Friday, November 12, 2010

Covert Engagement

Dear Sales Team,
I just got back yesterday, I won't keep you in suspense - she said yes! =)
It was a like a covert mission, meeting with my cousin and secretly getting the Sleek Line Engagement Ring from him while my girlfriend was there with us! That diamond ring was burning a hole in my pocket, I couldn't wait to give to her. I proposed a couple days into our trip on our anniversary on a lovely fall night just outside of the Museum of Modern art, in a quiet courtyard. It was very private and very similar to the type of place we were in many years ago when we went on our first date so that added to the nostalgia factor. She was very emotional and could barely see the ring with all the tears in her eyes!
Once things calmed down and she got to really take a good look she was completely blown away. It was exactly what she’s always wanted, the sleek line setting looked so classic with a modern twist, and the diamond just blew her away. Even I couldn't believe how brilliant and sparkly it was! I snuck a few looks at the ring in the days before I proposed, but as good as the ring looked in the box, it looked 100 times better on her hand.
We met up with our families yesterday and everyone just loves the engagement ring. It just looks perfect in everyway!
I even told them my story of how I picked it on Whiteflash, and all the amazing customer service I received from you and the other members. They are quite impressed with everything that you offer from the images of the light tests (ideal scope, asset) and how you went out of your way to look at the 3 loose diamonds I had it narrowed down to.
This has been one of the most pleasant buying experiences I've ever had, especially when you consider how large of a purchase this is. 
Thank you so very very much!



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