Thursday, February 18, 2010

Exceptional Feedback from Whiteflash's Customers

Whiteflash has many wonderful customers and here is what they had to say…




Thank you so much. The wedding bands are beautiful and exceed expectations. Each individual diamond is perfect - I just love both of them! Count me as a very happy customer!




After what seemed like an eternity, I finally proposed 2 weeks ago.  She absolutely loves the diamond and Leon did a great job of complimenting its beauty.  Here are a few pics!





At the airport heading to Cozumel. Diamond Ring in hand. It's gorgeous. Thanks for everything!  





Thanks for your assistance with the purchase, Traci. The diamond engagement ring finally arrived today, delayed because of a blizzard we had here. It looks beautiful to me!



I am so excited! The diamond is beautiful, everyone is amazed at how much it sparkles!

You will probably be hearing from me when the time comes for the wedding band…I can just picture a bunch of little baby A Cut Above Diamonds! Thanks for your help with the stone!




Phenomenal.  I love the diamond.  Thank you so much. Even the jeweler liked it a lot!  I gave it to him to be set today.  Thanks again




I wanted to let you know about the terrific service that I received from Whiteflash during my diamond buying process.  As Traci can attest, I am a very detailed and discriminating shopper and I expect a great deal from my sales representatives.  While looking for stones, I shopped at many other online merchants as well (Blue Nile, etc.) and I found that Traci was by far the best partner that I had in this sales process among all other shops that I talked to.  Traci was very helpful in providing me with thorough and prompt responses to my questions and she went above and beyond to ensure that I was going to find a beautiful stone that met all of my criteria.

I just proposed to my fiancé last weekend and everyone loves the engagement ring and the stone.  I am very quick to promote my WhiteFlash experience to those who inquire and that is very much a credit to my experience partnering with Traci for this purchase.

Best Regards,




I really love the diamond engagement ring, it is so wonderful that I cannot move my eyes on it. When I put it on, I don't want to take it off anymore. But you know what, my husband and me registered here in US, however, the wedding will be hold in China in this June. In our tradition, I cannot wear the ring before the wedding ceremony. It is really painful to take the ring off. So I  put it in my closet to avoid looking at it. Just waiting the wedding day and put it on. oh, gosh! Thank you for all you did!




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