Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poker Face

Hello All from Whiteflash!


Well, I received the beautiful custom diamond engagement ring today from Whiteflash. My first thought was, "uh oh. I'm in trouble." I can hear it now. At the next poker night, all the guys are going to have at me. "Why'd you go and make us all look bad!"; "You've set the bar!"



The diamond ring is gorgeous! Sparkles more than I expected. My girlfriend, Ann, will love it (I haven't proposed yet! So shhhhhhhh!) The diamond itself, is fabulous. WF definitely helped me pick a winner. She helped me to answer all my questions and made me confident in my decision.

The custom design by Joe Druhot is amazing. He guided my design from a simple "idea" to "perfection". I am not an artist, but Joe's creation is going to make me look good.

The photos by Becca Eastman are beautiful. They capture the beauty of the ring, and sets a perfect stage to send to "all the friends". (No need for wrinkly looking fingers!) Thanks to Kellie Ewasko and Vera Wages for keeping me abreast on the processing of my order and handling of my payment!

And lastly, thanks to Alan Smallwood for the tracking details! The shipment was smooth and pickup was a snitch!




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