Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our 'A Cut Above' Hearts and Arrows Diamonds Stun Customers!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


This morning was probably the only place in the USA where the sun shone so brightly...both physically because all that horrible weather by-passed our area...but especially because of the brilliance emanating from that lovely red-lacquered Whiteflash box!


This diamond ring is spectacular!  We can't believe that it is more beautiful than we imagined it to be. The design is so elegant and scaled perfectly.  And the diamonds!  Well, seeing all those arrows in each and every one under our jeweler’s highly magnified scope was just breathtaking.  Hearts and Arrows with their stunning brilliance!  What more could we ask?


We thank you again for your great customer service and wonderful product.  We send you our best wishes.


Juanita and Don

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