Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Stunning Air Force Ball Proposal with Whiteflash


This weekend Yokota Air Base had it's Air Force Ball (celebrating it's 62nd birthday) and so I was able to use taking a picture at the ice sculpture as an excuse for someone on hand to take these pictures.  I had really wanted to propose on top of Fuji-san (Mt Fuji), however it is closed to access for the season.  I wanted to be dressed up, and Katie looked stunning, so that narrowed it down a little for me.


She told me afterwards that she was expecting me to propose (I guess I had tipped my hand somehow) but she thought I was going to propose without an engagement ring!  So when I pulled out the stunning ring box it threw her for a loop, she was so distracted she didn't even look at the ring before saying yes.  AFTERWARDS, however, she was absolutely blown away. She keeps staring at it, being distracted by it, and is in awe of the work.  She keeps on talking about the fluidity and craftsmanship, and then don't even get her started on the diamond.  Your help in

finding that one was excellent.  She is amazed by it. Your team at WF are incredible. 



Thanks again for all your help, I can't believe how involved the WF team is in the story, not just the jewelry.  You guys are awesome! Thank you!!!



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