Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Driven to Distraction

Dear Sales Team,


I gave her the Tiffany Style Knife Edge Engagement Ring and we are officially engaged.  She loves it! I do too, seeing it out and being worn in a variety of different lights it really is a gorgeous ring, and 1.2 ct diamond is certainly not too small.  It's just so icy and sparkly, she has to hide it from my view while I'm driving or I'll keep looking at it instead of the road.


So, thank you again for all your help.  We will probably be in touch when it is time to pick out wedding bands. Thanks again.





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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prince William Proposes to Kate Middleton With Diana's Sapphire Ring

After an eight-year courtship and much intense scrutiny from the press and the public alike, Prince William of England has finally popped the question to his girlfriend, Kate Middleton. And guess what? She said yes! More surprising than the engagement, which even the Queen said has been in the works for a while, is the ring that Prince William used to propose. Now sitting proudly on the future Princess Kate’s finger is the very same sapphire and diamond engagement ring once worn by William’s mother, Princess Diana.

There is no combination more elegant than that of sapphire and diamond.

Name of this ring is ‘The Catherine’. Thank you Catherine for allowing us to show off your ring.


Diana’s ring has a long and storied history. Princess Di received the ring from her husband, Prince Charles, when they got engaged in 1981. The ring consists of a spectacular 18-carat sapphire surrounded by 14 small diamonds. In the early 1980’s, fascination with all things relating to the elusive and fashionable Princess Diana created a sharp surge in the popularity of sapphire engagement rings. Jewelers today are already gearing up for a similar spike in demand. Sapphire and diamond three-stone rings have already been a rising trend; this recent development will only cement the sapphire’s place as a perfect accompaniment to a beautiful diamond.


This ring, a sapphire surrounded by round and pear-shaped stones, is inspired by Diana’s classic ring.

Princess Diana’s first appearance in public with this non-traditional engagement ring sparkled a trend for individuality in engagement rings. To this day, despite the popularity of classic styles like the tiffany setting, more and more brides are choosing unique styles, featuring colored gemstones and unusual settings, that reflect their unique personalities.

Prince William explained his choice of his mother’s famous ring, despite the strong association that it has with her tragic life. Giving Kate the ring "was my way of making sure that my mother didn't miss out on today and the excitement and the fact that we're going to spend the rest of our lives together,” he said in an official statement.

Interestingly, in the three decades that have passed since his mother began wearing the elegant engagement ring, decadent engagement rings have become so common among movie stars and other celebrities that this particular ring is no long unique in its size or value. However, the elegant and tasteful design of the ring is perfectly suited for royalty, and the sentimental value attached to the ring of the world’s princess is priceless.

We can expect diamond and sapphire engagement rings to become increasingly popular in the next year. 

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5 Easy Ways to bring Social Media to your Engagement Plans!

Twitter, Blogs and Forums, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr can create a simple way of broadcasting your engagement and wedding day plans to the world.

Make sure you use these social media venues as great resources to ask questions about proposing, shopping and wedding day ideas. Try out the numerous resources available to you as a new bride or groom from wedding planning inquiries to groom speeches or great toasts during a dinner party. With social media you have a connection to world wide experts that can chime in with upcoming ideas to insuring a perfect engagement and wedding.

Below are 5 favorite ways that social media can help put together pieces of the puzzle on the biggest event of a bride or groom’s life.

Finding your unique wedding resources

Wedding Vendors and planners have gone social. Literally, there are millions of them. Have a question or need a basic consultation? You can start the process of locating and finding your favorite vendors online. Loads and loads of blogs are available to point out the best vendors out there. We recommend using ivouch or yelp to verify the service level of advertisers. You can even create a Twitter list to compile names of vendors you want to follow up with.

Try a basic Twitter search for the topic you’re researching. For example: “Save the Dates.” Doing this will show you everyone who is tweeting about this topic RIGHT NOW. Browse tweets and hash-tags to see the latest buzz and trending topics. Lots of vendors run Twitter of Facebook specific promotions like Whiteflash’s “11th Heaven” engagement ring setting discount! There’s no telling what kind of deals you might find.

Get advice from wedding experts and planners from around the world

OK, preferably ask the ones who are still married. Chances are you have many Facebook or Twitter friends that are married or engaged. If you’ve got a wedding question bogging you down or you need a vendor recommendation; post it on a status update. You’ll be surprised how many responses you get Brides (and grooms sometimes) love to share their wedding planning experiences.

