Friday, March 19, 2010

A Suprise San Francisco Engagement with

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


So first I want to once again thank you and everyone at WF.  I realize that my transaction was not the norm given my laundry list of requirements including a last minute switch to a designer brand.  In the end it was wonderful to work with you and I definitely appreciated the support.


As you may have guessed Katie and I are now officially engaged - she said "yes."  I decided to get a really nice room in downtown SF and then decorate the room with tons of flowers and candles.  Since she was arriving in Friday night I had plenty of time to prepare the room without her knowing.  In any event I was very careful to give her no indication of my plans and I even told her I was not feeling well when I picked her up at the airport.  When she walked into the hotel room and saw everything she was caught totally off-guard.  The rest is history.  We would spend the weekend visiting a couple wineries in Napa, dining at one of the best restaurants on the planet, and having brunch aboard a boat while watching the Blue Angels perform over SF.


FYI, she was more than happy with the engagement ring... I think the word was "cloud nine."  =)


Attached are a few pictures of our weekend.


Thanks again,



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