Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Groom's Duties: Buying The Rings

Wedding planning requires the bride’s attention for most of the decisions, but one important part of the ceremony is mainly for the groom to plan. It is his responsibility to buy the engagement and wedding rings.

Often the engagement ring will be something he decides on by himself, making it a surprise when he proposes. Then he joins with the bride-to-be to decide on the wedding rings. Selecting the rings is a major decision; the groom should keep in mind that a small object like a ring can carry huge significance cost (monetarily and emotionally). He will do well to determine his preferences and desires about what kind of ring to offer his fiancée, and then listen and watch closely to take in her feelings and thoughts so that the choice fits her tastes and preferences, too.

This ring is the symbol of a couple’s love, and will remain a reminder of it all the years down the road, so it deserves a lot of thought. If she feels that family is the most important thing in her life, then the best ring might be one that comes from a grandmother. If she values delicacy and femininity, she will most appreciate a smaller diamond; if she likes bold statements, a larger diamond will suit her.

Craftsmanship and intricate detail appeal to some brides and a sleek, modern design to others. If she is not a bargain shopper, she will feel better about a smaller ring bought from a high-class jeweler than a big ring from a discount dealer. So many details, aren’t there?

Make sure and do your homework! Finding an educated ring expert who can work with a couple can increase the pleasure of their shopping trip. Consider getting a guide book or searching online forums before you shop and brush up on your Diamond Education. The more you know about the four C’s, the grading scale and certification process, the better equipped you will be to get the best bling for your buck!

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Customers Vouch for Whiteflash

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I just wanted to let you know that my Whiteflash diamond engagement ring was amazing, and that she said yes!  Thanks for all your help and great service.  Would gladly purchase from Whiteflash again or recommend it to someone else.




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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ben The Groom: The Whiteflash Experience

Ben the Groom came to Whiteflash in need of wedding bands. He decided to ask the Experts at Whiteflash.com and here is what he has to say about the experience…


Guys Wedding Band... Where do you Start?
I am happy to announce that the wedding bands have officially arrived. After the debate of whether to go classic or cool, and if I could mix metals, and I am now the proud owner of a classy 14K yellow gold band.

We got both rings from Whiteflash, and I couldn't be happier with our experience.  How we choose our rings:

1. Started with the engagement ring.  A classy, yellow-gold solitaire that belonged to my grandmother.  We needed a band that would complement, not overpower, her current ring.
2. Decided to both wear yellow. We decided our bands should match, so yellow-gold it is! I’d always assumed I'd wear a white-gold band, but I'm extremely happy with yellow!
3. Browsed  jewelry stores. We decided to go to Tiffany’s for sizing and ideas, to help narrow down the options. We knew we liked gold, but we weren't ready for the price.

Our wedding band search all came together when we visited Whiteflash!  After navigating through their site we e-mailed them pictures of Hannah's engagement ring.  They listened to what we were looking for, looked closely at Hannah's engagement ring and gave us great suggestions. Next thing I knew, our rings were in the mail!

Comfortable, exciting, affordable, and unique is how I would best describe the whiteflash experience.  I immediately told my best-friend/groomsmen—now a groom—himself to visit their site! www.whiteflash.com




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Friday, March 26, 2010

Attention: Sunglasses Needed To Wear an A Cut Above Diamond

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

Thank you so much for your help.  That diamond is spectacular and the ring is beautiful.  While I think the diamond is a bit huge, Jennifer isn't at all interested in trading it in for a smaller one.  I gave it to her outside on a sunny day and it was a lucky thing we were both wearing sun glasses - we'd never seen a diamond sparkle like that one.

Thanks again,



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Whiteflash Praised for Top Notch Service

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


The engagement ring is beautiful!  I just brought it to an independent appraiser for examination and Gemprint registration, and she had nothing but good things to say about it.  She praised Whiteflash.com as being top notch!  Thank you for making this such an easy transaction for me.  The hard part now is figuring out how, when, and where to pop the question.