Get on the band wagon for ‘Freebies’

When you see ‘free’ run to that website! Websites that cater to the wedding market like to find sponsors to give away free wedding day accessories or even honeymoon vacations. Check out the daily wedding tweeters for ideas and 'give aways'. We are sure you can find at least one promotion or even multiple 'give aways' in a week. Just enter Facebook or twitter to get notified of upcoming sweepstakes. Here’s one from This holiday season Whiteflash is showing off its branded hearts and arrows diamond, A CUT ABOVE, by having a promotion of 11% off on any setting by purchasing one of their world renowned diamonds. introduces “11th Heaven” this holiday season. As an online e-tailor we know that it is all about your peace of mind and your wallet. Right now if you order any Whiteflash conflict free diamond, A CUT ABOVE® or Expert Selection during the period of November 11th December 31st you will be able to take advantage of that that ring you need when you make your special proposal night plans. Ok, so it’s not free, but it is a big savings when you consider you would be spending about 40% more for the same branded diamond in a brick and mortar store. You even get a life time upgrade to boot.

Follow the yellow brick blog to your wedding day preparations

You want the wedding to be on a tropical island? A lot of friends won’t be able to afford the travel. However, don’t fret! You can stream your wedding day on your blog for all your friends and relatives to share. You can even be so creative that your video may be watched by millions of others who want ideas on how to plan their wedding. There’s your fifteen minutes to fame and having a great time too! From photographers, to jewelers to gown designers and cake makers – all these people are blogging about where to find the best in class services.

Look to the subject matter experts...

We asked one of our favorite wedding tweeters to share their #1 piece of advice to grooms and brides who want to use social media to help plan their wedding:

@WFDiamondDebi– Follow me on tweeter. Or fan us on Facebook to get the newest update on the wedding buzz. Basically, as a diamond e-tailer, buying a diamond is an interactive experience. That’s why we focus on social marketing techniques to engage our past, present and future customers. Customers are closer than ever to the people who actual create they products they buy and use. With live chatting on our website as well social sharing of our articles, we have increased our market share by 12 percent, and we have been were featured in Entrepreneur magazine as well as DM news for our innovative social marketing tactics.

Education is also very important to and to their visitors. The company offers a comprehensive education on diamond jewelry and a very large image library with commentary from gemologists, appraisers, former diamond graders and educators. Visitors can educate themselves about most anything related to jewelry in our “About Diamonds” section. We have even added better search features to enable our customers to find information on most anything related to precious gems, jewelry making, custom design pieces, and engagement rings. Unique videos and actual diamond images help visitors understand and clearly see the diamonds.

“Our most informed customer is our best customer,” says Debi Wexler, CEO. “Our clients gain the confidence to buy when they can leisurely view diamonds and our video tutorials. With confidence comes trust and repeat business.” Make sure to tweet with WF Diamond Debi and get the latest scoop on how to bling yourself out for your engagement party, your wedding day, and your honeymoon memories. Check us out on Facebook, Flicker and Youtube. We are always coming out with new and beautiful pieces to make your wedding blingtastic!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Introducing Color by the Yard Diamond and Sapphire Bracelets and Necklaces

Hooray and just in time for the holidays, Whiteflash is PROUD to present: “Color By The Yard”.


A spectacular blend of beautiful blue, delectable pink or vivid yellow spphires combined with the stuperfying power of A Cut Above Diamonds to give your loved ones wrist or neck the bling it so despertly deserves.





Delightfully delicate Color by the Yard Bracelet sparkles and shines with alternating diamonds and colored Sapphires. Bracelet contains 4 A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamonds (0.25ctw F/G VS), 4 Sapphires (0.25gtw) and measures 7 inches in length.



Delightfully delicate Color by the Yard Necklace sparkles and shines with alternating diamonds and colored Sapphires. Necklace contains 3 A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamonds (0.20ctw F/G VS), 4 Sapphires (0.30gtw) and measures 16 inches in length.




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Friday, November 12, 2010

Covert Engagement

Dear Sales Team,
I just got back yesterday, I won't keep you in suspense - she said yes! =)
It was a like a covert mission, meeting with my cousin and secretly getting the Sleek Line Engagement Ring from him while my girlfriend was there with us! That diamond ring was burning a hole in my pocket, I couldn't wait to give to her. I proposed a couple days into our trip on our anniversary on a lovely fall night just outside of the Museum of Modern art, in a quiet courtyard. It was very private and very similar to the type of place we were in many years ago when we went on our first date so that added to the nostalgia factor. She was very emotional and could barely see the ring with all the tears in her eyes!
Once things calmed down and she got to really take a good look she was completely blown away. It was exactly what she’s always wanted, the sleek line setting looked so classic with a modern twist, and the diamond just blew her away. Even I couldn't believe how brilliant and sparkly it was! I snuck a few looks at the ring in the days before I proposed, but as good as the ring looked in the box, it looked 100 times better on her hand.
We met up with our families yesterday and everyone just loves the engagement ring. It just looks perfect in everyway!
I even told them my story of how I picked it on Whiteflash, and all the amazing customer service I received from you and the other members. They are quite impressed with everything that you offer from the images of the light tests (ideal scope, asset) and how you went out of your way to look at the 3 loose diamonds I had it narrowed down to.
This has been one of the most pleasant buying experiences I've ever had, especially when you consider how large of a purchase this is. 
Thank you so very very much!



