Thursday, October 6, 2011





Dear The Whiteflash Diamonds Team,


My experience with in one word? Exceptional!!!


buy diamond engagement rings for dummy's Vol 1-5 but after dealing with Whiteflash, I was Almost an expert (well not really LOL)!!! We must have online chatted like 10 times a day for almost a week, I got to chat with I think everyone in Whiteflash organization and they where all AWESOME... they had the patient of a Saint: I had question after question after question and they answered every single one of them without delay... I even got to talk with the Owner of Whiteflash and she was so cool and nice. Rings Online"? but I'm so glad I didn't listen I feel I got a TON of bang for my BUCK and I would have NEVER gotten something this spectacular from one of the brick and mortar stores especially for what I paid.engagement ring style  and she has gotten nothing but compliments ever since she has put it on her finger 2 days ago!!!

WHITEFLASH YOU ARE THE BEST... Thanks for making my engagement that much easier, and get ready to hear from both myself and my bride to be on designing our wedding bands!!!!!

Before my journey with Whiteflash I needed to read how to


I would not hesitate to buy ANYTHING from this company, my fiancé already has plans for our wedding bands and she is going right Whiteflash to help design them.... a few of my friends actually was trying to persuade me not to buy my ring over the internet. Lots of "Why


Now I saved the best for last; THE RING!! OMG the ring is beautiful, my family saw it when I picked it up and they couldn't believe the sparkle, they said they had never seen anything that radiant before! This ring even sparkles at night!!! My fiancé can't stop looking at it, she says she absolutely is in LOVE with her

Thank you for everything,

John P.


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