I'm sure you'll hear from me again, as I will definitely refer you to friends and relatives looking for awesome deals on high quality jewelry, and I myself will purchase from you again in the future (our wedding bands perhaps?).


Warmest regards,



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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Trent: America's Ultimate Groom Giveaway Winner


The judges have spoken, the votes are in, the fat lady has sung etc.. Congratulations to Trent and his fiance Alisa for winning our Ultimate Groom Contest.

Take a look at the loot that Trent is raking in courtesy of our sponsors: Whiteflash.com, The Dessy Group, Adam & Eve, MissNowMrs.com & Grilltopper.

Trent and Alisa are getting married on June 19th in Oklahoma City. By day, Trent is a 34-year-old marketing and commercial sales whiz living in Birmingham, AL. By night… he’s a wedding planning fanatic. Here’s Alisa’s winning nomination:

My fiance, Trent, is undoubtedly the most amazing fiance in the history of fiances! I can’t even begin to tell the story of how he proposed – let’s just say that he published a 250 page hardcover book of all of our previous email correspondence with a page at the back asking me to marry him. Amazing.

As soon as we got engaged, Trent set up a blog for us so that we could keep our friends and families updated on wedding plans, etc. As far as his contributions to the wedding planning are concerned, Trent was actually a little slow getting involved. He knows how important this day is to me, and he didn’t want to get in the way of what I wanted to see at the wedding. BUT – as soon as I asked him to help, he jumped in there wholeheartedly!

He arranged for the DJ (which isn’t an easy feat seeing as how Trent lives in Alabama and the wedding is in Oklahoma!). Trent was solely responsible for making and sending out our save-the-date magnets – which are beautiful! He has also helped tremendously with the guest list and invitations. And he’s taken over the contact with the crazy caterers…helping me get the cost of the food for the reception down to a bearable amount! And…he’s taken the responsibility of working out how we’re going to get my things moved from NYC to Alabama before the wedding in Oklahoma. That’s quite the feat!

But regardless of the wonderfully helpful physical contributions that Trent has made in terms of wedding planning, he has certainly been a HUGE support for me during this time. I’m in graduate school in New York, and things have been very stressful. Trying to finish school, plan a wedding in a different state, maintain a long-distance relationship, and live in what I find a very difficult city to live in – it’s tough. But Trent has been my rock. He’s kept me sane and grounded. He’s asked some difficult questions and made me really consider what’s truly important in life and in our wedding. He looks past the one-day event to the rest of our lives and has done so much to help us prepare for our future together.

Oh! And just this weekend, Trent arranged a surprise birthday party for me from 1,000 miles away. He flew in town, surprised me at a restaurant, and made sure that all of my friends were waiting back at my apartment for surprise #2! What a WONDERFUL man!

Maybe I’m a little biased, but Trent is the most amazing fiancé. I would be THRILLED if he won the title of Ultimate Groom – and I’m sure he would, too! He certainly deserves it! Honestly, he deserves all that the world has to give!! I am so incredibly blessed to get to marry this man, and even if he doesn’t win this contest, Trent will forever be my Ultimate Groom!!

Here’s what a few of our judges had to say regarding their votes for Trent:

This is my top pick and gets my 5 points. I mean, the guy published a 250 page book of all their emails? Either insanely romantic or serial killer crazy. Either way, he wins. – the bachelor guy

Trent is a Groom of all Grooms! I cant even imagine printing all my e-mails with my bride, let alone creating a book! From blogging to single-handedly creating the save the dates, Trent has gone far beyond any groom I’ve met. Congratulations sir, you earned this! – ben the groom


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WF Diamond Band Is Making People Green With Envy!

Dear Whiteflash,


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I picked up my diamond ring this morning, from Leon.  Once again, my dealings with your staff was an absolute pleasure and very professional.  I will continue to sing Whiteflash praises every time someone compliments my ring - and believe me, it happens at least once a DAY!


Thanks again.





