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What You Need to Know About Titanium

Titanium has recently become the standard of choice in men's jewelry. Traditionally silver, gold and platinum have been the "go to" metals but silently titanium has established itself as a formidable rival, showing up in everything from cuff links to rings and even money clips. So the question is, why buy titanium jewelry?

There are a few reasons. So I spoke with Debi Wexler, one of the experts over at to get the scoop on this mysterious metal. Here's what she told me:

Titanium is a light grayish colored metal that's strong like steel, but feels like aluminum. It's strength lets it hold up well to wear and tear, while still being incredibly lightweight, and is highly resistant to corrosion and scratching... perfect for us guys that tend to be a little rough on on our stuff. (But keep in mind it is not indestructible.)

Titanium is also used in a number of industries including the military, aerospace and sporting goods, more proof of its strength.

Another alternative is Tungsten. Tungsten is a very heavy and hard metal for its size (it's 4 times harder than titanium), but it can scratch easily. But tungsten will hold its shine and shape longer than any other jewelry available on the market.

A downfall of both of these metals is that because they are so strong they can NOT be re-sized, so if you're buying a ring, you have to make sure you get your exact finger size before you buy.

In comparison to gold and platinum, titanium and tungsten are more cost effective. You can purchase several titanium or tungsten rings for the price of one gold or platinum ring.

Both tungsten and titanium are strong metals, but how would each react if you slammed your finger in a door? The titanium would bend and the tungsten could possibly crack. A tungsten ring would be safer for your finger.

Both metals have their own pros and cons but it is ultimately a decision made by you, depending on your preference. But whatever you buy, it'll last a long, long time.

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Rolling Stones named world's most expensive wedding act

Rolling Stones named world's most expensive wedding act

Most popular and most expensive choice of wedding singers ...Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Source: AFP

THE Rolling Stones have been named the "'world's most expensive wedding act"' at an estimated cost of $10 million (£5m).

A poll to find out the most costly diamond studded wedding crooners saw Mick Jagger and co ahead of Elton John, Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue and Leona Lewis.

If the million pound-plus fees for international superstars do not come within the bridal budget, up-and-coming stars Lady Gaga and Katy Perry were said to be available for around $120,000.

Tell us below who would you like to croon at your wedding?

A fraction behind were karaoke favourites The Proclaimers, who could belt out I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) for £100,000.

Rick Astley, who stormed the charts in the 1980s and whose Never Gonna Give You Up video inspired the internet phenomenon of Rickrolling, was also priced by the survey at $50,000.

The poll was conducted for TV channel Living by a financial analyst.

Calculations were based on information from agents and examining accounts, ascertaining how much it would cost to hire each act for a private performance.

The 12 most costly wedding singers, according to the Living poll:

1. The Rolling Stones (up to $10 million)

2. Sir Elton John (up to $4 million)

3. Kylie Minogue (up to $4 million)

4. Christina Aguilera (up to $3 million)

5. George Michael ($2.6 million)

6. Amy Winehouse ($2 million)

7. Sir Paul McCartney ($2 million)

8. Leona Lewis ($2 million)

9. Jennifer Lopez ($2 million)

10. Barry Manilow ($1.5 million)

11. Rod Stewart ($1.2 million)

12. Duran Duran ($1 million)

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Ultimate Jewelry GIft Idea For The Extreme Golfer

For any golf fanatic. More info can be found about this custom ring on Etsy.

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18 couples share vows in joint Dallas wedding

Down the long aisle at Concord Church, set off this Sunday by a soft, white border draped from pew to pew, the bride walked with stately deliberation, the crowd's applause ringing out as she glided toward her groom.

And behind her, at a proper distance, came another bride, then another and another, until there were 18 in all, taking the walk many must have dreamed about as little girls.

But few could have imagined this.

The 18 simultaneous marriages in the Oak Cliff district of Dallas sprang from a six-week teaching series for couples called "The Real Flava of Love," led by Concord Senior Pastor Bryan L. Carter.

"We described it as six weeks to discover God's plan for singles and how to really maximize the season of singleness," Carter said. "The last lesson was 'Let's Just Live Together,' which led me to deal with the whole issue of cohabitation, so prominent these days."

And that culminated in a challenge: If you aren't honoring God by your behavior, move out. And if you want to get married, get married — the church will pay for it all, the gowns, tuxedos, rings, even the wedding cakes.

"I told them, 'We've already made arrangements, and we'll have you married in 30 days,' " Carter said of that Sunday morning. "I said, 'Meet me at the church at 3 o'clock and we'll provide more details.' "

Carter admitted he was a little apprehensive. What if no one came? Turns out, that wasn't a problem.

"We ended up having about 30 couples. We interviewed and assessed each one, we did eight hours of counseling. The goal was to get people awakened, to see if they were really that compatible. And we ended up with 18 couples."

Among them were Raymond Adams and his fiancee, Heidi Mathis-Bayley.

"We were planning to get married next August," Adams said before the ceremonies, "and we still plan to have something for families and friends. But the economy caused a situation for us to move in together.

"We were struggling with the morality of that. And Pastor's sermon was incredible — very thought-provoking, very convicting. He said we had a choice we had to make: whether or not to be obedient to God's law."

As the couple left church and crossed the parking lot, each had the same question: "Did you hear the sermon?"

"My fiancee said, 'We're coming back,' and I said, 'I'm glad we're on the same page,'" Adams said.

"When ... (Carter) was speaking, I knew this was what we wanted to do," Mathis-Bayley said. "It wasn't like we were being judged. It was just making the decision to live the way God wants you to live."

