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Men's Diamond Band

Some men’s hands are nice and some just plain elegant; obviously we have omitted the ugly ones here. Men’s diamond band rings don’t always match the hand that they are on, but unfortunately not all jewelry suites everyone. With this in mind not every married man wears a plain or men’s diamond band on their finger to symbolize that they are married, they could simply wear it on a chain around their neck.
Choices for men’s diamond band do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, more square in shape to give a masculine feel to it, since it is usually the woman who prefers to be adorned with the jewelry.

Since round soft lines only make the men’s fingers and hands look softer or less manly there has to be a theme, making it seem harder and firmer than the female’s ranges. The men’s band does not have to be thick either, making it once again more masculine, but it should definitely not be too fine as it could seem lost on the finger.
It’s All About Taste And What Works
As with all people we all have varying taste in jewelry and also what we could possibly be allergic to. Besides the white gold band looking stunning, it could also be just the band for the person who likes silver but is allergic to it. Since white gold looks a lot shinier than silver, that would be the way to go.
There are a lot of people out there that actually like to wear all the assortments of gold colored jewelry, sometimes it seems just way too much. There are religions out there that do not allow the men to wear gold, but a silver men’s band only.
Traditionally gold is the ring to be used in  marriage so this is where silver would not do; the only other option is going with the white gold. Mixing the colors of gold in the men’s diamond band doesn’t seem like it would look right, but it has to be done at some point, maybe just two tones of gold, mind you, all the shades in waves could do.  

The only problem that would arise is that the gold colors don’t mix so the other colors on the ring will have to be plated. The problem with plating a single ring with different colors is that the colors wear off and you are left with the original color of the ring.


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Rio Tinto Discovers New Diamond Mine in India

Madhya Pradesh, India


Mining giant Rio Tinto has discovered a new diamond resource in Madhya Pradesh, a central state in India. Nik Senapati, the managing director of Rio Tinto India, stated that the resource may contain as much as 37 tonnes of diamonds.  Senapati estimated the grade of the inferred resource of the diamonds at 0.7 carats per tonne.


Rio Tinto is expected to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the new diamond resource, with the exact size of the investment depending on the distribution of diamonds in the pipes, hardness of rocks, and other factors. 


Over the last four years, Rio Tinto has spent approximately US $60 million searching for diamond resources in India, with the bulk of the money going towards exploration in Madhya Pradesh.


Rio Tinto is one of the world’s leading mining companies, producing aluminum, copper, diamonds, energy products, gold, industrial minerals, and iron ore from locations on every continent.


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Harry Winston Reduces Production at Diavik Diamond Mine

Harry Winston Diamond Corporation announced that it will be cutting back production at the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada’s Northwest Territory.  The reductions include two production shutdowns and downsizing to a smaller workforce.  The cutbacks come in response to the current challenging market conditions for diamonds.


The Diavik diamond mine is a joint venture between Harry Winston and Diavik Diamond Mines, Inc, which is a subsidiary of Rio Tinto.  Harry Winston Diamond Corp owns a 40 percent stake in the mine and Rio Tinto owns a 60 percent stake.


Production at the Diavik diamond mine will be stopped twice for a period of six weeks each and the underground mine will be placed on care and maintenance by the third quarter of 2009 once the majority of its construction is complete.


“Our announcements today will preserve the quality of our assets, and position us for the future. In particular we wish to retain our core workforce and minimize any potential job losses during these actions,” said Diavik President and Chief Operating Officer, Kim Truter.


Diavik owners Harry Winston and Rio Tinto said that Diavik's long term future is in underground mining. Both, they added, remain committed to the underground mine.


Harry Winston Diamond Corp operates the luxury diamond retailer Harry Winston.


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Monday, March 30, 2009

Whiteflash Diamond Ring Setting


Whiteflash Diamond Setting: Whiteflash jeweler setting a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

Your Whiteflash jewelry has been carefully created and inspected for quality.  With proper wear, care & cleaning it will provide you with a lifetime of joy.

Remember that jewelry undergoes wear and tear, like shoes, your car or anything that travels. Jewelry worn each day should be professionally checked between once and twice a year. Failure to properly maintain jewelry may result in damage not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.


