Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Favorite Groom Ben: I Have the Wedding Band... Now What?


[Our Wedding Bands from Whiteflash]

Thanks to Whiteflash, Hannah and I got our wedding bands nice and early, leaving us plenty of time to focus our efforts on other wedding tasks. However, I didn't consider how annoying it would be to have something as special and exciting as my wedding band just sitting there—taunting me, reminding me that I'm not married yet.

We couldn't have been happier with our Whiteflash experience! Coupling Hannah's engagement ring and our ideas, they created a combination that fits us perfectly. However, now I wait, and wait, to finally wear the ring.  I'm slowly turning into Golem from Lord of the Rings, wanting nothing but to finally wear it!  I've never been much of a ring guy, but ever since we received ours, I am a ring man through and through, and only 16 days stand between me and finally wearing my wedding band.

What To Do With Your Ring Before the Big Day

Take It for a Test Drive - Maybe it’s best to keep this inside, but try it on for an afternoon around the house.  Sure you're supposed to wait till you're married, but how are you NOT supposed to put it on at least a couple times, right?

Clean It – OK, so you're not wearing it, but there’s bound to be some finger prints dirtying it up.  This is a great excuse to get it out of the box.

Practice Kindly Disappointing Other Women  - Just like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride II, go through some trial runs of flashing woman the "sorry, I'm taken” wave.

Learn How NOT to Lose It – There are a lot of ways to lose your ring, but there are plenty more articles out there that help you prevent that from happening.

Make Sure It Still Fits – If you got your ring months ago, might as well double check that it still fits comfortably.  You don't want to be stuck on a sandy beach with a  ring that’s falling off.

Show It Off to Friends – If you're proud of your ring, get it out when company is around.  They'll either be really interested and excited for you, or humor you.  Either way it’s a win-win.

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