality choices. But don’t worry. is dedicated giving you a true diamond education through this and many other articles in our extensive online library. So come on, it’s time to get schooled in bling!

A diamond is just a hunk of potential until it’s been cut, and the cut can make the difference between a “so-so” diamond and one that is truly exquisite. At, our seasoned professionals know exactly how to cut a diamond to ensure maximum sparkle. Some retailers will give you a song and dance—complete with props—in an attempt to sell you a lower quality diamond. Don’t be fooled by tricks such as bringing out official-sounding “luminosity detectors” or a jeweler who cuts more facets into a stone in an effort to convince you that it reflects more light.

It’s especially important to know the cut and quality of a diamond when you’re choosing a piece of jewelry intended to spotlight a sole stone–such as a diamond solitaire ring or a diamond pendant. It’s similarly vital to choose a high-quality diamond for an engagement ring. It will be worn every day, and no matter how good the owner’s intentions are in the beginning, most women will admit that they don’t have theirs cleaned by a professional very often. But a high-quality diamond will sparkle and give off lots of light even with a layer of soap scum on it.

Among the finest choices is a “hearts & arrows” cut. The name comes from the shapes reflected from the diamond at different angles. When viewed upside down, eight symmetrical heats appear. When you turn the diamond over, you’ll see eight radiating arrows at the crown. These designs come from cutting a stone so exactly that facet reflections overlap, creating kaleidoscope patterns.
Any diamond looks pretty good in lots of sunlight. It’s in low-light situations—a candlelight dinner, in a darkened theatre—where hearts & arrows really shines. Rainbow flashes and unmistakable fire is what you’ll see, and you’ll be glad you didn’t settle for anything less.

The pros at weren’t content to simply rest on the laurels of other jewelers, however. Whiteflash ACA really is a step beyond anything you may have seen before. We’re so sure you’ll agree that it’s simply extraordinary that we include a toolkit complete with a compact magnifying viewer with every Whiteflash ACA purchase.

When it comes to selecting a top-quality diamond—whether it’s a diamond wedding ring or a diamond tennis bracelet—make sure you’re dealing with an experienced, scrupulous retailer that only sells truly outstanding diamonds. Remember that science—not deceptive marketing—is the key to great bling.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Destination Wedding with

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


We are settling back into our routine here in New Zealand and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your efforts to have my diamond engagement ring repaired and shipped back to me so quickly.  Your team did a fantastic job and I was so happy to board my plane home with my diamond ring on! 


Thank you again for the outstanding service!





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Bravo Bride Shares Tips on Green Weddings

Photography by Happily Ever After

Weddings are beautiful and unforgettable celebrations but all the resources that go into orchestrating one can make quite an environmental impact. Fortunately, with your big day approaching there are countless opportunities to make eco-conscious decisions that will not only make your day ‘green’ but even more special. Here are some tips you can use to create a beautiful, environmentally conscious ceremony and reception.


  1. Use local vendors, including an organic caterer who uses all local ingredients. This will reduce carbon emissions and support your local economy. Green wedding planners are also growing in popularity throughout the country.
  2. Recycle everything! This includes everything from mailing out wedding invitations printed on recycled paper with soy inks to exchanging rings made of recycled gold and fair-labor gemstones.


1. With jewelry you can indulge responsibly by wearing jewelry containing conflict-free diamonds and      gemstones


  1. Peruse your local farmers markets or organic florist shops for potted plants to add some natural color to your ceremony. When the wedding is over, give these plants away as wedding favors or you can even donate them to a local hospital or retirement home, along with any bouquets you don’t want to save.
  2. Put a new spin on traditional wedding favors by letting each guest choose an environmental charity you will donate to in their name.
  3. Share your love in the splendor of a natural setting that highlights just how beautiful our planet is. Imagine having your ceremony during a beautiful day at the park or a spectacular sunset at the beach.


  1. Rent or buy instead of using disposable dishware and linens. If your organic caterer does not provide this service, this is another small step that you can take to make a huge impact.
  2. Encourage guests to carpool and have your ceremony and reception at one location to cut down on car emissions.


  1. Register for a green honeymoon with an ecotourism site like Elevate Destinations. Feeling guilty about all of those carbon emissions you will use by flying to your honeymoon? Your guests can offset them by planting a tree in your honor. Just visit Carbon Footprint.