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Whiteflash is A Cut Above!




When I first started looking for an engagement ring, I knew I would be buying online. Many of my friends have had positive experiences shopping online and the pricing seemed to be a lot better than the local stores I went to.

I had initially been looking on another popular online jeweler, however once my friend told me about Whiteflash, I immediately knew this was the web site I would be buying from. One of the biggest difference for me, was that Whiteflash has actual pictures of the diamonds you will be buying, as well as images of various tests (Ideal Scope, asset), so that you will know how well your diamond will sparkle.

The other difference that separates Whiteflash from other sites is their customer service. The customer service is unlike anything I've ever experienced from a online company. My Jewelry consultant, was extremely helpful and patient with me as I had many questions and concerns (It was my first time buying something this expensive online). She always made me feel comfortable with my choice and went the extra mile to make sure I was happy on several occasions.

In the end, I purchased a beautiful Princess cut diamond solitaire ring. Seeing it in person exceeded my expectations as well as my (now) fiancé's!

My buying experience with Whiteflash was extremely pleasant and every member of the Whiteflash team I communicated with was very professional and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend this site to any of my family or friends in the future.


Thank you,



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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Love in Triplicate

Dear Sales Team,


I just picked up my Halo Shared Prong Diamond Ring and OMGosh!!!!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!  It's ridiculously huge but still looks dainty and is better than I ever imagined!  It was worth the wait.  It sparkles insanely when the sunlight hits it!!! The inside of my SUV just lit up!!  I was nervous about how my wedding bands would look but I love the gaps!!  :-)  It is such a beautiful wedding set


I couldn't wait to see it so I opened it right at the fedex location and the fedex lady couldn't get over how beautiful and sparkly it is.  She said she's never seen anything like it and asked me "Where did you get it?  I have to write it down!!"  So I gave Whiteflash a little plug.  :-)



I've upgraded my diamond ring 3 times now and also purchased my wedding bands and my husbands diamond from you.  Whiteflash has come through for me once again.  I am one happy customer!!! 


Thank you so much for being patient with me.  I know I can be a little difficult at times but it was an exciting and a nerve wrecking experience at the same time and I had to make sure everything was perfect!  And it is....  I can't wait to show it off to my family and friends.  I will be back in the future to purchase a pendant.  Have a wonderful day!




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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Diamond in the...Ruff?

Dear Sales Team,


I just wanted to take a second to thank you guys for all the work you did in helping me get my engagement ring designed and produced. You were great in helping me pick out the right diamonds. Thanks for being patient and humoring me in looking at different stones before selecting the one you recommended anyway! Thanks for helping me get the custom engagement ring designed, even though I picked a more standard design than I originally imagined. It was the right choice in the end and everyone loves it.


Just a quick note about the proposal that I thought you guys may like. My fiancée is a veterinary student at A&M and I wanted to catch her at school since that's where she spends almost all her time and all her friends would be there. I worked with a local vet and her professor to get some x-ray images of a dog with what would look like the ring in its stomach so that my fiancée would be assigned to remove the ring while she worked in the clinic. Don't worry, we just taped the ring to a dog's side and made it look like it was in there! 


When my fiancée saw the x-rays, she was excited to be able to do a procedure like that but also to see someone's diamond ring. When she came to the "patient's" room, I was waiting for her with the ring inside a stuffed animal dog for her to retrieve. It went over really well and she was very very happy with the ring.


Thanks for everything. I've been wholeheartedly recommending you all for my friends.


I've attached an x-ray picture of the ring for your amusement.



Trent A


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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pretty Love at a Pretty Price


Dear Sales Team,


I have just received the loose diamond last night.

It's beautiful!  I love it! :) Thank you so much for the great service from WhiteFlash!  :)

I love the calendar you guys threw in together with the package.

Great service! I will definitely recommend you and WF to all my friends who are looking for pretty diamonds at great prices! :)


Thank you,


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Monday, November 8, 2010

Priceless Memories

Dear Sales Team,

I was very please when I opened the box. The Tiffany Style Engagement Ring is simple, yet elegant and beautiful. It is just as I had hoped it would be.

