Thursday, December 24, 2009

Whiteflash Achieves Perfection for Customers


  The proposal went off today without a hitch. She had no idea I was going to propose as she was expecting spring at the very earliest. I managed to coordinate the shipping and sneak out and get the ring from FedEx like a ninja. :) She absolutely adores the engagement ring and she cried when she saw it. Additionally, I am concerned she may get into a car accident because she stares at it so much. But don't worry I'll be driving the next few days until she stops staring at it long enough to pay attention to the road.

  Thank you Traci, Vera, Joe and Becca for all your help in this process. As Susan so aptly put it, her ring is "perfect" for lack of a better word. Is there a word beyond perfection? I certainly believe if there is you guys have achieved it.  
Funny story though. I was so intent on picking up the ring 12/22/09 that I was at the Federal Express site before I even got the phone call. In fact, the phone call to tell me my package had arrived came while I was driving back with the ring! I'm just too fast I guess. :)

  The calendar included with the whole package was great. So many beautiful jewelry pieces for every month of the year.

  Susan is already talking about how she needs a matching wedding band. I have no doubt in my mind that you will hear from me again soon.

  Thanks again guys, Happy Holidays to you and yours...


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