Friday, May 14, 2010

Diamond Pendant = The Amazing Race

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team, 

So I got off work a bit late yesterday and took off (hovering around the speed limit) for the FedEx place to try and pickup my custom designed diamond pendant. I had to pick up a buddy en-route, and didn't get there till about 5:15pm. Well, of course, Murphy said that the place would close at 5, right?

So I check the door, turn around and am walking back to my car, when I figure, hey, maybe they open early. I turn to check the hours on the door, and a lady comes around the side of the building..."Can I help you?" I explain the situation, and after the "huh, what?" look of saying I actually had it shipped THERE, not to my house, so I didn't have a door tag, so retrieves the package.

I climb into the car, tear open the first box, and find another box. So I tear open that box, and find a bag. Good grief man! I want to see it already! I open the bag, and rustle through the contents to find what I'm looking for...when I open it, I am stunned. Once again, your team has captured the image in my head and turned it into a multi-generation quality jewelry piece. Thanks so much!!



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