I proposed to Colleen on Saturday morning, and she not only said yes, but she loved her new diamond ring. The look on her face is a memory I will never forget.

Thank you for taking such painstaking care of me and the engagement ring throughout the purchase process. I was very apprehensive but you put my mind at ease, and the results are spectacular.

I will recommend Whiteflash, without hesitation.

Best regards,

Joe C


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Months in the Making..

Dear Sales Team,


I worked with Liza for several month's trying to find the perfect engagement ring. Throughout the entire process she was incredibly helpful and wonderful to work with! I absolutely loved my experience with Whiteflash and would recommend them to anyone. They have great customer service and the highest quality diamonds that you can find. Thanks again for everything and making my engagement ring shopping experience one to remember!


Chad A.


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Big, Beautiful and Evangelistic


Dear Sales Team,


I just wanted to give you and your team thanks for a great job. The Grace Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring looks beautiful. The diamond is beautiful (and big). She said yes! Everyone thinks the diamond ring is just amazing. I have been evangelizing you folks to all my friends.


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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Whiteflash Warm and Fuzzies


Dear Sales Team,



Shopping online has never felt so safe, it was truly a remarkable experience. Whtieflash was amazing to work with to the point where I felt like I was in an actual store. Everything was made convenient for me because we were able to do a lot of it through email and calls were only made when everything was finalized. Even when I originally messed up and put the wrong loose diamond on hold it was easy to remedy and Whiteflash never made me feel bad about it at all. I would recommend shopping here for anyone looking for diamonds for great quality and customer service. If only all stores were like this!


Jeff S.


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Volumes of Endless Love


Dear Sales Team, 



Working with Sheerah to create the Rounded Open Cathedral Engagement Ring that I knew she would love was a great experience. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Whiteflash's patience dealing with my endless questions speaks volumes to their customer service. I would not hesitate to do business with them again and will most certainly be back for a wedding band in the near future.


Andrew M.


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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gotta See It to Believe It!




Dear Sales Team,


This is a long overdue review (I proposed back in August 2010), but the Tiffany Style Diamond Engagement Ring is perfect! Kim, my fiancee, loves it! I followed the recommendation of several friends who used Whiteflash to purchase engagement rings for their spouses. The pictures that were sent to me prior to receiving the ring only hinted at the beauty that could be fully grasped in-person. I can't really claim to fully appreciate a diamond (I'm more of a colored gemstone fan ), but after looking at the diamond and setting the Whiteflash team put together for us, I'm definitely a diamond fan now!

The workmanship on the diamond and setting as an entire package was wonderful. For insurance purposes, I had the diamond appraised by an independent appraiser and he continues to be impressed by the work of Everything from the mounting, diamond and setting quality, and craftsmanship - he complimented highly and congratulated me on an excellent purchase. The ring appraised at several thousand dollars more than when purchased - what an excellent value from He was very complimentary of the workmanship and said your company was consistently at the top of quality and value he has seen in his many years of experience.

Traci was very enjoyable to work with and helped with the financing. As a security measure, my bank doesn't allow for withdrawals over a set amount so Traci was able to work out an installment payment plan for the ring as a workaround. I really appreciated that as I didn't have to make any awkward phone calls to my bank trying to find out who I needed to speak to so Whiteflash can get paid. :P

Kim continues to receive compliments about the ring!

Thank you, everyone, at Whiteflash!




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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warning: ACA's may cause permanent head tilt!

Dear Team:


    I just wanted to send you all a Thank You for helping me with my fiancé’s ring. I picked the Legato Sleek Line Pave Diamond Engagement Ring up last week while on vacation in Las Vegas.  The pickup was hassle free and the ring was in perfect condition.  I had zero experience with engagement rings prior to this one, and all of you really made the process as easy on me as possible ( I don’t part with large quantities of money very easily, so this is a testament to your hard work ).  Also, I don’t have any experience to draw upon, but this diamond ring looked fantastic! Still does…I don’t know how, but it even manages to glimmer at night! The diamond is great and the setting was exactly what my fiancé was looking for. Maybe all engagement rings look like this, but all I know is my fiancé couldn’t stop looking at her ring for like a week. For a second I though her head was going to be permanently stuck in a half sideways cocked position, and her left hand extended out in front of her face. Luckily, she’s recovered.


Also, I guess you can tell by my continually referring to her as my fiancé, she did say yes. So, I guess I have to keep the ring now (hahaha)! Thanks again to all of you, and WhiteFlash will always come highly recommended from me to anyone I come across looking for excellent jewelry.