Not only will you feel great about throwing a huge party with a smaller environmental impact, but hopefully your guests will take the lessons learned from your wedding and implement them elsewhere. Let’s do our part for eco-conscious living!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Radiant Cut Diamond


The Radiant diamond was introduced in 1977.  It was designed to have the best qualities of both round brilliant and emerald cut diamonds.  The diamond's shape has the outer lines and cut corners of the emerald's crown while enjoying triangular faceting like the round on the pavilion.  This causes it to be an emerald shape with more pin flash sparkle than the traditional step-cut emerald.  It is identified on GIA reports as a ‘cut-cornered square mixed cut.’


Trimmed corners make the radiant diamond a versatile shape for diamond jewelry since it looks equally appealing set with square or round side-stones.  Side by side radiant diamonds have a distinctive geometric look, as the edges meet, creating ‘Vs’ where the cut corners occur.  In an eternity application, length-to-width ratios must be precisely matched (see configurations below).   

Radiant Diamond Assessment   

Unlike round diamonds, the performance of fancy shaped diamonds cannot be predicted using only proportions or static reflector photography.  Experienced sellers can recommend a favored range of parameters, and it is possible to make broad conclusions from photography and reflector images, but these shapes must be seen live for decisive evaluation.  For this reason it is imperative to work with an expert you trust on princess selection.  Our favored range for the radiant cut diamond incorporates a slightly higher crown range than the princess cut diamond and a smaller table.  Appropriate depth is slightly less than standard princess depth, though practical limits depend on length-width ratio.  Average girdle thicknesses of Thin, Med or Slightly Thick are desirable.  Too thick and too much of the diamond’s weight is hidden in the girdle.  Too thin and there could be a durability issue, though the radiant diamond doesn't have vulnerable corners like a traditional princess cut diamond.   

Radiant Diamond Configurations   

Radiants vary in their degree of squareness.  The length-to-width ratio describes the diamond’s face-up rectangular appearance.  Square appearing diamonds have a length-to-width ratio between 1 and 1.05.  For a more rectangular shape length-to-width ratios at or greater than 1.10 are recommended.

The radiant diamond's crown is similar to that of the princess cut diamond and shape of the emerald cut diamond.  The similarities are easily seen.

History of the Radiant Diamond  

The original radiant diamond design was developed and patented in 1977 by Henry Grossbard.  After 17 years of holding the patent the Grossbard family began permitting others to cut the shape.  Precursors to the radiant cut were the princess cut diamonds and barion cuts.   

Diamond Rough   

Every piece of diamond rough is different and some pieces will finish best as a shape other than round.  The diamond cutter makes decisions based on what will make the most attractive diamond while allowing most yield from the diamond's rough.  The radiant cut diamond works well with steep rough and much of the material best suited for square shapes may finish better as a radiant or princess diamonds, rather than a square baguette or emerald cut.   

Expert Selection   

It is critical to work with a diamond expert you trust on locating and selecting the best diamond available, particularly in fancy shapes - which must be seen to be decisively assessed.

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Miss Venezuela crowned Miss Universe 2009

The Miss Universe 2009 crown has been won by Miss Venezuela, the country's second victory in a row.

Stefania Fernandez, 18, who has Russian, Ukrainian, Galician and Polish origins, was crowned in the Bahamas on Sunday evening by her compatriot Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008.

Russia, Ukraine and Poland did not make the final 15.

Miss Dominican Republic, Ada de la Cruz, 23, was named the first runner-up for the prestigious crown, and second runner-up was Miss Kosovo, 18-year-old Marigona Dragusha.

The beauty pageant was held with only 83 contestants in the island nation's capital of Nassau, the first time the competition has been held there.

Miss Kazakhstan, Miss Northern Marianas and Miss Trinidad and Tobago pulled out because of a lack of financing, according to the Miss Universe website. Miss Turks and Caicos, Jewel Selver, withdrew on the eve of the event on Saturday, citing dehydration.

Miss China, Wang Jingyao, 21, was named Miss Congeniality and Miss Thailand, Chutima Durongdej, 23, was named Miss Photogenic.

The Latin American nation of 20 million people could very well become the beauty capital of the world. Venezuela has won five Miss Universe, five Miss World and four Miss International crowns, more than any other country.

The first Miss Universe pageant was held on June 28, 1952, at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium in Long Beach, California. Thirty contestants competed for the title, which was won by 18-year-old Armi Kuusela of Finland, who was crowned by actress Piper Laurie.

