Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh Baby the Bling!!

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


            Sorry...I keep forgetting to email you the low down on how the proposal went.  Sarah was completely surprised and you contacting her help seal that doubt in her mind!  We spent a week in Chicago and I'd carry the Guinevere Engagement Ring with me in my laptop case during the day (was there on work), but at night I'd wrap it up and have it in my pocket.  Yes..that was very nerve wracking!!  The first day there we had all day together and it was burning a hole in my pocket!!  We had walked all around downtown and by the time we made it over to Buckingham Fountain...where I had in mind to do it...Sarah developed a good sized blister on her foot that was bothering her.  Well not wanting to do it while she's in pain I held off for another day.


 The next day we were out around town and the whole day was kind of a one mess after another in a good way, but not the right time to pop the question so I again held off.  Monday night we took a boat ride at night followed by walking along the water front.  Everything felt perfect, so I was already to break out the lead into it when....we looked over and about 100 yards from us was a couple...let's just say hopefully they shopped at WhiteFlash earlier cause when it's baby time they'll want it!  Moving on we got up and walked the other way..which is where we came upon a smell that can only be described as dead fish smell.  It was so bad Sarah began to gag and we ran.  Needless to say perfect moment gone.  We ended up over at McD's late that night where we witnessed an asian lady spill her drink on her child in a stroller and loudly said "Ott Oh!"  (That plays into the story later) 


So by Tuesday night the

engagement ring was seriously burning in my pocket and no matter what tonight was going to be the night!  We went to Navi Peir that afternoon where I was thinking it would now happen, but to keep this long story short I'll just say it didn't happen there.  Lots of wind and people.  She wasn't big on a bunch of people being around, so...  Later that night we made it back to the hotel and all looked lost when I said we should go see Buckingham Fountain since it's suppose to be all lit up at night.  She agreed.  We took a cab over there and thankfully there were not may people around.  As we walked over to sit on a bench I reached in my pocket, unwrapped the ring and put it on my pinky to keep from having to reach in my pocket to get it later, but to also to make sure one way or another it will happen.  We're sitting on the bench and I'm starting to lead into some of the "pre asking" talk....when this asian couple comes up about 80 yards away.  


You see..we have this common thing where we for whatever reason find it interesting to watch other people in a non-stalker kind of way.  This couple was beyond interesting as she would jump in front of the fountain while he would try and take her pic.  Of course this catches Sarah's eye, so now we're distracted by watching them.  She would jump and THEN he'd take the pic...as she was walking back to view it.  Each time (happened 7 times!) Sarah would say "Ott Oh!" in a oddly weird sounding asian type voice..which would then make us laugh.  So each time I'd have to kind of restart what I was saying to a degree, but then finally I said something, got down on one knee and asked.  She was completely surprised and her first words were "oh baby!"  Hug hug hug followed by second words "you had Liza lie to me!"  Yup;-)  Hug hug hug...a few minutes later I reminded her she never really said yes or no which of course she said yes!  Hug hug hug...a few minutes later I reminded her that there was this ring that maybe she'd like to try on!  She did, fit perfect and life is awesome! 


So there you have it in a nutshell.  Thank you and the rest at WhiteFlash for helping make this a very memorable experience for us!!


Thank you,

Keith & Sarah  


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