Monday, April 5, 2010

Whiteflash Diamonds Even Sparkle in the Dark!

I had a wonderful experience buying a Tiffany Style Engagement Ring from Whiteflash. Every aspect of the process was handled with the utmost care and professionalism. The customer service was amazing. Their sales team was incredibly patient and helpful in finding a diamond and a setting. I started the engagement ring shopping process in a local jewelry store, and left very confused. After browsing the Whiteflash website, emailing, and speaking with their sales consultant on the phone, I felt very comfortable and informed about the diamonds that I was considering. I was especially impressed with the honesty and integrity that Whiteflash represented to me when they notified me that a diamond that I had reserved did not in fact meet their strictest ACA Hearts and Arrows standard. I would have been none the wiser has they sold me the diamond as an ACA at a higher price.

Although the purchase was made online, I feel that Whiteflash provided a very personal experience. When I had narrowed my search to two diamonds, I spoke with a gemologist who was able to answer very specific questions that I had. Once I decided to purchase a diamond and a setting, I was kept in the loop throughout the process. Once I received the ring, I was absolutely blown away with how beautiful the ring was. The diamond looked better than the pictures that they sent to me the day before it was shipped. The cut of the diamond truly does make it look bigger and whiter than other diamonds that I was considering from more traditional stores. My girlfriend is ecstatic with the ring, and can’t stop looking at it. When she is in a dark room she keeps calling me in to show me that is sparkles even in the dark.


The fact that I am even taking the time to write a review speaks volumes about how highly I think of Whiteflash. They truly were a fantastic company to do business with, and I only wish that more businesses were able to emulate the fantastic customer service, integrity, and superior product that Whiteflash provides. I cannot imagine a smoother, more pleasant, experience than I had buying an engagement ring from Whiteflash.


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