Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Burning Love

Dear Sales Team,
That's right- we're engaged! 

As you all know, Karen and I have been dating for quite awhile now.  I met her March of 2004 as a sophomore in college, though was stupid enough to wait until January of 2006 to officially ask her out.  I've been the luckiest guy in the world the last 5 years, and have known for a couple years that I wanted to marry her.  I finally got my act together at the end of last year and decided that our 5th anniversary would be the right moment to pop the question!
Under the guise of celebrating our anniversary, I knew I could plan something fun.  I also knew the proposal had to be in Berkeley - it's where we met and had all of our firsts.  Leading up to THE day, I was nervously checking the weather every day (no contingency plan for rain), and the engagement ring was burning a hole in the corner of my closet. 

Here is their fairy tale love story:

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