Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nervous about Buying Online? Not with Whiteflash.com!

Dear White Flash Sales Team,

While I embarked on a quest to find the perfect diamond for my now fiancé, I first visited local jewelry stores as many would to get an idea of what was out there. My initial experience was disappointing as the sales persons usually would spend less talking about the intricacies of the diamond and the ring but more on how their store offer an affordable payment plan, free cleaning and resizing. Not to mention the shocking sticker prices. I resulted to doing further research online to educate myself on diamond grading and stumbled upon Whiteflash. At first I did not even consider purchasing something as expensive online but from all the reassurance from reputable forums like, Pricescope, made me a believer. Not only Whiteflash offered me a much better diamond but at literally thousands less than what I would have paid at the local stores. Their customer service is second to none. The countless hours I have spent with the sales team was worth it after I received the perfect diamond ring for my fiancé, a 0.85 ct AGS000 VS1 F Princess set in a platinum Legato Sleek Line setting . She absolutely loved it and couldn’t keep her eyes off it until now. She has also received dozens of compliments and even stares from jewelry stores. I would also like to add how impressed I was with Whiteflash’s lightning fast shipping. But I think the best part of the buying experience is the support I got after the fact. The sales team made sure that I was happy with the purchase and gave me their full support with other questions I had. Their attention for me hasn’t changed since day one. Thank you Whiteflash and I will surely recommend you to all my friends! For all of you of who are hesitant on buying a ring online, do yourself a favor and get over it, but go to Whiteflash!

Vancouver, BC

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