And that's what the crowd of families and friends wanted, too.

When Carter spoke of a lifetime commitment, the crowd cheered. When he prayed for protection against divorce, they cheered even louder. And when he introduced each couple at the end of the ceremony, everyone in the sanctuary, more than 1,000 people, stood and applauded.

Denise James, who married her fiance, LaPrie Townsend, stood in the long line of brides outside the sanctuary before the ceremony began, excited about the significance of this special day "and thankful to God for the opportunity."

"Marriage was definitely in the works for us," she said, "but it just wasn't financially feasible.

"But when God presented this opportunity, we knew we had to take it."

The marriages cost the church about $8,000, Carter said. But he was thrilled to be a part of something no one at Concord had seen before, and something he hopes other churches emulate.

And though some might be surprised to find unmarried, cohabiting couples at a church, Carter wasn't.

"Cohabiting has become so acceptable in our culture — there's no longer anything wrong with it," he said. "The only things that did surprise were the demographics of the couples, who were both young and older."

Most were 20- or 30-somethings, but others were considerably older. One couple, a widow and a widower, started out as friends and ended up a part of this grand wedding.

Some of the couples weren't even members of Concord. They were guests, and that was fine with Carter, too.

"We were using this as an outreach," he said.

But the response was great enough to keep church staff scrambling for the last four weeks.

"I told my church I had this vision," Carter said, "but no one knew exactly how we'd work this out."

But Sunday evening, everything was perfect. The couples exchanged their wedding rings simultaneously and made this a wedding to rememeber!

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Featured by iPhone Wedding Cake!

Hungry? There’s a cake for that.

The iPhone Wedding Cake (only on AT&T)

The coolest thing about this cake is that the bride and groom chose some of their favorite hobbies & interests and made them into the apps on the iPhone cake. Who could design such an intricate cake you ask? Well it shouldn’t shock you that the cake was made by Charm City Cakes (made famous by Ace of Cakes). They can pretty much make anything you want (instruments, animals, yachts, etc) into cake! If you can think of it they can make it out of cake!

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Bertolucci Gioco Limited Edition Ladies' Watches

These watches are beautiful, elegant, highly exclusive, and a pain to actually read. The idea is actually not that they are primarily used as watches (the wearer likely has other means for that) but that these watches are jewelry. The Bertolucci Gioco watch, nicknamed "Hypno" by Bertolucci themselves, is limited to just 5 pieces in either 18k rose or white gold. The dials are a vision of vertigo, with a twirling stepped segmentation of gold layers until you get to the mother-of-pearl face below. The curious dimensions of the case are fantastic, and make for reading the time most frustrating.

The case is on the bigger side at about 42 by 49mm in size. Certainly a wrist borne statement. The exterior of the case is set with 177 Wesselton cut diamonds equaling 3.85 carats. There is also a version with diamonds on the dial as well as on the case. The small dauphine hands on the face are either gold or rhodium plated, and the watch has an AR coated sapphire crystal with a metallization engraved "Bertolucci" on its lower edge.

Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA quartz movement, and an array of leather straps in different colors are available. The crown of the watch is located on the caseback. There is a matching gold buckle on the strap. The top-of-the-line version has 527 diamonds all over the watch. I must admit that the timepiece design is intriguing and I'd feel inclined to speak to any woman I encountered that was wearing it. Shame that with such few pieces of this watch out there, that opportunity will likely never come.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

ok like Lady Gaga with a Mask by Kiki de Montparnasse

Lady Gaga knows a good mask when she sees one. On the packaging for her "Poker Face; Remixes" album, Lady Gaga is seen wearing a Kiki de Montparnasse original.

The masks are handcrafted in Venice Italy exclusively for Kiki de Montparnasse, a high-end designer of intimate apparel and accessories with flagship boutiques in Los Angeles and New York.

The masks are the perfect accessory to wear to spark ones imagination. The masks are formed in all various shapes to suit all different moods. Wearing one of these masks to an elegant Halloween party would certainly create a statement with this blingy diamond faux mask..

Traditionally, masks have been worn in Venice during the annual celebration of Carnival. They have also been used for the purpose of concealing a person's true identity, and not so that you could egg the neighbor's house or trick-or-treat for candy. Historically, masks were used by members of Venetian society enabling them to step outside the confines of their accepted roles, whether to perpetrate an illicit act, such as gambling, or something more personal like a clandestine romantic encounter.

Kiki de Montparnasse masks are made in the time-honored manner by the same craftsmen who created the pieces for Stanley Kubrick's film, "Eyes Wide Shut" . The collection offers an exquisite range of masks, including classic demi-masks, full face styles with a modern elegance, simple lines and bold metallic finishes. There are also masks fringed in silk or topped with feathers and animal masks including butterflies, kittens and unicorns. The masks are finished with either a lustrous silk ribbon or a hand-carved wooden handle for classic masquerade appeal.

If you don't have a party to attend these masks can be worn to inspire an elegant romantic fantasy in the privacy of your own boudoir. Prices range from $175 to $550. Meow!