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Piaget Limelight Twice Reversible Diamond Watches


Sort of like getting two expensive watches for the price of one very expensive watch right? No, not quite, but you do get a "day" and "night" side for both the evening and daytime character of the timepiece. Piaget always like to play around with luxury designs when it comes to the Limelight series. Not being particularly en vogue right now among women's watches, I found it interesting for them to release a reversible watch. The timepiece has two complete dials, each with its own Piaget 56P quartz movement that is independently adjustable. Theoretically you have a watch with two timezones as well.

The watch case is in 18k white gold with a "hidden" time adjuster for each movement. There are three versions of the watch. Two with a black satin strap, and the cream of the crop model with the white gold and diamonds chains (six vertical ones that connect on each of the two ends) bracelet (total of 680 brilliant cut diamonds for this Haute Joaillerie version of the Limelight Twice watch). Both dials are off-centered and about as easy to read and Piaget could have made them (meaning bring you phone as a back up clock). The dauphine hands help though while looking stately, and the "night" side with the Roman numerals is probably the easier to read, but both sides quite pretty to look at. This watch just might be the cure for that "I can't spend big during the recession" problem you've been having lately. It is about now during mention of possible economic upswings after a long recession when big spenders get tired of not spending cause it was politically incorrect to do so.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Vote On The New Setting For The Hope Diamond

The famous Hope Diamond which is in the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History is getting reset to mark the 50th anniversary of its donation to the museum by jeweler Harry Winston. The 45.52 carat blue diamond will be reset by the House of Harry Winston in one of three possible modern settings. You can vote on your favorite at the Smithsonian website. The voting continues through September 7 and the diamond in its new setting will be revealed in conjunction with the world premiere of the Smithsonian Channel's documentary "Mystery of the Hope Diamond" in March 2010. The setting is only temporary. The diamond will be returned to its original setting by the end of 2010 which makes me wonder why they are doing it in the first place but I suppose that this is one piece of jewelry that need never be evaluated in terms of resale value.

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Cyber Bling: Guidelines to Online Diamond Shopping

Online Diamond Shopping Advice from Debi Wexler, CEO of

I’ll admit: I have an online shopping inclination. I have spent many an afternoon pouring over the pages of Amazon while also flipping through magazines. Then 4-5 business days later I end up with some really flashy and definitely impractical high heels delivered to my front door. My brother in law has the male version of my Internet shopping fetish, which drove him to impulse-buy a car on EBay. This is not that unusual (he will do anything for a bargain), but the thing that made this instance interesting was that the vehicle was located hundreds of miles away from us. This required him to buy two airplane tickets to pick up his great bargain and drive it all the way home. Practical? Not so much. But he gets points for impulsiveness.

Given this blemished family history, you may be wondering if you should really seek guidance from me about shopping online for an item as significant as a diamond. Here are two reasons to heed my advice: 1. I did extensive research on the topic, in order to make the process a little bit easier for you and 2. I have been in the diamond industry for over 15 years! So here are a few tips and resources to help make your diamond buying experience rewarding and safe. If you navigate the web wisely, you will be able to purchase your ideal ring at an excellent price.

Be an educated customer

Consider getting a guide book or searching online forums before you shop and brush up on your Diamond Education. The more you know about the four C’s, the grading scale and certification process, the better equipped you will be to get the best bling for your buck.

Comparison Shop

Search various online retailers in order to get an idea of what a competitive price for your gem or precious stone should be. Helpful comparison tools include the “ring builder” features that most online stores offer. They will give you free quotes without any obligation to buy. Many sites allow you to save your comparison rings so that you can consider several options at once.

Reputation Matters

Shop with an online jeweler who has an established reputation for good business practice (one way to check on this is to make sure that they have a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau)., which is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and is consistently rated highly by customers and media publications. Make sure that whatever company you choose offers at least a money back guarantee. They also must provide you with a certificate or equivalent for your diamond.

More Tips

Click here for more tips on buying a diamond, either online or in person.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

'Lord of the Rind' finds wedding ring at bottom of harbour after 16 months

A New Zealand man who promised his wife he would find his wedding ring after it fell into the capital's murky harbour has been successful, 16 months later.

Ecologist Aleki Taumoepeau was checking Wellington harbour for invasive plant species in March last year when the ring fell into three metres of water.

"It flew off into the air and everyone on the boat was looking at it and said it was like a scene from 'Lord of the Rings' in slow motion," Rachel Taumoepeau was quoted as saying in Thursday's Dominion Post newspaper.

Taumoepeau tossed an anchor overboard to mark the spot and pledged to Rachel, his wife of three months, that he would find it.

She offered to buy a replacement. "I just said 'No, I'll find it'," Taumoepeau said.

