Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 Steps to a Perfect Proposal









Take a look at this picture. Now back at me. Now back at the photo. No, this is not an Old Spice commercial, but if you want to plan a proposal that is so perfect, so romantic, and so in tune with what a girl really wants that she might think you got a little help from the Old Spice guy, take some time to study this photo. Believe it or not, this simple photo contains within it all five of the essential secrets to the perfect proposal. From time to place to perfect diamond engagement rings, it’s all here.


1. Note the time of day. It’s sunset. There is a reason every fairy tale ends with the hero riding off into the sunset. Sunset is the most romantic time of the day. Plus, the dim light of twilight looks flattering and gorgeous on everyone, and if you’ve purchased a top-quality ideal cut diamond, or better yet, a

hearts and arrows diamond

, the low light will bring out its superb sparkle.


2. Do you see those hands forming the shape of a heart in the center of the photo? Adding a handmade, earnest and heartfelt component to your proposal is what will make it unique, special, and straight from the heart. You can write her a love note or paint a portrait of the two of you. Just do something with your own hands to show her how you feel.


3. Where are we? We’re on a beach. Why are we on a beach? Because there is something irresistibly romantic about the shore. The relaxing sound of the surf on the sand, the feel of sun on your face—the beach makes everyone a little calmer and happier, and what better place is there to propose? Just make sure she doesn’t drop the

engagement ring 

into the sand in surprise!


4. If you look really, really carefully at this photo, you’ll notice what it doesn’t have: people. Romantic comedies might set proposal scenes in places like baseball stadiums and crowded restaurants, but in real life, the best place to propose is in private. Don’t you want the first few moments of your engaged life to be celebrated with just the two of you?


5. Look at the sun. What do you see? It’s a diamond. But not just any diamond. It’s a round

A CUT ABOVE® diamond 

by Whiteflash. Whether you choose round or princess-cut diamonds, the perfect stone in the perfect setting is the most essential element of any proposal. Don’t just buy the first ring you see—take some time to research her likes and dislikes, and shop around to make sure you are getting a top-notch diamond in a quality setting that she will treasure for years to come.




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