Friday, January 28, 2011

Stunning Engagement Ring - Fiancée Absolutely Thrilled

I was considering a number of local jewelry stores and a few internet sites for purchasing an engagement ring. I was most impressed by Whiteflash's great search and variety of diamonds. I was particularly attracted to the Hearts and Arrows branded super-ideal cut diamonds. The description of the diamonds was also superior to any other site that I found - all the specifications were readily available so that I could use the Pricescope HCA calculator to ensure I was getting an amazing diamondThe site also had the most images for each diamond - magnifications, Ideal Scope, Hearts and Arrows, etc. - that helped me feel even more comfortable with this diamond than what I saw at a local jewelry store when I could see the diamond in person.

My consultant was a great asset to this process, quickly responding to my questions, giving me reviews and her thoughts on the diamonds that I was looking at and helped make it clear that I didn't need to pay extra for a small fraction more carat and that a lower color grade diamond that I was looking at would still be absolutely great if I wanted to save some money, but if I wanted to upgrade to a higher color grade that one that I was looking at was a great deal since it was $400 more but typically color upgrades are $1000 or more. I also had some proportions in mind for the center stone and the side stones and she took the extra effort to find some similar style rings with those proportions to help me feel very comfortable with my choice of diamonds.

Pricewise, Whiteflash was among the best that I could find, especially with the wire transfer discounts and discounts for either Pricescope or Facebook membership. I had some problems with getting the wire transfer to happen with my bank, due to arriving after the cutoff time on Friday and a holiday on Monday, but Whiteflash took my receipt and preceded with the order even though the money hadn't arrived yet, greatly relieving my anxiety! :) The expected ship date was communicated upfront and Whiteflash was able to get it completed even earlier than originally expected. The overnight FedEx delivery worked great and the ring was absolutely stunning. I also appreciated the professional pictures that Whiteflash took when the ring was completed, not only so that I could see how beautiful it was while I was waiting on the shipment, but because it is so hard to take a picture of a diamond ring that captures all the fire and scintillation - their pictures did that amazingly so that I could share with everyone who could not celebrate with me in person.

My fiancée absolutely loves the ring and has received compliments from everyone for how great it looks!

Thank you,

Daniel C.

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