An initial search three months after the loss failed, but Taumoepeau was determined. He returned again recently for another dive, risking chilly mid-winter temperatures.

"I was getting cold and tired so I said to God it would be really good to find the ring about now," he said.

He spotted the anchor - with the ring lying just inches away.

"I couldn't believe that I could see the ring so perfectly," he said. "The whole top surface of the ring was glowing" in the normally murky waters.

Friends have taken to calling Taumoepeau "Lord of the Ring".

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The Man Registry: Best Man Qualifications

Having a tough time deciding on your Best Man? Don’t worry; this is more common than you think. Here are a few pointers to remember when making this important selection. Get it right, because for 50% of us, this is the only wedding you’re ever going to have!

Can he plan a party?
Can he plan the bachelor party that you want? If not, move on to your second choice.

Life-long friend
Thinking about giving the Best Man honor to your current man crush you just met last year? Think again. The most common selections for Best Man are siblings and old friends. This doesn’t mean you can’t choose someone you haven’t known your entire life. But, be sure to ask yourself “Will we still be friends in ten years?”

Is he responsible?
Your Best man is going to have his hands full with wedding duties. Those duties consist of helping plan the bachelor party, helping the groom get prepared on the wedding morning, carrying the bride’s wedding band, giving a toast and more. As the groom, you need to be sure that your choice for Best Man can handle all of the pressure and responsibility that comes with the title.

We know the decision can be tough, but such is life. Luckily you’ve got groomsmen positions for those that just don’t measure up to the title ‘Best Man’.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love Studs? Who Doesn't.

The stud. A term that references a fashion staple that includes countless varieties in different colors, shapes, and sizes but that always have at least one thing in common: exuding toughness. Of course that probably comes from their association with ancient fighters and gladiators wearing them into battle, but nowadays they can be found on everything from suede evening bags to luxe golden rings to sky-high stilettos. And whether you like studs large and tough or dainty and delicate, there's something out there for every appetite. See a little of what I found in the gallery below.



















See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Tanishq Closes U.S. Jewelry Shops

Another jeweler is closing up shop in the U.S. Indian jewelry chain Tanishq had just two stores in the United States, one in Paramus, New Jersey and one in Schaumburg, Illinois. The first store in the U.S. opened just last summer and the company had planned to open 25 more stores around the U.S. The brand's stores had a relaxing spa-like theme and the jewelry collections carried names like Zen, Yoga and Gingko. While it looked like they were off to a strong start in the beginning, the economic downturn eventually compelled the brand to look for investors to help keep it alive in the U.S. When none where forthcoming, the brand decided to shut down the two stores which it did last month.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Family Filled Engagement with Whiteflash


Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I took my now fiancé to the Old Westbury Gardens.  It's this giant piece of land that was owned by a very wealthy family a long time ago.  The town owns it now and it has been converted to a sort of park.  There's a mansion, a few ponds, perennial garden, rose garden, and acres upon acres of land to explore.

I took her out to the Temple of Love which is on the lake and proposed with a diamond engagement ring.  That was the first surprise.  As we were walking back her parents, my parents, my brother, and her brother who I asked to fly in from London were all waiting for her.  That was the second surprise.  Then as we walked a little further my grandmother and her grandparents (whom I asked to drive down from upstate) were all sitting on a bench waiting for us.  That was the third surprise.  She is very close with her family so it meant a lot to her.

No date set yet but we do have one in mind.  We met on 8/9/06 so we were thinking about getting married on 8/9/10.  Unfortunately, that falls on a Monday but we're thinking of doing a destination wedding so it doesn't really matter.



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Monday, August 17, 2009

Diamond Engagement Ring Design Trends

From the grace of halo to the sophistication of micro pave, design trends in diamond engagement rings and wedding band settings are changing, reflecting today’s busy lifestyles. Ergonomic designs reign supreme in today’s market, no longer does pure panache determine the design that leads to ‘I Do.’

“Some brides prefer an ergonomic design that can comfortably be worn day in and day out,” says Debi Wexler, President of “Others look for added style in an intricate or trendy setting; which, unfortunately, can be limiting when it comes everyday wear,” adds Wexler. is an e-jewelry boutique specializing in Hearts & Arrows diamonds and custom-designed engagement rings.

