Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Steal...And We Are Not Just Talking About Your Breath


Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I am doing okay I suppose, just got home.  The Princess Cut Diamond is very nice.  I’ll say that the serial number on the side is super-tiny – took us a WHILE to be able to locate it!  The rock itself is beautiful.  There was some concern whether or not it would fit into the proper setting due to the size, but indeed it fits and the stone is at Scott Kay right now being taken care of.  The setting is the Scott Kay Artiste Regal, if you’re curious – I can send you a picture when it is finished.  Other than that, yes, the diamond is quite beautiful and we are all set (the sale is final) :). I appreciate your due diligence and assistance with the purchase. 

I would recommend Whiteflash – your service and products – to anyone.  Let me know if you need an endorsement.  I found the price for what I got to be very fair and reasonable, and an absolute steal compared with brick and mortar stores – and indeed, compared to blue Nile, good old gold and the other online merchants that I was considering.

Thank you and take care! 

Lawrence G


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