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Rare Green Diamond Up For Auction At Sotheby's

The largest vivid-green diamond ever to appear at auction is one of the rare natural-colored diamonds and historical jewels being sold at the Sotheby's November 17 sale at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva. A total of around 400 lots are set to be auctioned off and could bring close to $30 million. The green diamond, shown above at right, is a cushion-shaped stone with a modified brilliant cut. It weighs 2.52 carats but because of the rarity of natural diamonds of this color it is estimated to sell for $3.1 million to $5.1 million. Shown above at left is another expensive rare stone, a pear-shaped fancy vivid-blue diamond with a modified brilliant cut. it weighs 5.96 carats and is expected to fetch between $5.5 million to $7.5 million. Other gorgeous colorful diamonds up for sale include a cushion-shaped fancy pink diamond weighing 6.63 carats and a a cut-cornered rectangular-shaped fancy vivid-yellow diamond with a modified brilliant cut, weighing 74.8 carats and mounted on a yellow gold ring.

The sale also includes pieces from the collections of Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe, Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia and society figure Daisy Fellowes. Many pieces signed by Boucheron, Bulgari, Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany and Co., and Van Cleef and Arpels, and other jewelry houses past and present will be up for sale. A sapphire and diamond demi-parure, circa 1900, was inherited from Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna by her daughter Princess Elena of Greece and Denmark, Grand Duchess of Russia, and has been consigned by its present owner, a member of a European imperial family. The set is estimated to sell for $137,000 and $176,000. The group of jewels--which left Russia just before Pavlovna's flight from St. Petersburg during the 1915 Revolution--includes a brooch set with an oval Burmese sapphire within a border of cushion-shaped diamonds, and a pair of matching ear clips.

Speaking of the sale, David Bennett, Sotheby's Chairman of Jewelry, Europe and Middle East, said: "We are thrilled that we are able to follow on from our achievement of the world record price per carat for any gemstone at auction with the "Star of Josephine" this past May in Geneva by offering a magnificent Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond of 5.96 carats, as well as an extremely rare vivid green diamond – the largest to ever appear at auction."

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Lakers Receive Championship Bling

Earlier this week the Lakers received their championship rings and this year's diamond studded rings are some of the flashiest yet. Several members of the Buss family and team captains Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant weighed in on the design for the rings. The rings are made of a special limited 15K gold to celebrate the 15th championship. Dr. Jerry Buss requested the 14 round diamonds circling the top of the ring to represent 14 championships with the small gold trophy on the top representing the 15th. The team captains requested that each player have their own face and jersey number on the side of the ring. On non-player rings the Los Angeles skyline takes the place of the face. Each ring is authenticated by a serial number and there are hidden etchings of the Lakers logo on the ring. The diamond-studded top echoes the shape of the Staples center. Each ring comes with a box that has two LED spotlights inside. The 2009 Lakers championship rings were created by Jason of Beverly Hills and are worth about $30,000.


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 Diamond Cuts and Their Meanings

From classic round to cutting-edge cushion, rate your sparkler with our savvy diamond guide.


The look: This century-old shape, symbolizing love and devotion, should be well proportioned for optimum sparkle. Kid Rock proposed to Pamela Anderson with a yellow heart-shaped diamond.

This choice says you’re: sentimental and dreamy.

Pear cut diamond


The look: Resembling a teardrop, a pear-shaped diamond has the fire and beauty of a round shape, but with a less conventional look. This shape can also make a wide finger look slimmer.

This choice says you’re: even-tempered and adaptable.

Oval cut diamond


The look: If you love the gorgeous sparkle of a round, brilliant-cut diamond but still want something unique, consider an oval. A fresh take on a timeless style, this new shape came about in the early 1960s. Actor Jerry O’Connell recently gave his betrothed fashionista, Rebecca Romijn, an oval-shaped sparkler.

This choice says you’re: risk-taking and creative.

Asscher cut diamond


The look: Square with angular corners, this shape dates back to the late 1800s. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s step-cut, meaning the facets are rectangular and seem to descend into the stone.

This choice says you’re: feminine and meticulous.


The look: Also known as brilliant-cut, this tried-and-true shape reflects more light than any other, and is the most popular. Avril Lavigne showed her traditional side by wearing a round diamond engagement ring.

This choice says you’re: trustworthy and easygoing.

Emerald cut diamond


The look: Inspired by the Asscher, this glamorous choice is also a rectangular step-cut shape. It has fewer facets than some of the other shapes, so look for an emerald-cut that offers maximum brilliance.

This choice says you’re: efficient and straightforward.

Cushion cut diamond


The look: Rectangular with curved sides, the cushion-cut first hit big in the 18th century. A recent resurgence in popularity has given it a modern-meets-vintage feel. Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Garner a cushion-cut rock.

This choice says you’re: organized and daring.

Princess cut diamond


The look: This relatively new square shape, with a modern, understated feel, combines a sparkly, brilliant effect with a geometric step-cut. You can attribute its spectacular glitter to extra faceting around the rim.

This choice says you’re: decisive and fun-loving.


The look: The diamond’s shape has the outer lines and cut corners of the emerald’s crown while enjoying triangular faceting like the round on the pavilion. It was designed to have the best qualities of both round brilliant and emerald cut diamonds.

This choice says you’re: trend settings and fashionable

Marquise cut diamond


The look: The marquis shape is an oval with tips. It not only helps to make the hand appear longer and slimmer, but it also makes the diamond appear larger than it actually is.

The choice says you’re: unique and adventurous

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Knowing Your Truffles: A Guide to Colors, Regions, and Flavors

Truffles are prized for their distinct flavor and scarcity, and have long been associated with fine dining and upper class society. There are as many as 70 varieties of truffles known around the world, each with their own unique set of characteristics and qualities.

Italian White Piedmont Truffle Found almost exclusively in the mountains and foothills of northern Italy and Yugoslavia, Italian white truffles are some of the most prized of all the truffle varieties and also usually the most expensive. They grow alongside Poplar, Beech, Hazelnut, and Oak trees and are light beige in color when fresh with a distinct peppery quality.

