Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ultimate Proposal Story: A Handmade Lit Up Gazebo-in-the-Wilderness

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

Thanks for checking in on me.  Yes, I did receive the box and the jewelry cleaning kit.  That cherry box was absolutely amazing!  It made for an awesome presentation!  And I just cleaned the diamond for her with the diamond cleaning supplies yesterday for the first time.  That diamond is just breathtaking when it's all cleaned up...  After talking to every person on the earth that she knows, it's been confirmed that she has the biggest and prettiest diamond out of everyone.  I thought I'd get in trouble for spending so much (as she specified for me to not spend 10k)... but never once has she frowned.  That ring has put a huge smile on her face since the day she got it, and she refuses to ever take it off. I think she enjoys everyone being jealous of her (even all these ladies that have been married for years and year... their diamonds don't look even remotely close to being as beautiful as this one).

So at any rate, things are great.  Along with the picture of the ring, I thought I'd send you a picture of the gazebo I built by hand and lit up for her, and a picture of the cake that her parents surprised us with.  It's completely edible... the box, the ring, the diamond... all of it.  So I took her out to eat at a nice restaurant in front of a little fireplace.  Then told her we had to run out to this land where I left my knife earlier in the day (said I'd been on a walk earlier).  I made her stay in the truck and I went out and fired up the generator, and then gave her a call from the gazebo.  As she was talking out to find me (I was waving a flashlight), I turned on some soft music and then lit up the gazebo.  Then proposed to her inside as it rained outside around us... it was awesome.  Then we went back to her house where all of her family, friends, and my family were at.  Her family just thought they were there to meet my family and surprise me and my girlfriend... little did they know that the joke was on them, when we walked in and my fiancée started flingin' the sparklin' diamond all around.  The family went crazy. haha

It was a wonderful time! Thanks again... the experience (and the diamond) are wonderful!!!


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