Here’s a peek at the up-and-coming trends in engagement rings according to the boutique’s jewelry designers:

Whiteflash Legato Sleek Line Setting

Myth: solitaires stand tall

Not true of today’s diamond solitaire settings, says Wexler. “Solitaire settings are traditionally upswept, raising the diamond to make a very bold statement,” he adds. “However, people are also choosing settings where the center diamond sits down low, creating a look that is extremely elegant and also ergonomic.” With the diamond down in the setting, brides-to-be are able to wear the engagement ring in everyday work and play situations long after they say their “I Do’s.

Whiteflash Halo Diamond Ring

Halos make a comeback

The likely reason for that comeback, according to Wexler, is that the halo-style diamond engagement ring makes the center diamond appear larger than it really is. “And the appearance of a high carat weight in the center stone is extremely important for many who are headed to the altar,” says Wexler. has introduced several halo designs to its line of diamond engagement rings in the past year, including one with beaded diamonds along the shank as well as around the center stone, Increased sales prove the design’s resurgence and staying power.

Whiteflash Engagement Ring Champagne Setting

A toast to the ‘Champagne’ setting

One design stunning even to the most fashion-savvy is the diamond ‘Champagne’ setting. “Those who desire this setting know exactly what they’re looking for…and that’s something unique,” says Wexler. “The Champagne style of setting has an unmistakable following.” The designers at deserve a toast of the bubbly for their interpretation of the Champagne-style bubble design in their U-prong Champagne engagement ring…among others.

Wexler says the company’s Champagne fashions have produced a great deal of spin-off custom-design work, much of which incorporates exclusive Whiteflash ACA melee diamonds. “The design of the Champagne diamond setting intermixes several components…it’s these combined features that really draw[s] people to it,” he says.

“Often people ask us to replicate one aspect or another of the Champagne design into a custom project, and of course we don’t hesitate to do so.” According to Wexler, the U-Prong, domed shank and accent diamonds are examples of features that can be applied to any custom piece. “Our Whiteflash ACA melee diamonds have been adopted into thousands of projects, and are a stunning complement to any setting style,” comments Wexler.

Whiteflash 'Legato' with Micro Pave Setting

Delicate pave and micro-pave designs

The old debate: Delicate versus complex, which is better? According to the designers at, this season the style leans more heavily towards delicacy rather than complexity.

The diamond pave setting is widely admired for its refinement. To give the setting its simplistic, yet exquisite appearance, beads of metal are raised to create secure channels where the diamonds sit securely in the ring. According to the craftsmen at, the raised metal of the band (or ring) is used to create the tiny prongs that hold the petite diamonds in place.

Whiteflash U-Prong Eternity Band

Center stage: Eternity bands

The pave and micro pave diamond engagement rings come into play when customers are looking at smaller diamond settings like the eternity band. According to Wexler there has been a recent push for smaller diamonds in settings. “In some cases even solitaire engagement rings are being replaced with semi, and even full diamond eternity bands,” he says. The trend is likely a response to the aforementioned movement towards dainty-looking styles and those that offer daily wear. Eternity bands traditionally are set with diamonds anywhere from one to three points (carats).

Brides trade up

The ‘trading-up’ trend will never fade into obscurity. “We’ve found that it makes a difference in the design process if the bride-to-be is involved up front,” says Wexler. “If the groom chooses to go it alone, he typically gravitates toward a simple design with a smaller-than-desired diamond. And what happens next? The bride-to-be upgrades the size of her diamonds, even adding side stones, and looks for a setting more suited to their tastes.”

‘Trading up’ need not always be done up front. Many couples consider upgrades for important milestones like anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. “While her diamond engagement ring was [current] as a newlywed, many years later she might change or modify her setting to reflect transition in her own life or to keep up with current jewelry trends,” says Wexler. “Even if she keeps the setting forever, there is a chance that down the road she may require a larger diamond. We have many repeat customers who upgrade their diamonds with us,” she finishes. anticipates change as a constant and has made it simple for customers to upgrade with a unique guarantee: Every certified diamond sold at comes with a lifetime trade-up option. The company will accept the return of any original purchase and extend full credit in the amount of the original purchase price. The credit can be used to purchase a different diamond.

“Marriage is a lifetime commitment,” Wexler says. “When you choose, we’ll be there for a lifetime with you.”

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A Stunning Experience with

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I absolutely love my diamond pendant! It is beautiful! Thank you so much! Your customer service is amazing. I still find it hard to believe that I was able to reach someone on a Sunday afternoon that was able to answer my questions and get my order started. I will recommend Whiteflash to anyone looking for a reputable quality jeweler.