French Black Perigord Truffle
Originating in the oak forests of the Perigord region of central and southwestern France, black truffles can now be found growing in Spain, Australia, and even the United States. Also on the list of the most valued truffles, they have a black or dark blue exterior when fresh and a pungent, earthy scent.

Oregon Truffles Available in white, brown, and black varieties (each with their own unique characteristics) they are found in the Pacific Northwest and are usually associated with stands of Douglas Fir trees. The Oregon Brown Truffle especially has a strong garlic odor.

Burgundy/Summer Truffle Originally from France, Italy, and Spain but now also found in Sweden and New Zealand, Summer Truffles are most abundant in the mid-summer months and have a light scent with a black or burgundy exterior and a much lighter interior.

Chinese Truffles are native to Southern China, have a fairly mild aroma, and are usually less expensive than other varieties.

Desert Truffles are also sometimes called 'lightning truffles' because of their fast growth habit after a rain. Found in Africa and the Middle East, they grow just under the sand after a thunderstorm alongside the roots of rock roses.


They might not be diamonds but people love them just as much!

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Michael Jackson Exhibit Dazzles London Audience

Michael Jackson fans are getting a new look at his prized possessions in a new exhibition at London's O2 Center. The exhibit showcases many of Jackson's iconic blingy diamond costumes as well as the eclectic bounty of his personal collections including toys, a crown, a throne and numerous portraits of himself in a variety of styles and outfits.

The show includes more than just Jackson's belongings. It also features the patented special design shoes that allowed Jackson and his dancers to lean forward at a 45-degree angle in the music video for the song "Smooth Criminal." Many other music video props are also displayed including the rocket ship he rode in the "Leave Me Alone" video and the zombie mannequins from "Thriller." The exhibit conjures up the magic of Michael Jackson and offers up some solace to the many fans who were planning to attend his London shows.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Topex's Swarovski "All That Glitters" decorative hardware collection

The luxury bathroom is more than just about finding the perfect bathtub, sink and shower. It’s the finishing touches that will take your bathroom luxury to a new level. Enter sculptural faucets with dramatic silhouettes like the TOPEX Swarovski “All That Glitters” collection. This new “All That Glitters” collection features decorative hardware that evoke the opulent feel of commercial lounges inside your own private sanctuary. The All That Glitters Collection includes four distinctive knobs and a pull handle. Each piece flaunts a unique shape and captures and releases colors differently. The Swarovski crystal knobs come in shapes that resemble large diamonds with crystal shapes

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Omega Constellation Ladies' Watches For The Holiday Season

Omega is really serious about promoting their new Constellation watches for women. I mean the watch line isn't anything new, but they just revamped the style of the watches, so they have been thoroughly updated. They even hired Cindy Crawford for one of the watch release parties. I must admit the line has always looked good on a woman's wrist, and here are two new interesting colors for the watch - purple and white on matching reptile skin straps.

The Constellation cases are elegant and simple, with the iconic "claws" on the sides. These versions have diamond decoration including diamonds on the bezel, as well as for each of the hour markers. The dials are deeply textured in an angled sunburst pattern done in purple with white. The large crown adds to Omega's preferred utilitarian look, and the straps have fold over clasps. The cases are likely in steel, and I am guessing the movements in these jewelry-like ladies' watches are Swiss quartz. Overall in pretty good taste making for suitable gifts. No specific price announced yet, but I imagine it will be close to what the new line these watches is going for.

Ariel Adams publishes the luxury watch review site

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Motorola Aura Diamond Edition

Fans of the Motorola Aura with money to spare can trade up to the latest model. The Motorola Aura Diamond Edition is plated with 18K gold and boasts 34 diamonds set along the phone's circular display. Should you care about the inner workings of your new gadget, the phone is a quad-band GSM phone with email, web browsing, a two megapixel camera, Bluetooth and a media player. It will sell for $5,700 and goes on sale this week.

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Ivanka Trump's DIamond Wedding Jewels

Ivanka Trump learned the art of personal branding well from her famous father. When Ivanka married New York Observer owner Jared Kushner over the weekend she made sure to deck herself out in jewels from her own diamond company. To accessorize her Vera Wang gown she wore a total of $265,000 in diamonds and platinum including a custom-designed, platinum and mixed-cut diamond hair piece ($45,000) mixed-cut cluster 9.67 carat diamond earrings ($130,000) and an art deco platinum and a 26-carat fancy-link estate diamond bracelet ($90,000). Her bridesmaids also wore designs from the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry collection.



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Investing In Certified Loose Diamonds

The idea of investing in certified loose diamonds is attractive, especially in the current environment where mainstream investments appear risky. While investing in diamonds is feasible, it is more complicated than other forms of investment. When it comes to certified loose diamonds most people are well advised to invest in the enjoyment of owning and gifting diamonds, rather than investing for profit. It is true that certified loose diamonds have tended to appreciate in value over time, and therefore can be resold at a future date often for considerable sums of money. In this way diamonds are much better “investments” than many other high priced items such automobiles which rapidly depreciate over time. However, those round brilliant diamonds with excellent cuts tend to retain their original value over odd cuts such as Emerald Cuts, or Radiant Cuts.

Certified Loose Diamonds 101

There certainly are many astute individuals who have been, and continue to be, successful investing in certified loose diamonds. But for the average investor, investing in loose diamonds is problematic for reasons of limited liquidity and access to the resale market. Since each diamond has a unique combination of multiple quality factors there is no universally agreed upon value for a particular diamond, and therefore no formal exchange institution where diamonds can easily be bought and sold for current market price.