Select daily-wear pieces that are in-harmony with your lifestyle. Common alloys used in jewelry are soft metals and will bend if subjected to excessive or regular pressure. Gold prongs are less shock-resistant than platinum.  Doctors, artists and others in hand-intensive occupations sometimes choose two rings; an elaborate formal band and a plain band for wear at work

Make a habit of checking your jewelry each day you wear it. Even the most careful person can accidentally knock jewelry against a hard surface. Diamonds are the hardest objects on earth, but even a flawless diamond can chip if struck on a cleavage plane. Prongs and mountings are even more susceptible to accidental damage.

Remember to remove jewelry, rings in particular, when doing active work or household chores. Excessive pressure like weight lifting, sporting, or even gripping a hammer can subject a ring to unusual pressure, causing it to become misshapen.

Chlorine can permanently discolor or damage gold jewelry, especially at the joints. Remove gold jewelry when using chlorine bleach or while in a pool or hot tub. Cast platinum pieces are safer, but even platinum jewelry may have solder or sizing joints with lower melting point alloys that can be damaged by chlorine.

Some colored gemstone jewelry should not be exposed to lotion, salt water, chlorine, bleach or other chemicals. They may erode the finish and polish. Additionally, some colored gemstone jewelry should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes (consult a trusted professional with questions).


Apply cosmetics, hair spray and perfume before putting jewelry on, so it’s not exposed to chemicals or film - especially pearls and gemstones which can be damaged by hairsrpay and perfume.

Once you’re finished, wipe your jewelry with a clean soft cloth to ensure it’s clean before storage.

Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place. Pieces can scratch each other so store them apart. Many fabric-lined jewelry cases are designed for this. If you use ordinary boxes wrap each piece individually in soft tissue paper, or store them individually in soft pouches.

Along with regular care, have your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked by a professional for worn mountings, loose prongs and general condition once per year.

Have white gold re-plated, platinum re-polished and prongs re-tipped as necessary to maintain original condition. For most people this will be once every 18 months or so, depending on wear.


Diamond Jewelry

Some diamond jewelry is worn 24 hours a day. Diamonds are brilliant but still require proper cleaning to keep their appearance. Lotions, soaps and skin oils create a film and attract dirt. This changes the refractive index of the diamond and causes it to look dull, even if the dirt is unseen, on the pavilion (bottom) of the diamond. Regular cleaning will keep your diamond jewelry looking its best.

Clean your jewelry in a secure location, not the rim of a sink where it can slip down the drain.

Daily-worn jewelry should be cleaned once per week. A concentration of mild dishwashing detergent & warm water is good for diamond jewelry. Allow diamond jewelry to soak for 10 minutes in the solution, then use a soft brush to scrub away particles; especially underneath gemstones. Rinse and dry with a clean soft cloth. Seriously soiled jewelry should be cleaned professionally.

Don’t use polishing compound, a brush with toothpaste on it or materials unintended for jewelry. Toothpaste is an abrasive and will damage metal. Use only a soft brush, never sharp or hard objects, to remove dirt or particles.

Ultrasonic cleaners are available and popular, but be aware that excessive use of an ultrasonic cleaner on pieces with tiny diamonds may eventually shake them loose.

Clean stored jewelry with a soft chamois cloth regularly to keep it lustrous and ready for wear.

Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Some gemstones require special care and cleaning. Before caring for any gemstones you should check with a trusted professional to get relevant advice. Once you have done this, here are some general tips:

Wipe your gemstone jewelry down with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth to remove oils and perspiration after each wearing. Store pieces individually, in soft pouches.

You can clean gemstone jewelry with mild dishwashing detergent & water, but not with chemicals or solvents. Allow to soak for 10 minutes then use a soft brush to scrub away particles. Rinse and dry with a clean soft cloth.

Ultrasonic cleaners are not safe for certain gemstones (contact us with questions about which are safe and which are not).

Clean stored jewelry with a soft chamois cloth regularly to keep it lustrous and ready for wear.

