Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last Day To Enter to Win a FREE Diamond Engagement Ring

Tick – Tock! Time is running out for your to enter to WIN a stunning

Following on the success of their first Facebook "Rock the Vote"  engagement ring popularity contest, Whiteflash Inc., online jeweler and specialist in



Fun, fresh and engaging, the Whiteflash "



Let’s take a closer look at the contestants. The "



Equally fabulous, but in a more demure way, the "



Scheduled to end on November 15, 2011, the contest will once again reward one lucky voter with the setting that is ultimately crowned the most popular. So, throw your vote into the ring, and let your voice be heard; the democratic process has never been more brilliant!


A tremendous selection of center diamonds can be found in-stock and available on the whiteflash.com website, including the internationally acclaimed





Diamond Engagement Ring Setting 

from Whiteflash.com


ideal cut diamonds  

, has decided to host a second round of their own democratic election to crown the top engagement ring setting in their collection.

Give it the YES Vote and Win  " is so simple even the technologically challenged can do it. All you need is Facebook and an opinion!  The second round of voting is between two front runners in the engagement ring field.  At one podium stands the regal and bold Amphora for Princess diamond engagement ring   and at the other is the stately and sublime Isabella diamond engagement ring


Amphora for Princess" stands tall – bold and stunning. Her name derives from a graceful container with two handles and a tapered neck used to carry wine.  This elegant ring is truly a vessel to carry an eternity of happiness for any modern day princess!  Available in 18K white gold or platinum, the "Amphora for Princess" setting starts at $1,795. She is adorned with an impressive 52 round ideal diamond melee

(0.79ctw; G/H VS) and features a tapered band creating the illusion of a waterfall of diamonds.


" carries herself with a quiet confidence. This angelic setting is adorned with a halo of round ideal diamond melee surrounding the center, as well as diamonds on the sides. (0.26ctw; H/G VS) and comes in 18k white gold or platinum with prices starting at $1,995. She would be a favorite at any tea party!


A CUT ABOVE® Princess

Super Ideal, a perfect choice for the Amphora.

Click Here to Enter For Your Chance To Win!


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Above And Beyond All Expectatio​ns!


Dear The Whiteflash Sales Team,


I'm glad that I chose Whiteflash for such a sensitive business that is buying

wedding jewelry. As you probably know, the diamond for my wedding proposal comes from your company. That first was a great experience as the quality of your process and people are above my expectations. My wife loved the quality of the Super Ideal Cut Diamond and the setting. In business we always say, we are only as good as our last project. So, that first experience made me chose you for the wedding rings. And, as the first time, it was the good decision to make. A friend said of my Carved Satin Men’s Wedding Ring is "simple but elegant", this comment made me realize that the quality of the ring is perfect. No need of fancy shapes to impress.

Thanks Whiteflash and thanks to all your team to make this process so easy that is hard to believe that is actually a business transaction.




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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whiteflash Engagement Ring = A True Piece of Art



Hello Whiteflash Sales Team,

Platinum Channel Set Open Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring yesterday morning. It is so delicate and beautiful! Truly a piece of art. :) I love how the Super Ideal Cut Diamond  sparkles even in dim lighting.


We picked up the

I look forward to working with Whiteflash again!


Thank you,

Eva M


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The Quality and Sparkle of the Engagement Ring is Out Of This World!



Dear The Whiteflash Sales Team,

Petite Diamond Engagement Ring yesterday and I was extremely happy!  The quality is fantastic and the engagement ring setting sparkles like I had hoped.  You and your team were a pleasure to deal with from the start. Thank you for all of your patience with me. The shipping process was great, I like how I received updates while the ring was being built.  The little extras such as the ring box, kit, diamond certificate, report, and pictures was a very nice touch.   


Good morning, I picked up the

I will recommend all of my friends to look at Whiteflash. In fact, I have already sent your contact information to a good friend who has also been shopping around too.. 

Thank you again for everything,



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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whiteflash Diamonds = The Best Purchase I Have Ever Made In My Life


Dear The Whiteflash Diamond Sales Team,

Skepticism and internet purchases go hand in hand. After spending countless hours and weekends in brick and mortal jewelry dealers, I decided to do further research on the internet. I knew I wanted an ideal cut diamond for maximum brilliance. Although I was not concerned about the price, I did want to make sure that my purchase was an excellent investment. I read countless threads on forums of experiences people have had with brand name competitors. I then decided that I was better off looking for loose diamonds rather than going with a brand name. While researching how to buy loose diamonds, I came across a Whiteflash customer who had a story similar to mine. They knew what they wanted, but they just couldn't find what they were looking for, that is until they came across Whiteflash. I visited the Whiteflash website. Their designs were unique and quite appealing. The thing they had going for them was their photo presentation and how easy it seemed to navigate their website. What they had going against them was that my most likely option was to order a product from them over the internet, and return it if I didn't like it. It seemed like a high investment in time. But there was something about the website, how clearly my questions were answered over the phone and the professionalism I received when I called that enabled me to take the step and purchase from Whiteflash.com. 

When I received my package, I was impressed by the sheer size of the box. I only ordered earrings and there was this package that could hold a giant school binder. I understood why that package was so big when I opened it. Whiteflash just doesn't specialize in diamond cutting. They specialize in perfecting a final and a high quality presentation. I was more than impressed. This was not just the best internet purchase I have ever made. It was the best purchase I have ever made in my life. I was extremely satisfied with the process from beginning to finish. You WILL NOT be disappointed with Whiteflash. I get compliments all the time on my diamond earrings. And I am more than happy to tell my story when people ask me what in the world is Whiteflash.

Thank you,

Charlie F


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