Clearly, jewelry businesses are investing in certified loose diamonds all the time and making profit on sales. But they are plugged into the resale market in a way that individual investors are not. In order for an individual to be successful investing in certified loose diamonds he or she must develop expertise in the diamond market as well as trusted contacts within the industry. He or she must follow market trends, buy the right size and quality diamonds very close to wholesale, and be willing to hold the diamonds until the market rises and/or a profitable sales opportunity presents itself. It is possible for an investor to partner with a retailer or multiple retailers. The jeweler provides access to the resale market and handles the sale. In this scenario, it may not be necessary for the investor to hold the diamonds long-term as a split of the margin between current wholesale and retail can often provide adequate return for both investor and retailer in the near-term. This arrangement is workable because even the most well stocked jewelers cannot have everything on hand, and may therefore benefit from an additional ready source of supply of loose diamonds.

Loose Diamond Investment Tips

Prices for certain diamond shapes, sizes and qualities have risen very rapidly in recent years. For those interested in investing in loose diamonds for financial gain there is definite potential provided they are willing to invest time and effort as well as money. But investors without this level of commitment should probably seek mainstream investment vehicles.

Be particularly wary of anyone soliciting investment in diamonds. Many investors have been stung by slick con artists who make big claims. Often the diamonds come with fancy documentation and may be sealed in official looking containers. This is not at all what the process investing in diamonds will look if done legitimately.

About WhiteFlash, Inc is a specialist on-line diamond boutique with a history of offering the discerning on-line buyer diamonds that exceed the world’s highest standards for craftsmanship and performance. is also the Internet’s premium designer and provider of custom diamond jewelry creations and offers an exquisite designer collection of diamond engagement rings and platinum and gold settings.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Tips on Purchasing Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying a diamond engagement ring, especially for young first-time buyers, can seem like a daunting task. In many cases the diamond engagement ring is the largest single purchase a young buyer has ever made. The financial pressure combined with the pressure of choosing a engagement ring that will be treasured can add up to a highly stressful situation. But with a little common sense guidance the process can be easy and enjoyable.

Budgeting for Diamond Engagements Rings

First and foremost, set a realistic budget and stay within it. The first major purchase a young person makes should be a sound one that does not create a long term financial burden. If things go well, you can upgrade and embellish in the years to come. In keeping with this strategy it is wise to dedicate most of the budget to the feature diamond. Adding anniversary bands or side stones can be done in manageable increments over time. The venerable yet simple tiffany style solitaire diamond engagement ring is always a very good choice.

Choosing a Diamond Ring

Once a budget is set for the feature diamond, a choice of shapes is the next step. The round brilliant is the standard and there is good reason. A well cut round with good clarity and color will display more fire and brilliance than any other shape, quality for quality, due to the overall symmetry of the shape.
Other diamond shapes are very popular today and some work better than rounds in certain ring designs. If design of the overall style is the priority, it is possible to get beautiful bright stones in a large range of shapes.

Diamond Tips on Quality Versus Size

Next, determine the quality that is suitable to your taste. Going for top quality will mean that the size of diamond that fits the budget will be smaller. You will find that small compromises in color and clarity are almost impossible to see with the naked eye and that diamonds in the middle of the gemological spectrum are quite beautiful. Understanding this will help you get the biggest stone for your money. For more specific buying advice on determining the best value points within the diamond quality spectrum please read through our section on diamond four C’s.

One additional thought about getting the biggest nice diamond in your budget: If shape is optional, you will find you can get larger sizes in certain fancy shapes such as princess and pear. Also, elongated stones such as pear and marquise often appear bigger on the finger than rounds.  So, while choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring is tremendously important, the process can be enjoyable and memorable by using a sound, common sense approach.

About WhiteFlash, Inc is a specialist on-line diamond boutique with a history of offering the discerning on-line buyer diamonds that exceed the world’s highest standards for craftsmanship and performance. is also the Internet’s premium designer and provider of custom diamond jewelry creations and offers an exquisite designer collection of diamond engagement rings and platinum and gold settings.

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$10,000 Swarovski corsage is for an elegant yet sexy look

Corsage has been one of the hottest fashion trends ever since Sarah Jessica Parker worn it in Sex and the City. What gives this figure hugging piece of garment a rarefied status is its swarovski makeover by Ukrainian designer Verlingieri Lesya for a brand new label, by Lever couture. This most expensive strapless corsage is embellished with about 41,000 swarovski crystals for an elegant look to mimic the bling of diamonds. This custom couture corsage comes for a dazzling $10,000 price tag.

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Annenberg Diamond Sells Above Estimate

We've been seeing more good results at auction this season, wine, art, watches and jewelry all seem to be selling stronger than they were a year ago. On Wednesday, the Annenberg Diamond a 32.01-carat D-flawless stone mounted in a ring by Manhattan jeweler David Webb, sold for $7.7 million, healthily above the estimate of $3 million to $5 million. The per carat price of $240,000 set a new world record for a colorless diamond at auction. The ring had been owned by philanthropist Leonore "Lee" Annenberg, who died in March at the age of 91.

Christie's "Jewels: The New York Sale and the Annenberg Diamond" and "Rare Jewels and Objets d'Art: A Superb Collection" sales together totaled $46.5 million with a combined sell-through rate of 85 percent by lot and 94 percent by value. A diamond and rock crystal bow brooch by Cartier was expected to sell for $200,000 - $300,000 but ended up going for $1.1 million and other pieces sold above estimate. Rahul Kadakia, head of jewelry at Christie's New York, expressed enthusiasm over the sale saying that for a time it was "as if the recession never happened."

