Friday, April 16, 2010

One of Our Favorite Customers: Ben The Groom

Here at we love helping anyone who wants to know about diamonds or anything about jewelry in general. One of our customers “Ben the Groom” is a great resource for those grooms out there who are wedding planning and in need from an EXPERT!


I was recently approached by a sales person with jewelry options, and I politely responded, "No, thank you, I already have a jeweler."  That was when I first appreciated the comfort and convenience of having a jeweler!

My jeweler is WhiteFlash and I'm in constant contact with them. I recommend all my friends to their site, and I know their main goal is my satisfaction.  I'm not just another wallet to them, which makes me want to keep going back for each important purchase.

I'm often approached by friends and fellow grooms with questions regarding engagement rings and wedding bands. Generally I'll respond by bombarding them with great links from sites likes The Man Registry, however starting now I'm also going to stress the importance of finding the right jeweler.

Find The Right Jeweler -- Because they're making the selection
When talking diamonds and settings, it’s easy to dive so deeply into the four C's and prong options, but ignore the person you’re talking to.  Honestly, the jeweler, not you, is the one choosing your ring. They give you a list of diamonds to pick from, but they are going to make the initial selections.  Even if you special ordered the settings, they see it first. If something isn’t perfect, will they send it back or just pass the minor defect on to you? So as I said, no matter how much you research, don't forget to feel comfortable with the jeweler you're working with.

Now You're Ready to Talk Details
First find a jeweler you are excited to work with, THEN start narrowing down the exact ring. You'll find yourself more comfortable and confident with your selection. They'll know who you are, what your price range is, what your expectations are, and will want to keep you as a customer for a lifetime.  Find a jeweler who focuses on excellent customer services and accepts nothing less.
Hope this helps, readers.

Your Groom - Ben

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