Pearl Jewelry

Cultured pearls are the products of living creatures. The mollusk secretes a substance called nacre which produces the pearl and gives the rainbow of colors and luster which is beautiful but also susceptible to damage.

After each wearing of pearls wipe them off with a t-shirt or soft cotton cloth. 

Clean your pearl jewelry with mild dishwashing detergent & water but not with chemicals or solvents. They can damage your pearls.

Put pearl jewelry in a chamois bag, or wrap in tissue, when putting it away. Pearls will be scratched by hard edges and other jewelry pieces so don’t drop them into a purse or jewelry box.

Have frequently-worn pearls restrung as necessary to prevent breakage. Cosmetics, perspiration, oils and wear weaken and stretch the threads on which the pearls are string. Be sure they are strung with a knot between each pearl to prevent loss of pearls if the string breaks.


Jewelry pieces are luxury items and should be cared for in same manner as you would a family heirloom. Those worn daily are at greater risk of damage.

One person may wear a ring for 100 years with no issues and the next person may experience damage after a week. Like fine automobiles, fine jewelry must be cared-for, maintained and worn with great care to stay in mint condition.

Read more at Whiteflash.com

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People Buying Gold In Bars, Not Bracelets

People may be selling gold jewelry left and right but they aren't buying too much of it. The 'Gold Yearbook 2009' from CPM Group shows that while gold prices remain high, gold fabrication rates are expected to fall in 2009. Gold is used in jewelry but also for dental, medical, electronics and other uses. The fabrication demand fell 6.6 percent in 2008 and is expected to fall 7.9 percent in 2009. Jewelry demand is expected to drop by 7.1 percent in 2009.

Investment interest in gold remains high with investors. As reported in National Jeweler, investor buying is expected to hit a record high in 2009, 52.3 million ounces versus 43.3 million ounces purchased in 2008.

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JAR Jewels Up For Auction

Big stones always attract attention at auction but in terms of jewelry designers it could be said that no one creates as much as buzz as the designer JAR. The designer's pieces always seem to sell well at auction and have tremendous value to collectors. Christie's jewelry auction on April 22 in New York will see five JAR pieces up for sale, two brooches and three pairs of ear clips.

The most expensive JAR piece up for sale is shown above. It is a sapphire, diamond, violet sapphire and pearl brooch. The center cushion cut stone is approximately 52.57 carats surrounded by pave set violet sapphires with diamond trefoils and pearl accents. It is estimated at $150,000-$200,000.

The New York sale also includes a 30.02-carat, D color, pear-shaped diamond ring set with an intense pink diamond band and a 19.13-carat fancy grayish-yellowish green "chameleon" briolette-cut diamond pendant necklace estimated at $800,000-$1.2 million.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Malaysian Designer to Debut $30 Million Diamond Dress

Malaysian designer Faisol Abdullah is creating the world's most expensive dress decorated with 751 diamonds from Middle Eastern jeweler Mouawad. The $30 million frock tops Chris Aire's $20 million diamond dress (above) created last year and ties the $30 million diamond bikini in terms of the world's most expensive item of clothing. Abdullah plans to debut the silk and taffeta evening gown, which features a central 70 carat pear-shaped diamond and is dubbed the "Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur," in time for next month's STYLO Fashion festival in the Malaysian capital. Mouawad, which produces Heidi Klum's jewelry line, is a red carpet favorite of Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears.


"Stocks drop, gold is even falling but a diamond is forever," Abdullah tells Reuters. "This is a dress with diamonds. Why go backwards, why can't we go forwards? We are going to the fantastic, but its real. You are getting value for money with these diamonds." "It's a security and insurance nightmare buts it's worth it," adds Antoine Bakhache, head of Mouawad's Asia operations. "It's not throwing $30 million right down the drain, it is an investment for the super-rich." Nancy Yeoh, chief executive of STYLO which commissioned the dress, says they plan to present the garment to royal courts around the world starting with the Middle East, noting, "It's art and there are still enough rich people who would want to buy."