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Harry Winston Premier Collection Guggenheim Chronograph Watch

This watch almost slipped under my nose, but thanks so a helpful reader I was alerted to the timepiece. It just goes to show that watch makers still think wealthy people read museum catalogs. What? Like the rich have nothing better to do that wander around monolithic art depots all day? Well, maybe some do.

Specially made for the Guggenheim art museum is this Harry Winston Premier Collection Guggenheim Chronograph timepiece, for women. It is all about the bling. Nothing special about the Swiss quartz chronograph movement. You won't even use it anyway. The dial design is meant to replicate the view when standing in the Guggenheim and looking up at the atrium glass window - that here looks remarkably like an umbrella. The look is done with alternating diamonds and mother-of-pearl. A total of 2.65 carats of diamonds awaits your wrist. The rest of the watch is in white gold, and I am guess that it is not incredibly large in diameter. For the Frank Lloyd Wright and Harry Winston enthusiast who wants to pony up for the timepiece, maybe it is just what you need to lighten that dark winter coming up. You can also be assured that the iconic style of the watch tells people it is Harry Winston. Price is $46,000, but you lucky museum members out there get almost five grand off! Look closely at the Guggenheim online catalog and you can get some matching Harry Winston accessories.

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Hallow-clean Billy Mays Holloween Costume Contest

Halloween is approaching rapidly and it goes without saying that "deceased celebrities" (and balloon boy) will most likely be a huge theme at every gathering.


There will no doubt be a multitude of people dressed as Billy Mays (or zombie Billy Mays).. it is one of the easiest costumes of all time to put together. (Beard, blue button-down, khakis, prop product, etc..)


So, has decided to hold a little contest for best costume. 


To Enter:

  1. Simply send a photo of your costume to along with your contact info (email and/or twitter will do)
  2. Be tasteful.  (Zombies ARE permitted)
  3. Project your Voice
  4. Have fun!


Deadline for entry is Wednesday, November 4.

An experienced panel of judges (the Sullivan Productions crew) will select 3 winners.




First Place: One of the final autographed Billy Mays pictures, Pitchmen Season 1 DVD, tub of Oxi-Clean, pack of Mighty Putty, and a whole bunch of stickers.


Second Place: Pitchmen Season 1 DVD, pack of Mighty Putty, and a whole bunch of stickers


Third Place: Pitchmen Season 1 DVD and a whole bunch of stickers.


Winners will be announced Monday, November 9.


Good luck and the beard be with you!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Marisa Miller Models 2009 Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra

The 2009 Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra has been revealed. Marisa Miller does the honors this year modeling a $3 million diamond-studded bra created by Damiani. The 2009 Harlequin Fantasy bra is hand set with over 2,350 white, champagne and cognac-colored diamonds in a harlequin pattern. The bra also has a heart-shaped 16-carat champagne diamond dangling from the Very Sexy Convertible bra. The bra can be worn in five ways: strapless, halter, crossback, one-strap or classic. It has a total carat weight of 150 carats and sells for $3 million. The bra will be on display during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on December 1 on CBS.

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Spring Payout Expected For Diamond Lawsuit

It's been a long time coming but members of the De Beers class-action lawsuit settlement might finally get a payout next spring. National Jeweler reported on the recent meeting of the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America in New York City. At that meeting president Ronald Friedman provided an update on the eight-year-old case and read a letter from one of the attorneys involved. The letter says that several consumers filed various objections to the settlement and a hearing on these appeals is set for January. Once an opinion on those hearings has been reached and provided that the court overrules the objections, payouts could begin next spring.

The De Beers class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of two classes: jewelers and other direct purchasers of diamonds (both rough and polished) between Sept. 20, 1997 and March 31, 2006 and indirect purchasers of diamonds (resellers and consumers) who bought diamonds, diamond jewelry or other products containing gem-quality diamonds between January 1, 1994 and March 31, 2006. The suit claimed that De Beers charged anticompetitive prices for the rough diamonds it sold, monopolized the rough diamond market, and disseminated false and misleading advertising. The $295 million settlement has been divided so that $22.5 million will be distributed to the direct purchaser class and $272.5 million to the indirect purchaser class. Given the number of claimants (said to be as much as $60 million) the payout per person will be pretty small.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stefano Canturi's New York City Salon

What's black and white and fabulous all over? The jewelry of Stefano Canturi. Canturi, who has designed for Cartier and other brands displays an almost machine-like geometry in his bold black and white designs using diamonds and black sapphires. His latest collections embrace cubism using square-cut and baguette diamonds to create pieces that seem both classic Art Deco and very modern. The architectural quality of the pieces seems a natural fit for New York City which is where Canturi has opened his fifth salon worldwide. Canturi, an Australian designer, created jewelry for Nicole Kidman in both the Moulin Rouge and Australia films and has the all-powerful Oprah Winfrey as a customer. He previously opened his first U.S. shop in Las Vegas and also has three stores in Australia.

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Richard Mille RM 019 Tourbillon Voted As Asia's Best Women's Watch


You may find it odd that this Richard Mille RM 019 Tourbillon timepiece was recently voted as the 2009's best women's watch in Singapore. Not that the watch isn't nice in theory, but it isn't very practical (or at all practical), nor is it very feminine looking aside from the diamond studded Celtic knot design on the dial and the lovely gleaming onyx movement plate. So while I agree that the watch is cool and probably fun to wear, I would hardly consider it as the best women's watch. But the vote does represent how watch crazy Singaporeans feel, out where the Asia Edition of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève was held this year.

