Monday, December 21, 2009

A Few Stunning Diamond Jewelry Pieces from for the holidays!

The holiday season is usually the busiest time of the year. That is no exception for online diamond e-tailor Over the past couple of weeks we have shipped out a large volume of beautiful Whiteflash ACA Diamonds, engagement rings, diamond pendants, wedding bands, diamond bracelets, diamond studs and earrings. Here is an exclusive sneak peak to show you what we have been up to here at….





And here are some excerpts from some of the wonderful testimonials we have been receiving from some very satisfied customers:


“Thanks so much for your expert advice on the rings!  They are so unbelievable in the sunlight, I can't seem to put them down!  Have a nice holiday, and I am sure that you and I will be working together again on some additional custom creations in the near future”


Now these are beautiful!!!! Sparkly and alive. I love them. This is what I know Whiteflash to be about.”


“When she saw the ring she said, "Oh my god.  Oh crap.  Oh my god.  Oh wow!"  She was literally hopping, running in place, and giggling.  Once she'd regained some composure, she at intervals called the ring, "perfect" and "beautiful" among many, many other superlatives.  She's ecstatic.”


I am stunned with how beautiful this ring is. The diamond is so white and crisp looking and I cannot believe the fire and scintillation from this stone. If I angle it just right I can see the arrows which just adds to the beauty of the stone. The packaging and accessories add the finishing touch and I would have no hesitation in buying an ACA sight unseen again, or recommending your Company to friends or colleagues.”


“Wanted to let you (and your team) know that the ring you made for my fiancé was an absolute smash!  She just loves it – and I get out a kick out of watching her peak at it all the time.  What you created was precisely what I had hoped for (and so many people said it could not be done)!”


“I proposed to my girlfriend earlier this week, and she was absolutely floored by the ring. In fact, over the last several days, she has received numerous compliments from complete strangers. But, most importantly, she loves it; she calls it her "dream ring." Thanks to the whole Whiteflash team for creating such a perfect piece.”


“All went well and we are now happily engaged! She could not keep her eyes off the diamond! Thanks again!”


Thanks to sweet Debbie and Bob from Whiteflash, my 5-stone ring has become a reality.  This is my second purchase from WF since July, and I am having another project made.  Just can't get enough of the ACA's



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