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Spotlight on Whiteflash Jewelry

Jewelry is an important part of the wedding from the engagement ring to the wedding bands. WhiteFlash.com serves your every need. I am extremely excited to spotlight this company as the exercise eco-friendly options. All diamonds at Whiteflash are certified conflict-free, secured through legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions, in accordance with the Kimberly Process and the USA Patriot Act.

Whiteflash.com is also the Internet's premium designer and provider of custom diamond jewelry creations and offers an exquisite designer collection of diamond engagement rings and platinum and gold settings. You can shop on this site for engagement rings, wedding bands, gifts to exchange with your future spouse, anniversary gifts...it is always a good time for jewelry.


When you either refer someone to Whiteflash or become a repeat customer yourself, they give you $100. They will. They take pride in the process of design, and are happy to create a wedding band to match any design that was created for the engagement rings. They enjoy coming up with original, patented designer diamond bracelets, settings and other fine diamond jewelry. To view their extensive collection check out whiteflash.com


Read more at Inspired! Wedding Tips & Ideas Blog!

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Recession Accessorizing in 2009

Save money while staying fashionable


Who says cutting back on expenses has to mean cutting back on style? There's plenty of ways to stay fashionable while saving a few bucks at the same time. Dana Levy of Dana Rebecca Designs has some ideas.



·             Right now, the biggest trend in jewelry is the chunky, statement necklace. 

·             Shoppers shouldn’t spend too much money on such a trendy piece. 

·             You can get a lot of bang for your buck with inexpensive options from places like Banana Republic, J. Crew, Express, Kohl’s, and Target

·             Pair this strong piece with less substantial earrings that are classic and timeless. 


·             Not in the mood to go out and purchase a trendy statement necklace? 

·             You can get a similar, bold look by taking several long necklaces from your jewelry box and layering them in an interesting way. 

·             Something like these less expensive looks from Kohl’s and Express go perfectly with dressy, investment pieces like the Brittany Nicole and Kristen Lynn necklaces from Dana Rebecca Designs collection. 

·             These splurge pieces are a great investment—onyx and diamond is a classic combination.

·             A pop of color in the mostly black and white palette is a nice, unexpected touch.

·             By layering less pricey pieces with more expensive ones, you can really achieve a more dressed-down, eclectic look.


·             One of most interesting ways to wear cocktail rings is to pair two large pieces together on the same hand, side-by-side. 

·             We saw this on the Oscars’ red carpet on Heidi Klum, and it looked so fresh and playful. 

·             Wear your expensive “champagne” ring with a bargain ring like one from Erickson Beamon’s collection for Target, or one from Banana Republic.


·             When it comes to bangles, the more the better. 

·             Layering bangles actually makes the individual pieces stand out more; on their own they can get lost in the shuffle.

·             Don’t be afraid to mix metals, textures, and colors—the more diverse the pieces, the more interesting and exciting the look is.

·             Layering bangles is the perfect opportunity to mix high and low pieces. Pairing one of the gorgeous diamond bracelets from Whtieflash.com with  more colorful bangles from J. Crew results in a really unique look.

·             The key here is to never be too matchy matchy; it should look like you reached into your jewelry box and threw on all the bracelets you have.


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Whiteflash.com's Custom Design Process - CAD

Whiteflash custom jewelry creations have received critical acclaim for distinctive beauty and finest make. Each year we bring thousands of client-inspired pieces to life with skill and elegance. No one offers better quality or value. All Whiteflash products are created with materials of the highest quality and all carry our lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

What is the custom design process, start to finish?

Your custom jewelry creation begins with a vision. Once the project is accepted an exciting process of discussion, design and manufacture takes place. 

Visit Whiteflash.com to start your custom design!


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Diamonds Remain Timeless ... and are a Great Investment

The late Houston grand dame Mary Owen Greenwood wore her diamonds anytime, anywhere. When New York gossip columnist Suzy chided her for wearing big sparklers during daylight hours, Greenwood replied, “That’s what I thought, honey, until I had ’em.”

That exchange took place in the 1980s, when Houston’s high-flying society set flaunted designer labels and flashy jewelry. Today’s teetering economy has put the brakes on ostentation, but diamonds remain timeless.

