Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Skeptical Buying Diamonds Online? Not Whiteflash's Customers....

Many people ask How safe is it shopping for jewelry online? I'm considering shopping over the Internet but want to be careful.


With Whiteflash.com your doubts of online shopping will forever be erased!


Here is what our Whiteflash Customer had to say about buying online…



“The ring is absolutely gorgeous! I was stunned at how beautiful it came out, and how much better it was when compared to the rings I saw in person at various jewelers. At first, I was a bit skeptical about buying a diamond over the internet, but my friend Lauren really convinced me to order online, and now I'm convinced it's the best way to buy diamonds! From a reputable dealer, of course. Thank you so much for your help!”



“My A Cut Above diamond arrived yesterday. All I can say is WOW! Having never seen one of your diamonds, I was absolutely blown away by its gorgeous sparkle and brilliance. It is everything I've visualized for my diamond and I'm truly glad that I've made the right decision. Thank you so much for your patience in getting me through the buying process. There was a lot of indecision on my part and not a small amount of fear in buying such an expensive item over the internet, but your excellent advice and prompt replies helped me over the line.”



“Thank you for all of your help throughout the selection of the diamond engagement ring. We both love the ring and she has received many compliments. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of buying the ring over the internet at first, but you made the process so easy. I have no regrets and will definitely recommend you if I come across anyone else in the market. Thank you again”



“Whiteflash, I want to thank you for the helping picking out the diamond ring setting and all the details that went into it. Your team was a pleasure to work with. As for the ring, in came out absolutely perfect, I couldn't have been more please with the results. As I mentioned I was a bit nervous doing it online but I would now recommend anyone I talk to at least explore what is out there, and especially with your company.”



“She was thrilled with the diamond. It's quite beautiful and sparkles! Thank you so much for working with our budget and finding us a great diamond for 'champagne tastes on a beer budget.' I could not have gotten a quality diamond for this price at a B&M jeweler. The jeweler asked us how much we got the diamond for and was very surprised when I mentioned the price. She said we got a great deal. Thanks so much for your help. I will definitely recommend and use Whiteflash in the future. You were so accommodating, helpful, prompt and willing to work with our budget. You made the process quite smooth and alleviated my dad's fear of buying from a reputable vendor online.”


Everyone has been so accommodating, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Being a business owner, I deal with companies all day long. And, unfortunately, these days so many companies overpromise and under deliver. It is refreshing, and quite unique, to deal with a company that sells a great product, at a reasonable price, with superb customer service. Buying a diamond ring is a huge investment. At first, the perceived risk of buying one through the internet was just too high. I have been pleasantly surprised!! I will certainly be referring my friends over the coming years. It has been a great experience!”



She absolutely loves the diamond ring and has had many compliments from her friends about how beautiful it is. She can't get over how much it sparkles and I keep catching her looking at it. Thank you so much for all your help. You were a real star dealing with all my questions and I had real confidence in buying from Whiteflash; you really are as good as everyone says. Initially I was a little nervous buying a ring un-seen over the internet, but the information, re-assurances and service I received from you was first class. Everything happened how and when you said it would and I too, absolutely love the ring. Thanks again for helping make me and my girlfriend a very happy couple. I have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends!”



But as a customer you must remember to do your homework before buying online! Here are a few tips to push you in the right direction and help you find that perfect diamond online!


Be an educated customer

Consider getting a guide book or searching online forums before you shop and brush up on your Diamond Education. The more you know about the four C’s, the grading

scale and certification process, the better equipped you will be to get the best bling for your buck. Make sure that the store you choose to purchase from has a subject matter expert to answer your questions by email or phone.


Reputation Matters
Shop with an online jeweler who has an established reputation for good business practice (one way to check on this is to make sure that they have a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau). Whiteflash.com, which is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and is consistently rated highly by customers and media publications because of their high quality products and highly educated customer relationship managers. Make sure that whatever company you choose offers at least a money back guarantee. They also must provide you with a certificate or equivalent for your diamond.


No matter which type of engagement ring you ultimately buy, by following certain tasks and approaching the purchase in an educated fashion, you will be pleased with an investment that will grow in value just as your love continues to grow throughout your marriage.

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