Thank You Again,


A Stu

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Subway Co-Founder Buys Things To Give Them Away

Some collectors wait until they have left this earth to see their treasures head to the museum. Not nuclear physicist and Subway co-founder Peter Buck. He buys things just to give them away. The Washington Post interviews Buck who in 2004 bought one of the world's most stunning rubies and fine diamond jewelry and donated it to the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in memory of his late wife. The Carmen Lúcia ruby is shown at right. More recently Buck acquired a 224-year-old George Washington letter which will also go to the National Museum of American History spending $250,000 to buy the document and arrange for its care.

Carmen's longtime jeweler Frank Cappiello brokered the beginning of the relationship between the Smithsonian and Buck. The letter Buck purchased was sent in 1785 and was kept in the family of the recipient until recently when it was sold to a dealer who sold it to Cappiello who then sold it to Buck, who hasn't seen the letter in person yet. Buck's generosity inspires a certain amount of envy, many organizations and individuals would love to have access to the ear and wallet of a billionaire. For Buck's part there seems to be pleasure not in as much in acquiring the specific goods but in being able to share them with the visitors to the Smithsonian.

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Swarovski Embellished Sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti

Wow. I'm not sure where to start. Sort of a glamour meets goth look going on here, and although the cutout sides, peep toes, and jagged edges complete with silver and black Swarovski crystal embellishments is sure to be eye catching the bright purple interior that adds so much in this photo is unfortunately for your eyes only, as it doesn't show when the shoe is being worn. An interesting and truly "fierce" addition to your stiletto collection, this Diamond Bling Sandal by Giuseppe Zanotti goes for $1,150.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Rock Climbing Proposal

Hi Whiteflash Sales Team,



Sorry it took so long to get back to you, things have been crazy! Krista and I often go to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky to go climbing. I took her to an exciting climb with a beautiful view. The rock is free standing, about the size of table at the top, and it's 80 feet above the trees, and hundreds of feet above the valley. The tape on her hands is to protect them from the rock, but it was taken off shortly after. After, I had a special dinner prepared at a cute local bistro where I had wine and flowers waiting. She loved it all! I'm really impressed with the packaging and presentation. Thanks a lot!


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A surprise proposal with

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I finally proposed on 8-8-09 @ 2:00pm :) . Before I tell "The story" I want you to know the diamond engagement ring was BURNING a whole in my pocket!! All the fire that it gives off burned through most of my favorite jeans. lol... So we were doing the final touches of our gym room, the sun was shinning through the window and then one of her favorite songs came on ( let the wind blow from AMR ). She was painting where the wall and ceiling meet and I kept telling her ' You missed a spot '. It was cute because she was on the ladder and couldn't really reach and was starting to get upset. So as she stood on her tippy toes and held the paint brush with the tip of her fingers she said " I can't reach any higher " ( in her cute little voice that I love so much! ) I dropped to my knee and pulled the ring box out of my tool belt ( The box was in my tool belt all morning, almost burned through that!! ) and said "will this help you reach a little higher"  She turned around with paint on her cute little nose and said " O my God O my God !!!!! " as the paint brush feel to the brand new hardwood flooring I asked " Susan will you Marry me" , and before I could even gasp for air she said " Of course I will !! " after that my smile from ear to ear got even bigger!! She jumped of the ladder into my arm and gave me the most amazing kiss in the world!!

              Its funny how True Love works, For the last month I've been trying to plan a day trip/ long weekend but something would always come up. Then I kept thinking how my Mom told be " You will know when the time is right" And sometimes you just blow things off but when other people Including you Liza, say You'll Just Know... Then you take a min. and kinda just go with it. And that's what happened, I stopped trying to "make it happen" and just " let it happen". It’s kind of weird but you can't always make things the way you want them to be, some things are just meant to be.

                                                  Tim :)


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A Beautiful Beach Proposal with Whiteflash

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I proposed and she said yes!!!  The diamond ring is beautiful on her finger and it's sized perfectly :)

Here is the short version of the story:

We met through a friend and the first place we went together was a secluded beach area in Big Sur, CA.  Last year we found a nice blue stone that washed ashore and I gave it to her for memories.  She told me she usually throws that stuff away but for some reason kept it after she found it while doing laundry. 

Last week I asked her where she wanted to go for the weekend and I mentioned that we should go back there for sentimental reasons and she agreed.  While there I asked her "do you want to see if we can find another stone like that".  We looked around for about 15 minutes and I found 3 that were nice.  I prepped and gave her the first two.  She didn't like them (I knew).  As I was about to show her the third, I took a knee and presented the third stone.  She didn't like it.  So I said "maybe you'll like this one more" and popped the question.  She was so shocked she didn't say anything for 10 seconds!  She then shouted the confirmation :)

Thanks so much Vera!!



