Thursday, March 11, 2010

A One in a Million Experience with

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I was able to pick up the diamond earrings on Friday and couldn't believe how well they were packaged! It took a few minutes just to get everything opened! Of course I put everything back in all of the original packaging so Karin had to work to get them opened!

After getting through the 2 boxes and 2 wrappings, the first thing she saw was the felt bag with the WhiteFlash viewer and tools. She (and everyone else there) had no idea what they were! But when she finally got to the diamond earrings, she was very surprised! And she loves them! I have to admit, when I saw them in the box on Friday, I was a little nervous - they seemed small; especially after always only seeing diamonds on the websites blown-up so you can see them well. Karin didn't have that feeling at all, though. I have to tell you that once she put them on, they looked much bigger and they shined and sparkled a ton!!

Throughout the course of the night, I have to admit, whenever I was talking to Karin I could not take my eyes off the earrings! They look great!! And Karin is extremely happy - she loves them! And I was very excited to be able to tell her (and everyone there) about WhiteFlash and the "A Cut Above" line, Hearts and Arrows, and how these are 2 "perfectly cut" diamonds, which are about one in a million.....Needless to say that led to everyone looking at her Mother's and Grandmother's diamond rings and one of Karin's pendants with the loupe and playing around with the WhiteFlash viewer!!

Thank you again, for helping me pick out Karin's ACA diamonds! I'm sure the Ready Set Go Diamond Earrings may look just as good (OK, almost as good!), but going with the A Cut Above diamonds also allowed me to use a "One in a Million" theme in her cards and made for a much better explanation of why I chose to personally pick each diamond for her earrings rather than just going to a jewelry shop and buying some diamond earrings! I will definitely be using and recommending WhiteFlash again.

Thanks for a Perfect experience!



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