Friday, August 19, 2011

A Taste of Royalty: The Royal Crown Engagement Ring by Vatche


When commoner Kate Middleton married Prince William of England on April 29, 2011, nearly 200 million people around the world tuned in or got online to watch the big moment. Why? None of these people knew Kate, and few had even ever seen Prince William or his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. So what got all these people from California to New Zealand to make the effort to watch the royal wedding, despite the difference in time zone?

There’s just something about royalty. It’s not just the lavish wedding—those can be found in the pages of People magazine any day of the week. It’s not just the girl-next-door good looks and impeccable fashion sense of the new Duchess Catherine of Cambridge. Although true royal power has almost disappeared from the modern world, every so often, a display of ceremony and tradition like the royal wedding reminds the world that the monarchy still has meaning. 

It is this enduring power of the royal tradition that jewelry designer Vatche sought to capture in his popular Royal Crown engagement ring setting design. Like all Vatche diamond engagement rings, the Royal Crown is handcrafted of the highest quality materials, such as platinum and white gold, and is sold as an empty setting which can be set with the center stone of the customer’s choosing. All Vatche settings are designed by the famed jewelry designer himself in his Manhattan atelier.


The most recognizable symbol of royalty is the crown. Whether it is the delicate antique tiara that Kate wore on her wedding day, or the heavy, jewel-encrusted crowns of the medieval kings, the crown is the symbol of all the grace, elegance, and tradition that the royal family represents. Of all the Vatche jewelry in the collection, the D-Vatche Royal Crown best epitomizes this elegance and grace, with a simple, refined solid shank and a delicate twisted head.  A ring this sumptuous needs no extra ornamentation—the six delicately curved prongs that grip the single perfect center stone are ornamentation enough. Like many Vatche rings, the Royal Crown tapers subtly from the top to the bottom, for a comfortable fit and elegant look. And unlike some other Vatche engagement rings, the Royal Crown is available in variations suitable for both round brilliant and princess-cut stones—perfect for the royal princess in your life. 


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