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A Stunning Air Force Ball Proposal with Whiteflash


This weekend Yokota Air Base had it's Air Force Ball (celebrating it's 62nd birthday) and so I was able to use taking a picture at the ice sculpture as an excuse for someone on hand to take these pictures.  I had really wanted to propose on top of Fuji-san (Mt Fuji), however it is closed to access for the season.  I wanted to be dressed up, and Katie looked stunning, so that narrowed it down a little for me.


She told me afterwards that she was expecting me to propose (I guess I had tipped my hand somehow) but she thought I was going to propose without an engagement ring!  So when I pulled out the stunning ring box it threw her for a loop, she was so distracted she didn't even look at the ring before saying yes.  AFTERWARDS, however, she was absolutely blown away. She keeps staring at it, being distracted by it, and is in awe of the work.  She keeps on talking about the fluidity and craftsmanship, and then don't even get her started on the diamond.  Your help in

finding that one was excellent.  She is amazed by it. Your team at WF are incredible. 



Thanks again for all your help, I can't believe how involved the WF team is in the story, not just the jewelry.  You guys are awesome! Thank you!!!



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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whiteflash A Cut Above Diamonds are Brilliant Beyond Expectations

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I picked up the diamond ring this morning and it's truly spectacular. All of the viewing and cleaning accessories are a wonderful touch and even the ring box is beautiful. My most heartfelt thanks to you all for your hard work, fantastic service and patience. Bob, thank you for recommending the A Cut Above diamond and explaining the difference. There is no question that it was the right choice. It's a dreary, cloudy, rainy day here and even under the crummy fluorescent light in my office, the diamond is brilliant beyond my expectations. I can't wait to see it in good light. The craftsmanship on the setting is nothing short of perfection. Everyone loves the photos and sending them ahead of the ring is a fabulous service. It is so nice to have professional shots to send friends and family.


Whiteflash made me a customer with their great advice on the diamond and willingness to share their insight, but you have made me a guaranteed repeat customer and someone who will recommend Whiteflash to many others. I look forward to working with you all again in the future.

Warmest personal regards,


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Whiteflash Provides a Personal Shopping Experience for Customers

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


Thank you!! The diamond ring arrived last week while I was on vacation so I had to wait until Sunday to see it.  Wow!  All I can say is that it is stunning.  It’s PERFECT!  Exactly what I wanted.  I can’t stop looking at it.  I loved the pictures that you sent on the day of shipment, and I still haven’t worked my way through the pile of documents that came with the Five Stone Diamond Ring.  The Akoya Pearl and Diamond Earrings are beautiful, too.  My husband loves how they look on me!! 


The personal service that you both provided made the shopping experience so easy and pleasant.  You made me feel like I was your only customer.  I am recommending Whiteflash to anyone who will listen.  





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Whiteflash ACA Diamond = Impressed Customer

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I went and picked up the engagement ring a couple hours ago and I must say I am very pleased with how beautiful it is.  I went to a few B&M stores before buying to look at their selections and not only did I get a better price with Whiteflash, I received a higher quality loose diamond.  My girlfriend will love it.

You were a great help and I am very impressed with the service you all provided.  I know where I will be looking first when shopping for any diamonds in the future.

Thank you again,



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Monday, March 22, 2010

Customers Say WF's Martini Diamond Pendant is Perfect in Every Way

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I just got home from picking it up and it’s absolutely stunning! I am beyond thrilled with it, it is even more beautiful than I was expecting. I am glad I went with the F color, and the martini pendant setting. It is perfect in every way. I am putting away all my other necklaces because I don't think I'll be wearing them again. Thank you so much for your help, and thank everyone else there for me too. I will definitely recommend Whiteflash to my family and friends. Thank you again, this has been such a great experience. I can't wait to wear my new diamond pendant to work tomorrow!