This is not the first time that a Richard Mille watch has been awarded by Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève, and I must admit that the watches are quite impressive in person. Still, it is a shame that many more mainstream appeal women's watches got shafted by a watch that I would predict most women wouldn't choose to wear very often or at all.

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Gemological Institute Career Fair Reveals Red Carpet Secrets

One of the best parts of watching the Hollywood awards shows is seeing the stars in those gorgeous gowns and amazing jewelry pieces. But how those stars get matched up with those pieces can be a long and involved process. Recently I attended a career fair at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California for those interested in careers in the jewelry industry. The GIA is a lab where millions of dollars in diamonds and gemstones are sent for analysis and certification. They also offer programs on gemology, jewelry design and craftsmanship for those interested in jewelry-related careers.

Much of the focus of the day was on sales and making the

best of a challenging industry. But some of the dishiest stories came from a couple of red carpet champs. These days most stars have stylists which serve as gatekeepers and making them happy is a big part of getting jewelry on a star.

Another red carpet winner is Erica Courtney. She has a relatively small company and yet has had tremendous success getting her jewelry on big stars including Julia Roberts, Beyonce and Britney Spears. How did she do it? Part of her success has come from remaining committed to working with celebrities year round and not just around the time of big events. She also has a "nothing is impossible" attitude and revealed that one of her associates who was scheduled to be at the GIA with her actually had to jump on a red-eye flight instead to ferry a piece to a client because it was after the FedEx deadline.

As Courtney explains it, the business of getting jewelry placed can be a bit tricky. Stylists try to make sure their stars get the best pieces and all details of red carpets outfits are protected like state secrets until the big reveal. One thing that Courtney won't do however is give away her pieces. She was adamant about not giving pieces to away to actresses saying she'd rather not give away "even a little pair of silver earrings" and if she was going to giveaway jewelry she'd give it to "the girls that work so hard for me." And lest you think that years of working with diamonds, sapphires and expensive gemstones has jaded her she also confessed that even she is sometimes intimidated by working with the big stones. The stone can't sell itself, it's up to the design to do that and so the pressure's on. Courtney revealed that she often takes a stone home and then watches television while sketching in order to distract herself from the value of the stone.

The takeaway from every panelist at the GIA career fair was that if you don't have a passion for jewelry and the ability to sell this probably isn't the business for you, it's just too hard otherwise especially in a world where jewelry loses increasing ground to technology and other gifts. But for those with the love of the stones and the drive to do whatever is necessary to make a sale, an interesting career awaits.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Man Regsitry: How safe is it shopping for jewelry online?


How safe is it shopping for jewelry online? I'm in the military and therefore won't be able to go ring shopping for awhile. I'm considering shopping over the Internet but want to be careful.’s ANSWER:


Military Benefits

As a tribute to the men and women serving oversees many e-commerce sites, such as Whiteflash, have free domestic shipping and 1% military discounts for those serving our country.  Using the Internet connections oversees, many military personnel already shop to send jewelry to their significant others.  The company says members of the military send gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day—or just to say ‘I love you’ or that they’re missed.

Be an educated customer

Consider getting a guide book or searching online forums before you shop and brush up on your Diamond Education. The more you know about the four C’s, the grading scale and certification process, the better equipped you will be to get the best bling for your buck. Make sure that the store you choose to purchase from has a subject matter expert to answer your questions by email or phone.

Comparison Shop
Search various online retailers in order to get an idea of what a competitive price for your gem or precious stone should be. Helpful comparison tools include the “ring builder” features that most online stores offer. They will give you free quotes without any obligation to buy. Many sites allow you to save your comparison rings so that you can consider several options at once.

Reputation Matters
Shop with an online jeweler who has an established reputation for good business practice (one way to check on this is to make sure that they have a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau)., which is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and is consistently rated highly by customers and media publications because of their high quality products and highly educated customer relationship managers. Make sure that whatever company you choose offers at least a money back guarantee. They also must provide you with a certificate or equivalent for your diamond.

Ask for an Appraisal and Certificate

Your diamond should be issued an appraisal of its value. You should also ask your jeweler if the diamond has been treated with any fillers or other laboratory enhancements. If it hasn’t, he should issue you a certificate of authenticity. This paperwork is essential if you choose to have your ring insured.

You also need to inquire about the warranty of your diamond. Some jewelers will continue to warranty the ring if you visit regularly for them to clean and check the setting of the ring. These basic maintenance tasks guarantee that your ring will remain as brilliant on your fiftieth anniversary as it was on your wedding day.

No matter which type of engagement ring you ultimately buy, by following certain tasks and approaching the purchase in an educated fashion, you will be pleased with an investment that will grow in value just as your love continues to grow throughout your marriage.

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Swarovski celebartes its 20th anniversary

Since its founding Swarovski has lent brilliance to the lives of many by mastering the art of producing precision cut crystals. Revered as the connoisseur of excellence in innovative designs and techniques, Swarovski is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with the release of 20 new bags and 20 new pieces of jewelry. The range has been created using its latest innovation, the Pointiage technique, which involves a method of hand-setting, which ultimately enhances the crystal and illuminates its sparkle. This Autumn-Winter 2009/10 collection includes oversized rings, necklaces, gorgeous clutches and evening bags, each presenting an elegant and timeless aesthetic. The exclusive collection uses vintage stones studded on necklaces and bags with some of the bags requiring more than 30 hours of work to embroider the delicate crystal beads that shimmer like little diamonds.