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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Happily Ever Ending Wedding with

A wedding for the ages! This beautiful couple is radiant on their wedding day with Whiteflash!



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Perfectly Pink with Whiteflash!

I came across these lovely princess cut diamond studs and a pair of wedding shoes that screamed fun! One of Whiteflash’s recent brides sported a sparkly pair of diamond studs with a pair of hot pink shoes to complement her vibrant personality. So these gorgeous pictures inspired us to share these hot pink heels along with other fun bling choices for some fabulous brides! Hope you enjoy!




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Hermes chopper for a taxi - Pimp my ride!

In this fast-moving era where time has become a new luxury, the need for a brisk modes of commuting for business executives and bureaucrats has been felt more than ever before. As a $1000 bill on the ground is just not worth Bill Gates’ time to bend over and pick it up, for he would make more just heading off to work. Jokes apart! Valuing the true worth of your time, Japanese Mori Building Co is set to launch a 30-minute helicopter and limo service between the central district of Akasaka and Narita International Airport that will cut the travel time by an hour. Moreover, the commuters will enjoy a luxury travel lying comfortably on the rich-brown calf-leather seats of the $10 million EC135 by French luxury brand Hermes. Hailed as “l’Helicoptere par Hermes,” the luxury chopper will take about 22 flights a day and charge $790 (75,000 yen) for a one-way trip.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

A perfect fit with

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I LOVE my rings!  Please extend my appreciation and gratitude to your entire staff, for getting them to me in a hurry, and with such great quality.  I'm very pleased!  They couldn't have come at a better time, as I'm 5 months pregnant, and can no longer wear my wedding ring.  These make an excellent substitution (I got them for right hand rings).  I've been having fun mixing and matching them with other bands I have.


I'm looking forward to working with you next year, as I'd like Whiteflash to make a mother's ring for me.


Thanks again for your help and understanding with such an unusual situation.


Kindest Regards,


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A Very Happy Whiteflash Customer


“I would like to thank the Whiteflash team for their superb customer service and product.  Special mentions are Bob Hoskins who patiently listens to my needs (especially my concern about getting sparkling pear sides) and James Ramey who went out of his way to make it possible for me to get the three-stone ring within my budget.  Let’s not forget Joseph Druhot for his crafty CAD design, Shandel Hardin for making my order/payment seamlessly simple, Trent Veazey for creative photography, Vera Wages for timely update of progress through shipment, and especially the superb workmanship of the production team (just look at the fine details of my setting, need I say more).

I must say it is amazing that my custom design ring got done in such a short time.  It took less than 5 weeks from my wire transfer in late afternoon on June 25 to expect a delivery of the completed ring on July 28.  This tight schedule also included a last-minute change of setting design (from Harmony to 3-stone with pear sides) and a mid-way upgrade of pear sides.  Simply amazing!"

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Jewelry Expert - Proposing is Tough Enough

Photography by Ja Tecson Photography

Proposing is tough enough, but finding the perfect diamond engagement ring - set with the perfect diamond, is even tougher. To eliminate the headache, here are step-by-step instructions to ease the process.

Educate Yourself.
Start the diamond education process by learning about the four Cs. "Understand how diamonds are evaluated and categorized," says Debi Wexler, founder of The four Cs refer to clarity, cut, color and carat, and by understanding each, Wexler says, you can determine which is most important to you and then start shopping. "This will also help you determine how much you’re willing to spend," she adds.

Because diamond education is important when engagement ring shopping, offers an interactive DVD, which features an in-depth look at each of the four Cs.

Get Input.
Find out what she wants. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Take her to a jewelry store - that is, if marriage has been a topic of conversation and a surprise engagement is not on your agenda. Have her try on as many rings as possible. Make her look at every shape of diamond and type of setting. Another way to gauge whether she prefers pear-shaped over a princess cut diamond is have her look at bridal magazines or at an online diamond expert’s site like Either way, you’ll know exactly what will make her swoon when you pop the question. If you’re being discreet, look at the jewelry she wears on a day-to-day basis; is it classic or vintage in style? Is she prone to wear larger pieces or dainty? The other option is to ask someone close to her, like a sister or a best friend, for insight.