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A Perfect Proposal in Paris: The City of Love

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I just wanted you to know that all your hard work really paid off for me. With sun setting and the lights of Paris coming up, (Paris is where we met and fell in love), perched at the tip of the Isle de la Cité with our feet dangling over the edge, we were relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery then I presented Angelina with the diamond engagement ring and popped the question. She of course said “YES!”   


I have attached a few photos to set the scene for you.


Thanks again for everything.




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A Perfectly Understated and Classy Marriage Proposal with WF

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


Things went just fine last Saturday night.  She said yes! Fed Ex had me a bit worried Friday as they were so overloaded, they did not have your overnight package at the pickup facility until sometime late  Friday night.  By Saturday morning at 9:15am, they had it listed as available for pickup so I was quite relieved though a little on edge knowing I  still had to get the ring without Rebecca knowing.  In the early afternoon, I dropped her off at a nearby cafe while I went to FedEx to "pick up one of her  Christmas presents".  She was slightly suspicious but still not sure what I was up to.  To my relief, FedEx had the shipment just behind their counter and I didn't have to wait up to 45 minutes like some people did.  As I  opened the FedEx shipping boxes at my car, I realized that I was parked over a  storm drain, so I quickly made sure that I opened the packaging safely inside  the car less I chance a nightmare scenario of dropping the ring through the  grate!  Opening the ring box, the Whiteflash A Cut Above diamond was just as beautiful and  sparking as I had hoped (no doubt thanks to its A Cut Above ideal cut quality)  and I knew then that Rebecca would love it.

  We then went to dinner at Restaurant Gary Danko (one of the top restaurants in San Francisco) where the proposal was to take place.  I previously arranged with the restaurant's maitre d' to have a 1/2 bottle of Krug "Grand Cuvee" NV Champagne ready and slipped him the ring while she went to the bathroom.  Once she came back, they brought out the champagne without announcement and then surprised her by placing a little white bowl in front of her with the opened ring box sitting in it.  A big smile appeared on her face, she kinda gasped, became giddy, and placed her head on my shoulder for a moment (we sat side-by-side) as she stared at the ring.  She was so excited that she just took the tiffany style engagement ring out of the box and put it on her finger herself and did not even wait for me to say or do anything.  To my relief, I didn't have to get on my knee or make a scene, but I did formally ask her "the question" just to be sure.  Despite the very expensive dinner and fabulous wine, she spent the rest of the three hour dinner staring at the ring on her finger and told me that "I did good".  She later said that she didn't really taste the food or wine after getting the ring!

  Thanks again for your help and great service in getting me the ring in one week's time.  Thanks for making it the perfect understated and classy marriage proposal (according to Rebecca as well).

  Here are the pictures we took from last Saturday night with Rebecca's little point-and-shoot digital.  Too bad I wasn't able to use my real camera, which is way too big, or else the shots would have been professional (photography is a serious hobby of mine).





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Mt. Masada Sunrise Proposal with Whiteflash.com

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

Everything went well (for the most part). After she almost left her purse at my friend’s house, then lost the binder that had all of our reservations and directions for the entire week we were in Israel, we made it to Mt. Masada at 3:30 AM. Fortunately I planned in some extra time so even after I re-printed off our reservations and directions we got there early. We waited two hours on the side of the road for the park to open and then hiked 2km up the side of the mountain in 28 min. I found us a nice little spot on the top in the old fortifications. Once the sun had fully risen I asked her and fortunately she didn't leave my knee in the stone for too long! I was able to pull it all off before the Chinese tourists overran our position. I know most people do sunsets but I figured a sunrise would symbolize the new chapter in our lives.

She thinks the three stone diamond engagement ring is perfect.

Thank you,


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Friday, March 19, 2010

Whiteflash A Cut Above Diamonds Sparkle Like Crazy


Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


Here are a couple of pictures of us and the diamond engagement ring! We had such a great time on vacation. Everyone noticed how much the ring sparkled like crazy! The one guy even said I must be a jeweler, LOL! We are both excited and will be talking to you soon for the wedding bands. Thanks again for all your help.


- James and Traci



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