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Suspect Charged In Celebrity Break-Ins

Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge may have found their man, the man that robbed their houses that is. Nicholas Frank Prugo, an 18-year-old man from Calabasas, California ha been charged with two counts of residential burgulary in connection with the break-ins at the Hollywood Hills homes of reality TV star Audrina Patridge and actress Lindsay Lohan. The LA Times reports that Prugo allegedly stole more than $170,000 worth of diamond jewelry and designer clothes. He had been arrested last month and could face up to six years in prison if convicted on all counts. He is scheduled to be arraigned on November 11. Video footage from both Lohan's home and Patridge's home was used to nab the suspect.

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Disney = Wedding Ring Business?

A couple of years ago Disney entered the bridal market with a line of fairytale wedding dresses. The line is still going strong and now the designer, Kirstie Kelly is expanding into fine jewelry. National Jeweler reports that Kelly's new line of wedding bands and engagement rings, "Kirstie Kelly for Disney by Mouawad" debuted this week as part of Bridal Fashion Week in New York. The line consists of six engagement rings with matching wedding bands that correspond to six Disney heroines, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The Disney rings are being sold as semi-mounts (center stone not included) and retail for $1,200 to $6,000. If you are looking for a real princess look check out these amazing princess cut diamonds to complete the set!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Paris Proposal with

Bonjour Whiteflash,


Paris was AMAZING.... I can't believe how well the plan played out.  Thanks for pushing everything along, it made a world of a difference.  I just got back late last night.  The diamond engagement ring looks GORGEOUS and even the flight attendant commented on how beautiful it is.  I think she's still in shock. :)

Thank you,




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Monday, October 19, 2009

Dreams of Africa - Diamonds for Life: Not Blood

When the movie “Blood Diamond”, shocking holiday shoppers with explicit violence. Set amidst chaos and civil war in 1990s Africa, it will raise questions about diamonds being purchased this holiday season. One Texas company has answers." target="_blank">Whiteflash, an Internet boutique specializing in top quality diamonds, has established a program called Dreams of Africa (, where 100 percent of the profit from sales of a conflict-free line of jewelry is going to help victims of conflict diamonds.

Unlike other retailers who stop at conflict-free, Whiteflash seeks to address the real problem, the people suffering in Africa. “These people a re among the world’s poorest. Diamonds are vital to their economic stability. We must stop the exploitation by those in charge, not boycott innocent people into further poverty.”

Wexler reacted angrily when told Leonardo DiCaprio once said that he would not let any date of his wear diamonds.   “Buying conflict-free protects consumers,” she says, “but it doesn’t stop the pain of those still suffering. Jewelry companies and consumers can’t change governments or politics, but we can turn diamonds into a gift for life.”

Whiteflash CEO Debi Wexler introduced the Dreams of Africa program to such luminaries as the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in September at the largest-ever gathering of Nobel Peace Prize winners on American soil. Betty Williams’ charity, the “World Centers of Compassion for Children International” was selected as the Whiteflash Dreams of Africa charity partner.

Though dramatically reduced in recent years, hot spots of conflict and suffering remain in Africa. Whiteflash initiated the Dreams of Africa program as a way for shoppers to be proactive. You can visit the website at’s comments can be seen at

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The Man Registry: The Worst Wedding Photos Ever?

Our friends at found this great article on wedding pictures! Take a look…

A pair of newlyweds in Pontefract, England have sued their wedding photographer for taking “shoddy” wedding photos. Marc and Sylvia Day paid Fresh Images Photography to capture the memories of their big day. 400 photos were taken and only 22 were deemed “acceptable.”

View the awful wedding photos from the wedding of Marc and Sylvia Day (story & photo from of Sky News)

Among the failures of the photographer, Garth Bowers, are: no cake cutting or reception arrival photos, poorly lit shots, photos with the guests heads cut off and a report of the photographer dropping the camera at one point.

The moral of the story: do your homework when researching wedding vendors.

Read the original story and video from Sky News: Bride & Groom: Worst Wedding Photos Ever?

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Bell & Ross BR01 Airborne 415 & 672 Watches

I don't know that the world wanted it, but Bell & Ross wanted to make it. Two new models in the BR01 Airborne collection are about here. Now more expensive, and with diamonds, more of them. Personally I never had a problem with the BR01 Airborne watch, but apparently I am in the minority. There are very few watches that "offended my sensibilities," and this watch is not one of them. I like the whole dedication to American Airborne Paratroopers, and the skull theme. Plus it is based on the unique watch for Only Watch 2009. Hell, I am mostly happy with all watches that have skulls and bones on them, but some people saw this line as being too much a departure from what they expected in a Bell & Ross watch - and that was for the version without diamonds.

In cheerful defiance of those who oppose the concept, Bell & Ross introduces two new versions of the BR01 Airborne watch. The BR01 Airborne 415 & 672 watch models. The numbers correspond to the amount of diamonds on the case surfaces. As you case he there is a version totally covered with the precious stones, and one with just the skill and cross bones outline in diamonds. The face of the skull itself is in white diamonds, while the rest of the shape is in glittering black diamonds. The strap you can tell is galuchat (stingray). An exotic and controversial material which espouses the use of a name to cover up its true character. I must admit that in my decadence loving heart, the gilded watch with its sea creature strap is an oddly appealing novelty. Each version of the new 4115 & 672 Bell & Ross watches are limited to just 99 pieces.

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