Nowadays, industry experts say jewelers are holding their own by touting diamonds as a good investment. “I wish my 401k was in diamonds,” says Sally Morrison, director of the Diamond Information Center.

In advertisements, Tiffany optimistically promises, “Dreams Can Still Come True,” while a DeBeers ad says, “Across the generations, in a thousand years’ time, a diamond will still be here. Just like love.”

They may be on to something. Such traditional items as diamond stud earrings, jeweled bracelets or a diamond solitaire ring in a distinctive setting can be worn now and passed on to children and grandchildren. A single diamond strand worn alone is understated yet beautiful. Several strands can be layered for a more expensive yet still tasteful look.

“Diamonds are always going to sell well, because they have value and meaning for any occasion,” says Brad Marks, vice president of IW Marks Jewelers.

Industry surveys show that 85 percent of couples plan to buy fewer but better things now. “They want to focus on one great gift. We don’t mind spending a little more on something of enduring value that won’t go out of style,” Morrison says.

And it must be unique.

“People are very interested in craftsmanship, in the way a stone is cut or its proportion. They want special things that don’t necessarily look super showy. They want that quiet luxury,” Morrison says.

She cites last month’s Golden Globe Awards, where many actresses wore eye-catching necklaces or earrings that were not overly ornate.

“It wasn’t that people were wearing small or invisible pieces of jewelry. There was a lot of clean jewelry — classic necklaces or a huge drop with a very simple profile,” she says. “It’s not dressing down.”

To make pieces irresistible, jewelers are adding handcrafted touches — sprinkling diamonds in finely patterned gold settings, sculpting distinctive brooches and earrings into insect shapes and crafting dangling earrings in antique designs.

“The traditional ways are always going to be popular but you’re also going to always have people who want to keep up with fashion trends,” Marks says. “A diamond can be used in pretty much anything.”

So shine on.

Read the original here!

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An Exquisite Whiteflash Engagement

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I thankfully was able to pick up the ring with no issues with customs.  Thanks Vera for being so patient when I had a panicked call!

I love the ring!  I was driving home and staring at it the whole way (not the smartest thing to do!!)  It does look quite different in person than in the pictures.  It looks a lot more delicate in person and the band turned out thinner than I thought but It's gorgeous though and I love it!

The issues with the halo I had isn't very noticeable but because I am so picky, I do notice the one corner.  But I think it is something I can live with! 

Can't wait to see it with the matching band!

I never have had a pave setting before, any special care when cleaning it?

I wanted to thank everyone again for being so patient and special thanks to Joe for getting the design that I envisioned and the whole team for seeing it come to completion. I love it! :)

Thank you,



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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whiteflash's Customers Creations

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team:

You guys are so awesome!  its perrrrfect!! I rave about you and WF all the time on pricescope… to anyone who would listen anyways.. I am a true believer  of the ACA k colors now! I’m trying to get my coworker to get her project with WF as well.. so we’ll see

Whiteflash customer Custom Ring Designs created by Whiteflash.com


See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Whiteflash.com - No Drop Shipping!

Whiteflash.com NEVER Drop Ships!

Soon after the Hearts & Arrows diamond was introduced in the 1990s Whiteflash realized it represented a new high-water mark in diamond beauty, and dedicated himself to its further development. Introduced under the name Whiteflash ACA in 1998, their specially modified diamonds became the first branded Hearts & Arrows diamonds sold exclusively on the Internet. Today, they have gained global acclaim for unsurpassed Visual Balance™. Whiteflash is a leading authority on the crafting of Hearts & Arrows and gave a presentation on this subject at the first International Diamond Cut Conference in Moscow, Russia, in April 2004.


Most internet vendors sell their diamonds using a method known as drop-shipping. Drop-shipping means transporting goods from a distant supplier to a buyer under the seller’s address so that it appears as though the product came from the seller, not the supplier. This means that the seller NEVER SAW the diamond they sold you.

We guarantee NEVER to do this.