Let’s Talk Carats.
As soon as you’ve decided shape, you need to look at the carat or weight of the diamond; carat is how diamonds and other precious gemstones are measured…in “carat” weight. One carat, for example, equals 1/5 of a gram. Sometimes you will hear carat weight referred to in ‘points’. “There are 100 points in a carat and as points or carats increase, so does the price of the diamond. For example, the price per carat will be less for a .90 diamond than the price per carat for a 1.00 diamond even if the color and clarity are the same. Determining the size of the diamond, and then the cut and color is really going to help establish your budget parameters.

Pick a Color.
"Color is the third most important decision in the diamond selection process," says Bob Hoskins, senior gemologist for Diamond color is graded according to the Gemological Institute of America or GIA Color Grading Scale - D being the whitest, and N and below color ratings showing noticeable yellow tones. "E and F have no detectable color tones to the naked eye," says Hoskins, who graded diamonds for the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) and taught several courses on colored stones. And from G to J range, diamonds remain near colorless however, from J to M, you do begin to see a faint trace of yellow.

Whiteflash ACA, an exclusive brand of Hearts & Arrows diamonds available only through, range in color from D to I. Because of their superior cut, ACA even 'face-up' appear whiter than their lab-assigned grade. "A great cut improves the apparent color of any diamond," says Hoskins.

The Cut and Sparkle.
Cut is the most important and perhaps the most misunderstood and controversial of the four Cs. "It’s about more than the shape of a diamond," explains Hoskins. When we talk diamond cut, we’re talking about the exact angles, proportions, symmetry and polish that affect the way the diamond reflects light and sparkles. Diamond dealers also refer to cut as "make" - as it is the only feature of a diamond that can be controlled by man, and it must be precise. Each facet - or small plane surface on the diamond - must be cut to align perfectly with the facet opposite it. There’s not much room for error because this affects the diamond’s ability to sparkle, or what we call in the industry...brilliance

How Important is Clarity?
Gemologists use a grading scale set forth by the GIA to determine a diamond’s clarity - how clean the gem appears when viewed through a magnifier. Most diamonds contain some "inclusions" - crystalline fractures or irregular crystal growth. The GIA Clarity Grading Scale ranges from Internally Flawless (IF) through included (I3). Flawless (F) and Internally Flawless (IF) being the highest, with the next best grade being VVS1 and 2 or very slight inclusions followed by VS1 and 2, referring to very slight inclusions are difficult to see even with magnification.

SI1 and 2 diamonds will have slight inclusions, which are easily seen through magnification, but may remain clean to the naked eye, depending on the specific diamond. Hoskins says grades I1, I2 and I3 indicate inclusions that are visible under magnification and also to the naked eye. The clarity of the stone you purchase will depend on your level of comfort and budget. Some advice: Inclusions are more difficult to see in ideal cut and super ideal cut diamonds, because of the exactness in the cut.

Establish a Budget.
After determining the four Cs, you should be able to set a budget or at least have a figure in mind for the purchase of your diamond engagement ring. The general rule of thumb is to set aside two months worth of salary. "If you’re hesitant to set a dollar amount, look at your options in diamonds and settings to get a general idea of what you’d like to spend," advises Hoskins.

Select a Jeweler.
You have more options than the local jeweler around the corner. There are independently owned boutiques, national chains and now with the Internet diamond boutiques like No matter whom you buy from, make sure the jeweler is reputable and affiliated with the American Gem Society (AGS). If you’re unsure of the jeweler’s credibility, check with the local Better Business Bureau. You can also test how knowledgeable the staff is about diamonds, look into customer reviews and look over the company’s return and repair policies...this is important

Time to Shop!
Before you place the order, make sure that you will receive a grading report with your purchase. If a grading report will not accompany your diamond engagement ring, make sure the sale is contingent upon an independent appraiser’s opinion. Another option is to ask for a fingerprint of the diamond. This is a three-dimensional drawing of the diamond indicating the four Cs, along with the stone’s overall dimensions and enhancements. Inclusions and blemishes should be noted. As soon as you receive the diamond, double-check all of the information, including the bill of sale and drawing to make sure that it is, in fact, the diamond you purchased.

When purchasing from a Whiteflash ACA diamond, customers receive the gem’s certification and a signed letter of verification from an independent graduate gemologist appraiser for insurance purposes. We refer to all of this as "the 5th C - Confirmation."

Set the Diamond.
If you purchased a loose diamond, you’re now faced with the setting. And, like diamonds, the options for diamond engagement rings are endless. Consider three stone settings, a solitaire or a custom design. We suggest allowing four to six weeks before popping the question if you go the handcrafted route. If you’re simply lost in the decision making process - propose with diamond in-hand and pick out the setting later - together!

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