Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Diamond Sparklers


Dear The Whiteflash Sales Team, 

I was eagerly anticipating for the arrival of the Honey Channel Set Wedding Band. I couldn't go into work without picking it up first :) When I first laid eyes on it, I was blown away by how elegant and sleek the wedding band looked. The finish and polish of the metal were amazing. The diamonds were like little sparklers on such a fine piece of platinum.  I quickly slipped it on next my ring and I liked how it complemented my engagement ring without taking away from the center diamond.


I am so glad Whiteflash offers this selection, because it is just amazing and a very unique wedding band. I was tempted to keep the band on for the rest of the day, but Ken reminded me we should wait till we are actually married. So what can I say, I am excited to be married because I can't wait to put that band on my finger!! I think Whiteflash never disappoints anyone. Have I already told you how beautiful it is?? I can’t stop smiling ear to ear when I look or think about the rings. 

So a big thank you for your time, patience and really understanding what your customers want.  




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