Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Miss Whiteflash Goes to Sydney Australia!

All packed and ready to go, passport and Australian money in tow. All ready to go, Little Miss Whiteflash is ready for her journey in the Australian Outback.



After over 23 hours of flying, I landed in Sydney Australia at 5.30 AM on New Years eve!!! I made sure to have a shower and made sure my fur was nice and fluffy for the New Years party of a lifetime. Sydney is definitely not a city that takes the turning over of a year lightly and I was more and more excited about seeing the result of the chatter that evening.



The weather was a bit cloudy and super humid and the sights were so amazing. What a difference from the states. The most obvious difference is the fact that everyone drives on the right side of the road vs the left in the USA. Not a big deal you say? Try crossing the road when you are trained to look the wrong way!! On the road, thankfully, they have 'look left' and 'look right'- guessing a bunch of confused travelers are to thank for that. I was exposed to McDonalds for 'brekky' and I am sure if there was any doubt that I was a tourist, there wasn't after my jaw hit the floor and I exclaimed 'holy cow- THIS is NOT McDonalds'!!!!!! It was like a classy and modern cafe with beautiful pastries in a display case and tons of great healthy choices including my choice, Greek yogurt with granola. Nom nom nom.



We hit a few pubs and then I headed out to Strathfield to meet with some wonderful friends and put on my best Whiteflash bling and my game face for NYE. We were at a penthouse apartment on the Harbor and had the most clear and incredible view of the Harbor Bridge, downtown skyline and the iconic Sydney Opera House. At 9 pm the 'kiddie' show started and once again, my jaw dropped- could the next big show at midnight REALLY top that?!?! It did. Heaps. I laughed like a child and watched as entire city was illuminated by lights, fireworks booming and an amazing light show.



A giant hand glowed from the bridge center and you could hear the cheers and shouts of joy from the rooftops all over the city as 2011 swept over Sydney. Talk about a show, stunning and a sign that 2011 has great things in store, I am full of hope, happiness and love.


Tune in for more at the end of the week when I visit a pretty pink place where our Little Blingers will have the chance to bring a little pink in their life!!!


Fun fact- Australians have a lot of things down....but bacon isn't one of them......


Your Little Miss Whiteflash

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