Whiteflash.com has the largest in-house inventory of ideal and superideal Hearts & Arrows diamonds on the internet. Our diamonds pass the HIGHEST quality measurements even beyond their laboratory grades. Our exclusive, handpicked assortment of round, ideal round and fancy shapes is known as “Expert Selection” and our flagship line of premium ideal Princess and superideal Hearts & Arrows rounds are branded under the name Whiteflash ACA. We maintain over 1000 diamonds in our vault, all selected for surpassing beauty and performance.

We also have access to over 50,000 diamonds from the same list that other sellers use. But unlike others, if you buy a diamond online that is not already in our inventory we insist on bringing it in to Whiteflash first, to be verified for highest quality. After our inspection and analysis we send it to a local independent appraiser for formal verification.

We guarantee never to “drop-ship,” thereby ensuring the quality of your diamond purchase. We also have a 10-day, no questions asked, full return policy–making your diamond purchase virtually risk-free.

 It is for these reasons, and many more, that we feel your diamond buying experience should start and end here at Whiteflash.com. We strive to assist each of our clients in finding a diamond that is a perfect match for its owner. It gives us great pride to have your time honored traditions walk hand in hand with ours. Unleash your power to attain “a brilliant, diamond buying experience” with Whiteflash.com.


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2009 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

Whiteflash Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings have long been a symbol of a man’s declaration of everlasting love since diamonds do indeed last forever. However, styles and trends of engagement rings have altered back and forth over time.

What was the “in” trend for rings last year might not be necessarily popular this year. However, 2009 is a time when the economic crisis is widely felt globally because of this; the trends in engagement ring shopping have now become one that is budget friendly. So if you are planning to propose this 2009, here are the newest recession-friendly trends in diamond engagement rings.

When purchasing engagement rings, it is now a usual practice to choose a diamond separately from the ring setting. More and more people are now creating custom designs their engagement rings rather than buying an already pre-set setting. This trend has become prevalent because customizing rings can give people more freedom in their choice of metals and diamonds shapes and sizes that are going to be used to complete their ring. In this way, people can forfeit the quality of the metal to have a better quality diamond or vice versa. This allows people also to have more influence on the budget that they had set aside for diamond ring purchases.

People nowadays are also aware of the types of metals as well as the four C’s (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat) of diamonds and are now making more and more educated purchases. They are now using their knowledge of engagement rings to get the most ‘bling’ for their buck. Here are some examples of the shopping trends that are budget-friendly.

White platinum which is the more in style but expensive choice in metal for engagement ring can now be replaced by alternative metals which are a fraction of its cost. White silver, blackened silver or white gold can replace white platinum and are about 40 percent lower in terms of cost. Palladium, which is a metal that is similar to platinum can also be used and is priced about 70% lower than platinum.

Another recession-friendly trend in diamond engagement rings is going back to the classic designs of having a solitaire diamond adorning the ring. People are now choosing the less intricate designs such as the classic tiffany solitaire rings instead of the complicated and expensive designs that have many paves surrounding the band.

With regards to diamonds, people are now choosing the stones based on their diamond education and ability to adapt to the four C’s. People know that the cut of a diamond affects its brilliance. People are now choosing the cuts that will give their diamond engagement ring the best sparkle and brilliance. These cuts are the round brilliant and the princess cut engagement rings.

A number of people are also going for the natural look by choosing rough cut diamonds for their rings. Rough cuts are exactly just that, diamonds which are roughly cut that they are not symmetrically cut or polished. These types of stones are not as radiant but are still as gorgeous as the traditional diamonds.

In terms of diamond color, it is now common for people to prefer diamonds that are a little yellowish. Yellowish diamonds when set on white platinum or white gold can appear paler or more colorless thereby making the engagement ring appear more valuable.

How the diamond is set on the ring is also changing in 2009. More and more people are shying away from the pronged setting and are choosing more engagement rings that have diamonds that are set in a semi-bezel way into the ring band. The semi-bezel setting will give added hold to the diamond to prevent its loss brought about by an active lifestyle. Another recession-friendly trend is the use of the tension setting to hold the diamond in place. Tension settings have been in existence since the mid 1900s but the technique has greatly improved so that it holds the diamond more securely than the traditional pronged setting. Tension setting also allows more light to pass through the diamond making the engagement ring produce more sparkle.


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