Friday, February 10, 2012

Whiteflash Wedding Link Round Up – Februrary 10, 2012

Harry Potter Rings and a Perfect Proposal

Dear Whiteflash-

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making my fiancé and I’s extremely dorky dreams come true!! I felt so incredibly nervous about revealing our deepest secret… that we are “Grade A” dorks/geeks/nerds/dweebs, etc. We’re fans of many Sci Fi & Fantasy series, but the one we love most together is the Harry Potter Series. We’ve been lucky enough to have allowed on the Beta for the new Harry Potter Website, Pottermore. We ‘virtually’ slipped on the Hogwarts Sorting Hat and discovered that we were on the POLAR opposite houses! (my fiancé in Slytherin and myself in Gryffindor).

As we both decided that we needed to declare our relationship and both wear engagement rings until we said our vows – we were determined to have something that was similar in design but showcased our distinct personalities. I’m very grateful that Team Whiteflash resisted the urge to laugh at our dorky requests (and patiently listened as I explained the finer details of Harry Potter lore) and helped us find and create rings that highlighted our unique relationship and differences. My Fiancé’s “Slytherin” Ring (Green Topaz with G VS White Diamonds) is incredible and draws questions and prolonged staring everywhere we go! I am completely in love with my “Gryffindor” Ring (Mozambique Garnets with SI1 Canary Yellow Diamonds). It is exactly what I wanted and the perfect compliment to the other ring.

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to your photography Team who were so kind (and awesome) to take the extra photos. The effort and time to create these are evident and it is something we will never forget and are proud to share with our family and friends. They deserve an award for their talent!

Thank you Whiteflash for taking time to listen to us and for making sure our engagement rings came out more perfect than we had planned! We are the envy of all of our ‘Wizard & Witch’ friends!


B.P. & A.Z.

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