Chris K

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Monday, November 1, 2010

DM News Features - Retailers gear up for online holiday sales

This holiday season is expected to be the strongest in four years, so it's no wonder retailers are busy preparing their e-commerce sites in order to drive sales. 

“This year's theme has been the optimization of what you already have,” says Larry Joseloff, VP of content for, the digital arm of the National Retail Federation. “A shopping cart abandonment rate of 50% to 60% − which is a real number for some retailers − can drop by 10% with some quick changes. That can translate into huge sales growth.” 

Harry and David, the gourmet food company, has redesigned its website, with the aim of growing its 12-month “active” file through increased retention, reactivation of inactive customers and by converting gift recipients into customers, says Jeff Dunn, VP, e-commerce and marketing operations for Harry and David. 

The redesign aims to bring a “better balance between selling and community,” says Dunn, by bringing ratings and reviews to the forefront, and including a new recipe submission component and more video. 

The company also added a delivery option called Auto Delivery, which allows customers to receive products on an ongoing basis (every 30 days, for instance). “We want to showcase that our products are not only for those big special occasions, but are also well-suited for the smaller every day or every week celebrations,” says Dunn. 

The new delivery option is part of a larger strategy to convert holiday shoppers into year-round customers. 

With steady traffic generated by search engine optimization, has turned its focus to driving sales. The online jewelry and diamond retailer has optimized its live chat tool, which enables shoppers to speak with a sales consultant in real-time. 

The chat tool, from Bold Software, includes a feedback mechanism, inviting visitors who use the chat to provide comment on their experience. “If we get the wrong feedback, then we know in which areas to train personnel,” says CEO Debi Wexler. 

Shoppers who use chat are about 10% to 30% more likely to buy something versus those who do not, she adds. “But chat technology will not help with conversion without the right training,” advises Wexler. 

In its holiday campaign, Best Buy will promote its Geek Squad technical support service, in which agents help consumers with installations, such as mounting a plasma TV or setting up a MP3 player, through the Web.

Steve Rozek, VP, online store team for Best Buy, says the focus on customer service strives to address the fact that many customers feel lost after making a technology purchase. “We want to be that bridge for people as they prepare for Christmas,” says Rozek. “So we are going to provide customers with free Geek Squad services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.” 

By getting more people to try Geek Squad, the aim is also to increase the likelihood they'll purchase more often from, says Rozek, and use the service. converts about 25% of new buyers into regular customers, thanks in part to the fact that sales consultants phone new buyers in advance of their special occasions, such as a wedding anniversary or milestone birthday. 

“E-mail is less personal,” says Wexler. “The phone really is our magic wand to relationship building.”



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Facebook Winner Announced: Pearl and Diamond Earrings!

The winner of this week's hotly contested Savvy Steal giveaway- the beautiful Akoya Pearl and Diamond Earrings from is...

Chiffon G.!

Congratulations, Chiffon! You are one lucky girl! Thanks for entering, one and all! 

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More Bling for your Buck with

Dear Sales Team,


I received my 4 Prong Diamond Basket Earrings on Friday and I just love them!  They are so beautiful and sparkly and exactly what I wanted.  They are much higher quality than the ones I could afford at jewelry stores I visited.  I really want to thank you for helping me through the process and for the great advice you gave me.  I couldn't be happier.  I will definitely be a repeat customer and refer you whenever I can.


Thanks to the whole team at Whiteflash for making the process so smooth and for keeping me updated.






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Studs with a Flash - In A Flash!

Dear Sales Team,


I am so happy with the Martini diamond studs I just got from I have been wearing them every day since I picked them. It is amazing how much they sparkle. I have received a lot of compliments about them from everyone I have shown them too. I am so pleased with the quality of the diamonds. The people at were very helpful. I wanted to have my studs by the end of the week. They worked with me to make sure that happened. They helped me find the studs that were the best for my needs and budget. They send me pictures of my studs once they were completed. They kept me updated on every step of their progress towards getting me my diamond earrings. It is incredible how this online company way able to make my experience so personal. I would without hesitation recommend


Dina S.


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Bigger is not Always Better!

Dear Sales Team,



Two big thumbs up for Whiteflash! I was really nervous about making such a large purchase over the internet, but the team at Whiteflash made the whole process much less stressful than going to a jewelry store. I was looking to purchase a pair of diamond studs and they answered all my questions and provided great advice to this diamond-buying novice. She even suggested I go with the lower carat weight I was considering -- you know that would never happen at a jewelry store! I ended up with the most gorgeous studs, way better quality than what I thought I could afford. The diamonds are also conflict-free, which really matters to me. I appreciate such a socially conscious business. I can't recommend Whiteflash highly enough.


Diana M.


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