Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The $10,000 Proposal Martini

One of the signs that Spring must be just around the corner is not just that the days start to get longer, but that wedding and proposal specials start to proliferate. Many men must feel a lot of pressure to not only pick the right diamond engagement ring but to propose in such a manner that their fiancé will have a great story to tell all of her friends, not to mention her mother. Some people are just naturally creative and others need a little bit of help and inspiration.

A New York City hotel is prepared to help the creatively impaired, offering what is possibly the most expensive martini ever. The Grey Goose $10,000 proposal cocktail comes with a one-of-a-kind diamond ring placed in the glass. This specialty cocktail is served by a white gloved waiter in a crystal glass on a silver platter in the hotel's famous bar. The hotel arranges for clients to work one on one with a private jeweler to customize the engagement ring picking carat size, number of stones and the setting. The hotel needs at least 72 hours notice to set up this arrangement.

A real Cinderella proposal if you ask me!

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